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  • Latin name: Diflazon
  • ATH code: J02AC01
  • Active ingredient: Flukonazol
  • Producer: KRKA (Slovenia)


Acts as active ingredient flukonazol.

1 capsule contains 50, 100, 150, 200 mg of active component, and also additional substances.

1 ml of solution contains 2 mg of active component. and also additional substances: sodium chloride, water for infusions.

Release form

Is issued in the form of solution for infusions and in the form of capsules.

Pharmacological action

Antifungal drug.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The main component is flukonazol.

Medicine inhibits activity of fungal enzymes which are dependent on P450 cytochrome. Drug vysokospetsifichen.

The principle of action is based on blocking of process of transformation of a lanosterol into ergosterol of cells of a fungus; on increase in permeability of a membrane of a cell, disturbance of its replication and growth.

Diflazon practically does not make the oppressing impact on P450 cytochrome in a human body, but vysokoizbiratelno suppresses this enzyme in mushrooms. For a flukonazol antiadrogenny activity is uncharacteristic.

Medicine is effective at opportunistic mycoses.

Indications to use

Diflazon appoint at fungal infections of system character: sepsis, meningitis, infectious defeats of the integuments slight.

Medicine is appointed sick AIDS for prevention of a cryptococcal infection.

Drug is effective at a kandidemiya, a generalized form of candidiasis: the disseminated candidiasis with involvement of urinogenital system, an eye, respiratory organs, abdominal organs, an endocardium.

Flukonazol is shown at candidiasis of mucous membranes: kandiduriya, bronchopulmonary candidiases, damages of a gullet, throat, oral cavity, atrophic, peroral candidiasis.

Medicine is appointed at a genital form of candidiasis: a balanitis, vaginal candidiasis (the acute, recuring forms).

Diflazon appoint at local mycoses, histoplasmosis, a sporotrichosis, coccidioidosis, onychomycosis, skin mycosis.


Diflazon do not appoint at alcoholism, breastfeeding, intolerance of a flukonazol, in pediatric practice, at incubation of pregnancy, pathology of renal and hepatic systems.

Side effects

Digestive tract: disturbances in work of hepatic system, disturbance of a chair, loss of appetite, a meteorism, a hyperbilirubinemia, jaundice, an ikterichnost of scleras, increase of activity of enzymes of a liver, pain in epigastric area.

Bodies of a hemopoiesis: agranulocytosis, neutropenia, petechias, bleedings.

Development of the allergic answer, toxic epidermal necrolysis, anaphylactic reactions, alopecias, disturbances in work of renal system, a hypopotassemia, hypercholesterolemia is possible.

Diflazon, application instruction (Way and dosage)

The drug is administered intravenously kapelno, accepted inside.

Speed of infusions is no more than 20 mg a minute.

At invasive candidosis infections, the disseminated candidiasis, a kandidemiya, cryptococcal infections in the first day reception of 400 mg of a flukonazol is shown, then appoint 200-400 mg once a day.

Duration of antifungal therapy is defined by mycologic and clinical reactions. To patients with AIDS for prevention of cryptococcal meningitis appoint 200 mg a day.

Orofaringealny candidiasis demands purpose of 50-100 mg of a flukonazaol of 1 times a day, a course of therapy of 7-10 days. To patients with an immunosuppression treatment is carried out within two weeks.

Peroral, atrophic candidiasis: within two weeks daily accept 50 mg.

Vaginal candidiasis: inside, once 150 mg.

Mycotic defeats of feet, integuments, inguinal folds: one weekly accept 150 mg, or once a day on 50 mg within 2-4 weeks.

Onychomycosis: once in seven days of 150 mg before full change of a nail plate.

Deep local mycoses: 200-400 mg daily within two years.


It is shown by a giperglitseridemiya, paranoid behavior, hallucinations, strengthening of expressiveness of the specified side effects.

The emergency carrying out an artificial diuresis, gastric lavage is required.

Thanks to a hemodialysis in 3 hours it is possible to reduce concentration of medicine half.


Diflazon increases concentration of a zidovudine, rifabutin, cyclosporine, Phenytoinum, increases efficiency of coumarinic anticoagulants.

Flukonazol is capable to extend a theophylline elimination half-life, increasing risk of intoxication that demands dose adjustment.

Simultaneous use of derivatives of a sulfonilmochevina (Tolbutamidum, Chlorproramidum, glipizid, Glibenclamidum) demands control over sugar level in blood, and, in case of need, correction of doses of hypoglycemic drugs is required.

Under the influence of Hydrochlorthiazidum concentration of a flukonazol increases in a blood plasma by 40%.

At purpose of a tsizaprid, terfenadin the risk of development of arrhythmias, paroxysms of ventricular tachycardia increases.

Terms of sale

The recipe is required.

Storage conditions

In the place, unavailable to children, at a temperature no more than 25 degrees Celsius.

Period of validity

No more than five years.

Special instructions

Antifungal therapy is carried out before registration by a rack of clinical, hematologic remission. The termination treatment before term can provoke recurrence.

Prescription of medicine Diflazon in the absence of results of crops is allowed, however at their existence correction of fungicidal therapy is required.

During treatment control of functions of a liver, kidneys, indicators of a condition of blood is obligatory.

In case of development of disturbances in work of bodies antifungal therapy is stopped.

Hepatotoxic effects of a flukonazol are reversible, pass after completion of treatment.

At patients with an immunosuppression development of skin rashes is possible, when progressing a symptom treatment is stopped.

At co-administration of coumarinic anticoagulants control a prothrombin ratio.


Analogs it is possible to call drugs: Diaflu, Difluzol, Diflucan, Kandizol, Medoflyukon, Mikomaks, Mikosist, Tiyerlit, Flugal, Fluzamed, Fluzon, Flukonaz, Flukonazol, Flunol, Flyuzak, Forkan, Futsis.


  • Diflazon of 150 mg No. 1 kapsulakrka-Rus
  • Diflazon of 50 mg No. 7 kapsulykrka-Rus
  • Diflazon 2mg/ml solution for infusions of 100 ml fl. KRK-Rus
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  • Diflazonkrka (Slovenia)
  • Diflazonkrka (Slovenia)
  • Diflazonkrka (Slovenia)


  • Diflazon kaps. 100 mg No. 28KPKA
  • Diflazon kaps. 100 mg No. 28KPKA
  • Diflazon kaps. 100 mg No. 28KPKA


  • Diflazon of 50 mg No. 7 kaps.
  • Diflazon of 150 mg No. 1 kaps.
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