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  • Latin name: Dimedrol
  • ATH code: R06AA02
  • Active ingredient: Difengidramin
  • Producer: JSC Kiev Vitamin Plant (Ukraine), Darnitsa (Ukraine), Galichfarm (Ukraine), Dalkhimfarm (Russia), Biosynthesis (Russia), Uralbiofarm (Russia)


Active ingredient is Difengidramin.

1 ml of solution contains 10 mg of this active agent in the form of a difengidramin of a hydrochloride. Injection water acts as additional substance.

1 tablet contains 50 mg of active agent.

Release form

Tablets and solution of the Dimedrol in/in and in oil for injections.

Pharmacological action

Dimedrol — what is it?

The Dimedrol is a blocker of H1-histamine receptors. Has sedative and somnolent effect.

Pharmacological group: H1 - antihistamines.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Difengidramin acts as the main, actively active ingredient. The mechanism of action is based on the oppressing influence of medicine on the central, cholinergic structures, blocking of H3-histamine receptors of a brain. The Dimedrol removes attacks of an itch, fabric hypostasis, a hyperemia, warns spasms of smooth muscle fabric, positively influences permeability of capillaries. Reception of peroral forms causes short-term feeling of numbness in an oral cavity. Drug possesses protivoparkinsonichesky, somnolent, sedative, antiemetic influence. Thanks to blocking of holinoretseptor gangliyev reduces arterial pressure, can strengthen the available hypotonia. At persons with epilepsy and local injury of a brain even low doses of the drug Dimedrol can provoke an epileptic attack, and on EEG activation of epileptic categories is noted. Medicine is most effective at the bronchospasm provoked by reception of liberator of a histamine (morphine, tubocurarine). Least drug is effective at a bronchospasm of allergic genesis. At repeated receptions the somnolent and calming effects are expressed stronger. Drug begins to work in an hour after receipt in an organism, effective action continues till 12 o'clock.

Indications to use of the Dimedrol

For what and from what tablets and solution are appointed?

Drug is used for stopping of allergic reactions, at a pruritic dermatosis, allergic dermatitis, a rinosinusita, vasculomotor rhinitis, an acute iridocyclitis, allergic conjunctivitis. Drug is used at sleeplessness, a chorea, Parkinson's illness, a radial illness, air, a sea sickness, Menyer's syndrome, vomiting of pregnancy. Medicine is appointed as premedication, at extensive damages of soft tissues and integuments of traumatic character, at a serum disease, a hemorrhagic vasculitis.


The Dimedrol is not appointed at a prostate hyperplasia, a closed-angle form of glaucoma, epilepsy, a stenosis of a bladder, the stenosing peptic ulcer of the alimentary system. At bronchial asthma, breastfeeding, pregnancy appoint with care.

Side effects

Reception of medicine can cause a tremor, dizzinesses, numbness in oral cavities, dryness in a mouth, the increased drowsiness, a photosensitization, an adynamy, headaches, nausea, accommodation paresis, reduction of speed of psychomotor reaction, a lack of coordination of movements. Use of the drug Dimedrol for children can be followed by sense of euphoria, irritability, paradoxical sleeplessness.

Application instruction of the Dimedrol (Way and dosage)

Dimedrol tablets, application instruction

On 30-50 mg from one to three times a day, duration of therapy is 10-15 days.

At sleeplessness appoint 50 mg for half an hour to a dream.

At postentsefalichesky, idiopathic parkinsonism originally appoint 25 mg three times a day, in the subsequent the dosage is gradually increased to 50 mg by 4 times a day.

At a motion desease it is necessary to accept each 6 hours on 25-50 mg of tablets.

The application instruction of the Dimedrol in ampoules

Dimedrol solution in/in is kapelno entered by 20-50 mg of drug, previously having dissolved in 100 ml 0,9 sodium chlorides, intramusculary pricks once enter 10-50 mg.

The application instruction of rectal candles with the Dimedrol

Rectal suppositories after a cleansing enema enter twice a day.

Use of drops with the Dimedrol

In ophthalmology – 3 times a day dig in 2 drops of solution (0,2-0,5%) in each conjunctival sac.

In allergology – 0,05 g of medicine enter intranazalno.

