Deep Relief

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  • Latin name: Deep Relief
  • ATH code: M02AX10
  • Active ingredient: Ibuprofen (Ibuprofen), Levomentol (Levomenthol)
  • Producer: Mentholatum Company, Ltd. (Great Britain)


1 g of the ointment Dip Relif intended for external use contains 30 mg of such active connection as left menthol, and also 50 mg of an ibuprofen.

Besides, in drug it is possible to find such auxiliary connections as carbomer, the purified water, diisopropanolamine, 96% denatured ethanol and propylene glycol.

Release form

By the outward gel Dip Relif is a transparent ointment with a characteristic menthol smell which is packaged in aluminum tubas in everyone on 15, 30, 50 and 100 g. As a rule, in packaging from a cardboard only one tuba with drug is placed.

Pharmacological action

This medicine intended only for topical administration is used for elimination of the painful symptoms connected with problems in a musculoskeletal system.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The type Relif belongs to group of the combined drugs which are intended only for external use. The non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug which is a part of ointment (further NPVS) an ibuprofen effectively at a symptomatic treatment of pains of joints, sheaves, muscles and sinews, it renders explicit analgeziruyushchy, anti-exudative, and also antiinflammatory impact on the defeat centers.

Menthol or left menthol is characterized by the local irritative influence that helps to reach instant analgesic effect. Drug reduces pain which arises in joints as at the movement, and at rest, and also considerably reduces their constraint.

Indications to use

Medical means is effective at a sciatica, arthritis, an osteoarthrosis, radiculitis, an ankylosing spondialoartrit, a lumbago and others, and also at diseases or an inflammation of soft tissues of rheumatic and posttraumatic character, including stretchings, a bursitis, defeats of periartikulyarny fabrics, bruises and a tendovaginitis.


It is not recommended to use ointment to patients with bronchial asthma, at hypersensitivity to medicine components, at damage of integuments to places of expected putting gel, to pregnant women and the feeding women, and also children who did not reach 14 summer age.

With extra care it is also desirable under medical supervision it is worth using drug in the presence at patients of a porphyria, defeats of bodies of a gastrointestinal tract (digestive tract) of erosive and ulcer character, at bronchial asthma, heart failure and disturbances of functionality of kidneys or a liver.

Side effects

When using drug there can be such side effects as: the small tortoiseshell, allergic reaction, generalized rash on integuments, a Quincke's disease, a photosensitization, bronkhospastichesky reaction, eczema, an itch, a peeling of skin, a papule, contact dermatitis, puffiness, vesicles and reddenings on site putting ointment.

Gel Dip Relif, application instruction (Way and dosage)

According to the instruction on Dip Relif ointment is applied outwardly, i.e. applied on integuments over the center of an inflammation and rubbed the easy movements. Adult patients and children aged from 14 flyings are recommended to apply cream with a thin layer, about 3-5 cm no more than 4 times a day.

After use of medicine it is necessary to wash surely hands with soap to avoid hit of drug on other body parts which are not object of therapeutic treatment, for example, on mucous membranes. As a rule, Dip Relifom determines duration of a course of treatment the doctor, however, on the general it should not exceed the rule 10 days.


There are no described overdose cases drug.


Type Relif is capable to increase efficiency of medicines which cause a photosensitization.

Terms of sale

Gel for external use belongs to drugs of non-prescription dispensing from drugstores.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store Dip Relif far from children and at a temperature no more than 25 Pages.

Period of validity

3 years.

Special instructions

Before drug use by patients with disturbances of functions of kidneys it is necessary to see a doctor behind consultation and to pass inspection. Gel Type Relif is applied only on pure integuments. It is strictly forbidden to apply ointment on the damaged skin sites. It is necessary to avoid hit of drug on mucous membranes.

It is forbidden to apply air-tight (occlusal) bandages on skin after putting medicine. It should be noted that at frequent use of this medicine in high doses efficiency of drug decreases and the risk of emergence of side effects increases many times.

Analogs Dip Relif

Now structural analogs of drug do not exist, however there are medicines which mechanism of influence does not differ from Dip Relif, for example, in Alor, Algasan, Apizartron, Bainvel, Bengey, Boifriz, Vipratoxum, Viprosal, Gevkamen, Gederin, Kapsikam, Unguentum Terebinthinae, Finalgel, Finalgon, Espol and others.


  • Deep Relief gel 50gmentolatum Company Limited
  • Deep Relief gel 100gmentolatum Company Limited

Drugstore of IFC

  • Deep Relief gel 50 of, Mentolatum Sovelikobritaniya
  • Deep Relief gel 100 of ml, Mentolatum Sovelikobritaniya
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  • Type rilifmentholatum (Scotland)


  • Deep Relief of 15 g gel in tubementholatum Co Ltd. (Great Britain)
  • Deep Relief of 50 g gel in tubementholatum Co Ltd. (Great Britain)
  • Deep Relief of 100 g gel in tubementholatum Co Ltd. (Great Britain)
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