The term "dysphoria" comes from the Greek word which is translated as "to suffer, suffer". This manifestation at the person of the lowered mood which is painful. The dysphoria is a term antonym euphoria.

How the dysphoria is shown?

Symptoms of a dysphoria are shown at the person by the lowered mood, the expressed gloom, demonstration of hostility to those who surround it. At a dysphoria motive and mental block is not observed. However the person easily enters a condition of aggression, it has affective flashes.

In certain cases the dysphoria is one of symptoms of a depressive syndrome which is defined as a dysphoric depression.

At patients of advanced age symptoms of a dysphoria are shown by frequent feeling of alarm, a depression. At the same time at young people this state is expressed by irritability, fault-finding. Sometimes the person shows an excessive causticity, irony, takes offense much and grumbles. At a heavy dysphoria strong flashes of aggression and rage, feeling of a hopelessness, despair are possible.

The person at whom the dysphoria develops can feel disappointment in life, lose interest in everything that occurs around it. Sometimes the similar state leads to development of alcoholism and the use of drugs. Also increased risk of commission of suicide is noted.

In certain cases can seem that the patient has a disturbance of an emotional state owing to development of somatic diseases or in view of some situations which occur in human life. Nevertheless, the assessment of frequency of manifestation of a dysphoria and frequency of its development demonstrate pathological manifestations of this symptom.

If the dysphoria is shown against somatopathies, the person becomes whimsical, captious on trifles, irritable. Sometimes the person notes manifestation of attacks at it a causeless sad state, rage on people around. Except such symptoms different disturbances of functions of a vegetative nervous system can be diagnosed for the patient.

In rare instances signs of a dysphoria are shown by apathy or easy euphoria. Most often such manifestations take place at patients who accept high doses of hormones of adrenal glands. Sometimes easy manifestations of a dysphoria can initially consider as characteristics of the person.

Symptoms of a dysphoria are most often observed at the person several days, sometimes they proceed several weeks. Such manifestations suddenly disappear.

Why the dysphoria is shown?

Дисфорическая депрессияThe dysphoric depression is sometimes shown owing to diseases, usual for the person. It can be flu, a thyrotoxicosis, rheumatism, etc.

Sometimes the reasons of a dysphoria is an abstinence syndrome at addicts. Besides, the dysphoria is observed also at some diseases of mental character. Sometimes at epilepsy the dysphoria is a signal symptom, and also can be shown after an epileptic seizure.

Except the specified diseases of the reason of a dysphoria can be the following: reaction to a serious stress, some kinds of frustration of the personality, alarming neurosis, hypoglycemia. This symptom is characteristic also of people who have sleeplessness, some sexual disturbances, chronic pain, a hyperthyroidism.

The premenstrual dysphoria develops at the women suffering from a premenstrual syndrome. The lowered mood, feeling of mental and physical discomfort, tearfulness, sleeplessness, pain in a body, depression, etc. is characteristic of this frustration. The woman feels tired, stays in suppressed and a depression, with difficult concentrates attention. This state develops approximately in 5 days prior to the beginning of monthly and disappears after the beginning of periods. Therefore, symptoms have cyclic character. The premenstrual dysphoria is diagnosed only if the shown symptoms considerably break a condition of the woman and influence quality of her life.

The gender dysphoria is characterized by a dissatisfaction from the man or the woman with the gender status owing to the inexplicable reasons. The sexual dysphoria can be noticed by parents at the child who shows interests, unusual for his floor. But it is accurate only the specialist can define existence of this disease. The gender dysphoria in the absence of correction of such state leads to constant stresses which can develop into neurosis later. Sometimes the person who suffers from manifestations of a gender dysphoria takes alcohol and drugs to leave from unpleasant thoughts.

It is not necessary to consider as identical concepts a gender dysphoria and homosexuality. If the homosexual does not wish to change own floor, then the person suffering from a sexual dysphoria, his floor initially does not arrange.

How to get rid of a dysphoria?

Способы избавиться от дисфорииTreatment of a dysphoria initially provides comprehensive diagnosis. The doctor surely considers how the dysphoria what features of a state are observed at the patient proceeds. If its state reminds an epileptic dysphoria, then therapy provides use of antiepileptic drugs, barbiturates. The combined treatment of a dysphoria when neuroleptics and anticonvulsant therapy are applied is sometimes applied.

If the patient shows explosions of aggression and irritability, then to him sedatives are surely appointed. The dejectedness at the patient is premises for purpose of antidepressant of Melipraminum. At treatment of a dysphoria the psychotherapy practices.

Treatment of severe forms of a premenstrual dysphoria provides reception of oral contraceptives with progesterone, lithium drugs. Treatment by antidepressants or tranquilizers is sometimes reasonable.

If there is a suspicion on a gender dysphoria at the patient, then psychiatric expertize is initially carried out. Further the doctor builds the individual program of treatment of the patient. However gender surgery practices in some hard cases.

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