Overdose of the Dimedrol

Reception of the raised doses causes oppression of a nervous system, paresis of digestive organs, dryness in a mouth, expansion of pupils, a depression. The specific antidote is not developed, intravenous administration of plasma substituting liquids, use of the drugs increasing arterial pressure is required. It is inadmissible to use analeptics, Epinephrinum.

Are possible at strong overdose a lethal outcome, injuries, heart attacks, paralyzes.


The Dimedrol strengthens effect of the drugs oppressing a nervous system. At combined use with psychostimulants the antagonistic effect is registered. MAO inhibitors increase anticholinergic activity of medicine. At treatment of poisonings, intoxications medicine reduces efficiency of Apomorphinum.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe or without? The recipe is necessary for acquisition.

Storage conditions

In the place, dark, unavailable to children, at a temperature no more than 30 degrees Celsius.

Period of storage

No more than 4 years.

Special instructions

The medicine negatively influences performance of the activity demanding the increased concentration of attention on control of difficult mechanisms, driving of motor transport. During therapy it is necessary to avoid the use of alkogolsoderzhashchy drinks, to limit to a minimum stay on the sun and under ultraviolet radiation. The antiemetic effect of drug can bring to delusion of the doctor at differential diagnosis of an acute appendicitis, recognition of symptoms of overdose, intoxication.

International name (MNN) of the Dimedrol: Difengidramin.

The Pharmacopoeia contains the description under FS 42-0232-07.

In Wikipedia it is described under the name of Difengidramin.

Often it is required to know the name of drug in Latin. Here, for example, the recipe on Latin:

Rp.: Dimedroli 0,05
    D. t. d. N 10 in tabul.

Sticks with the Dimedrol on Latin: baculi cum dimedrolum.

Constitutional formula of active ingredient:

Структурная формула

Dimedrol — drug?

In fact the medicine is not drug, however in a combination to alcoholic drinks and in high doses causes hallucinations, and also accustoming at the frequent use.

It is possible to drink the Dimedrol in ampoules?

In general, it is possible, however concentration of active ingredient in ampoules is less, than in tablets.

Dimedrol and alcohol

It is contraindicated to accept drug with alcohol. Effect of alcohol amplifies, increases somnolent effect, severe defeats of an organism are possible. The outcome cannot be predicted, especially at the use of high doses. Vodka with a Dimedrol can become the last drink in human life, used this mix, the lethal dose can be absolutely small at a combination to alcohol.

Analogs are means Kalmaben, Dramina.

About the Dimedrol

Drug quickly works and helps at a heat, sleeplessness, pains, an allergy. Shortcomings are side effects of a medicine, and also the fact that it is considered outdated.

The Dimedrol price where to buy

The Dimedrol price in tablets makes 3-6 rubles for a pack in 10 pieces. How many there are tablets in Ukraine? Packaging can be bought for 6-8 hryvnias.

It is possible to buy the Dimedrol in ampoules at the price of 25-30 rubles for 10 pieces in Russia and for 15-18 UAH in Ukraine.


  • Dimedrol of 1% 1 ml No. 10 of amp. Belmedpreparata
  • Dimedrol of 50 mg No. 10 tabletkibarnaulsky plant of medical drugs of Ltd company
  • Dimedrol of 50 mg No. 20 of a tablet
  • Dimedrol-vial 1% 1 ml No. 10 of amp.

Drugstore of IFC

  • Dimedrol tbl 50 mg No. 20, Dalkhimfarm (Khabarovsk) Russia
  • Dimedrol solution for in 1% 1 ml No. 10, Belmedpreparata (Minsk) Belarus
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  • Dimedrolzdorovye to the people (Ukraine, Kharkiv)
  • Dimedrolgalichfarm (Ukraine, Lviv)
  • Dimedroldarnitsa (Ukraine, Kiev)


  • Dimedrol solution for infection. 1% of amp. 1 ml No. 10darnitsa
  • Dimedrol solution for infection. 1% of amp. 1 ml No. 10darnitsa
  • Dimedrol solution for infection. 1% of amp. 1 ml No. 10darnitsa


  • Dimedrol of 50 mg No. 10 of table.
  • Dimedrol of 1%/1 ml No. 10 solution for in.amp.
  • Dimedrol of 1%/1 ml No. 10 solution for in.amp.
  • Dimedrol of 50 mg No. 10 of table.
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