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  • Latin name: Dicarbamine
  • ATH code: V03AF
  • Active ingredient: Imidazoliletanamid of pentandiovy acid (Imidazolyl ethanamide pentandioic acid)
  • Producer: Valenta Farmatsevtika of joint stock company (Russia)


As a part of drug active agent contains: imidazoliletanamid pentandiovy acid.

Additional components: lactose, starch, silicon dioxide colloid, stearic acid, talc, magnesium stearate.

Release form

Dikarbamin in the tablets packed into planimetric cells on 7 pieces, on 3 cells in a pack is issued.

Pharmacological action

This drug shows leukopoietic action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Dikarbamin's use allows to accelerate process of a differentiation and functional maturing of neutrophils. At the same time gematoprotektorny effect of drug during myelosuppressive chemotherapy is caused by acceleration of maturing of predecessors of neutrocytes during formation of specific granules. It leads 3-4 degrees to reduction of degree and frequency of manifestation of a toxic neutropenia. Medical effect of drug provides daily reception for 21-28 days between planned courses of chemotherapy.

As a result the frequency of manifestation limiting leucio-and neutropenias that allows to carry out treatment in planned terms decreases, without reducing a dosage of tsitostatik and without allowing hematologic complications.

10 min. later from the moment of reception drug is defined as a part of a blood plasma. Achievement of the maximum concentration comes to light in half an hour, and for 2 hours there is its decrease. In an organism drug is exposed fast and to hypodispersion. Removal from an organism is carried out by means of kidneys.

Indications to use

Dikarbamin's use is recommended for a gematoprotektion at patients who receive chemotherapy cytotoxic drugs at malignant new growths.


Dikarbamin's use is not recommended at:

Side effects

During treatment allergic reactions in the form of skin rash can develop.

Dikarbamin, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Tablets use for intake. At the same time the daily one-time dosage makes 100 mg or one tablet. Usually drug is appointed in 5 days before the first course of chemotherapy, continuing during all chemotherapy.


Overdose cases are not established by tablets.


At a concomitant use with cytostatics their antineoplastic action amplifies. Dikarbamin's influence on activity of Cyclophosphamide and drugs of platinum, for example, Cisplatinum and Karboplatin is also noted.

Tablets lower toxic effect of these drugs, preventing development of a deep cytopenia, accelerating hemopoiesis recovery.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

The place dry, cool, unavailable to children is intended for storage of tablets.

Period of validity

2 years.

Dikarbamin's analogs

Main analogs: Vitaglutam, Imidazoliletanamid of pentandiovy acid and Ingavirin.

About Dikarbamin

It should be noted that About Dikarbamin meet in a network infrequently. Nevertheless, even rare discussions indicate that this drug affects various patients differently. Also users report that from time to time this medicine disappears from drugstores, and then appears again, but already at higher cost.

As for efficiency of drug, usually messages are left by relatives of patients who passed treatment by Dikarbamin. At the same time some patient treatment helped to improve a state of health. Others tell that during reception of tablets they felt severe dizziness, feeling of loss of balance and considerable weakness. Though it is difficult to claim that similar symptoms are caused by this drug, but before they did not feel them.

Anyway similar drugs are appointed only by the attending physician. If patients do not feel improvement, then the specialist carries out adequate replacement which it will be valid effective.


  • Dikarbamin of 100 mg No. 21 of a tabletkivalent Pharmaceutics of joint stock company
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