Dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashy ways and intestines

Dyskinesia of bilious ways is an existence at the person of the whole complex of certain frustration of zhelchevyvodyashchy system which arise in connection with disturbances of motive function of a gall bladder and bilious channels. At the same time organic changes of these bodies are absent. At patients either too strong, or insufficient reduction of a gall bladder is very often noted.

Medical practice demonstrates that women are more subject to emergence of diskineziya. There are data that dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways at women occur by 10 times more often than at men. At dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways bile does not come to a duodenum in enough owing to what at the patient pain in right hypochondrium is shown. Dyskinesia can be subdivided on hyperkinetic (if the state is provoked by too high sokratitelny activity of zhelchevyvodyashchy system) and hypokinetic (if the state is provoked by too low sokratitelny activity of zhelchevyvodyashchy system). It is noted that incidence of hyperkinetic dyskinesia is more often noted at young people, and hypokinetic dyskinesia is characteristic of those who already were forty years old, and also it develops at people who suffer from instability of mentality.

Reasons of dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways

Practically always dyskinesia is diagnosed as a secondary disease. It is shown at the person as an effect of some factors leading to disturbance of work of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways.

So, the illness arises at people who had an acute viral hepatitis, neurocirculatory dysfunction in due time. At children dyskinesia can develop owing to some features of the constitution of the child, at vegetative dystonia, at too slow-moving way of life, owing to nervoz, food allergies, gastrointestinal tract pathologies, in the presence of the infection centers in an organism. Besides, improper feeding, a number of endocrine diseases can influence development of dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways. As a rule, at motionless way of life, an adynamy, improper feeding at the patient hypokinetic dyskinesia develops.

Dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways at children and adults is considered as an illness of psychosomatic character which mental injuries, and also severe stresses can provoke. It is proved that a physical activity of a gall bladder directly depends on a stress and strong negative emotions: in that case it is considerably slowed down, and there is a stagnation of bile in a gall bladder. Very often when studying stories of diseases of such patients it turns out that at them psychological problems of various character took place in due time.

Besides, the broken nervous control of a gall bladder, the climax period, insufficiency of function of closed glands can become a releaser for development of dyskinesia of a gall bladder.

There is also a possibility of accession of dyskinesia to a zhelchekamenny illness, cholecystitises. Patients to a peptic ulcer, appendicitis have a reflex developing of hyperkinetic dyskinesia. This form of an illness also threatens those who eats irregularly, too often uses very hot dishes which irritate a mucous membrane.

The expressed dyskinesia of a gall bladder and bilious ways is observed at infection with worms and other parasites which strike a food path.

Symptoms of dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways

Дискинезия желчевыводящих путей и кишечникаThe main symptoms of dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways are shown depending on what factor provoked development of dyskinesia. As a rule, most of the people having this disease complain of manifestation of a complex of symptoms of a nervoz. It is too high level of fatigue, attacks of tearfulness and irritability, strong heartbeat, perspiration, periodic headaches. At the same time patients feel pain in the field of the right hypochondrium. If it is about hypertensive dyskinesia, then such pain is distinguished by pristupoobrazny character. At the same time pain rather acute, however proceeds a short span. Pain can give to the right shoulder or a shovel. Especially often such attacks arise after the use of fat dishes, strong tension, both physical, and emotional. Very often sick with hypertensive dyskinesia note manifestation of bitterness in a mouth that most often happens in the mornings.

If the patient suffers from displays of hypotonic dyskinesia, then the stupid and aching pain at which also the feeling of a raspiraniye in the field of the right hypochondrium is shown is characteristic of such state. Such pain constantly disturbs the patient, at the same time at him appetite considerably decreases, often feels sick the person, the eructation is shown. Rise in body temperature is not observed, clinical blood test also does not demonstrate existence of deviations.

Besides, symptoms of dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways at men can include also lowering of sexual activity. At the same time at women the monthly cycle can be broken. The general symptoms of dyskinesia is the depression, emotional, and also physical weakness. During an attack of bilious colic at the patient the feeling of strong heartbeat or feeling of a cardiac standstill can be noted. The feeling of fear, numbness of extremities can accompany it.

The disease proceeds the long period, at the same time strong aggravations which provoke stresses and other elementary disturbances are periodically observed. After attacks there comes the periodic simplification of a state. After certain time dyskinesia can provoke an inflammation in a gall bladder and channels, and also to become the reason of formation of gallstones.

Diagnosis of dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways

Дискинезии желчевыводяших путей и кишечникаIn the course of diagnosis of dyskinesia of bilious ways one of the most important points is survey of the patient. The doctor carries out a palpation of area of a gall bladder for the purpose of detection of morbidity. It is especially accurately possible to define existence of pain when carrying out a deep palpation during a breath. If results of such survey cannot accurately demonstrate existence of pain, then the doctor studies results of survey in dynamics. Also the assessment of activity of the central nervous system and its vegetative department is carried out. Diagnosis of dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways assumes search in an organism of the centers of persistent infection, and also identification of parasites.

Precisely to define a dyskinesia form, ultrasonic research of an abdominal cavity, and also the contrast cholecystography is conducted. The laboratory blood analysis is appointed. To define what changes of sokratitelny activity of function of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways take place (too high or too low), to the patient are appointed carrying out duodenal sounding or ultrasonic research before which it is important to use a cholagogue breakfast.

Treatment of dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways

It is necessary to consider that treatment of dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways directly depends on what reasons provoked display of this illness. At purpose of therapy the fact that dyskinesia carry to psychosomatic diseases is surely considered. Therefore, at their treatment psychotherapeutic actions are important. However only the specialist psychotherapist can appoint similar treatment. Patients consider the problems exclusively somatic therefore address the doctor of this profile seldom. If at the patient depression symptoms take place, then to the patient the course of treatment tranquilizers, antidepressants, light drugs neuroleptics is often appointed.

All further methods of treatment of dyskinesia directly depend on what form a disease is diagnosed for the patient. If at the patient hypokinetic dyskinesia developed, he should keep to the special diet including products with cholagogue action and with the high content of some minerals.

In the course of therapy by the patient the regular use of mineral waters of a certain look is appointed. It is necessary to drink them on one glass about three times a day approximately for half an hour before food. Besides, at dyskinesia of bilious ways use of massage and physiotherapy exercises is effective. Also periodic sanatorium treatment is recommended. Sometimes it is reasonable to patient to appoint duodenal sounding to exempt a gall bladder from bile. Also there is a so-called technique "closed tyubazhy" which the patient can independently undertake, to such images stimulating reductions of a gall bladder.

If the patient suffers from display of hyperkinetic dyskinesia, then it is important to it to adhere to a diet of which restriction of products irritants, fats is characteristic. For elimination of acute states by the patient use of spasmolytic drugs, mineral waters is shown. Surgical methods in this case are not effective.

Дискинезия желчевыводящих путей и кишечникаIn general for improvement of a state by the patient it is recommended to normalize a diet, rest and work, to exclude a number of products from a diet. It is also possible to apply some folk remedies, in particular broths of herbs. Broths of a coriander, anise, corn a rylets, herbs of a St. John's Wort, mint, a sage, a celandine, a valerian root, an immortelle grass are applied to treatment of dyskinesia. Also traditional medicine recommends the use of grapefruit juice for some time before food.

Diet at dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways

In spite of the fact that dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways is an illness which is not referred to category of dangerous diseases, observance of a diet is extremely important for the prevention further of development of cholecystitis and other dangerous diseases. The diet at dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways is kept depending on what form of an illness takes place. However in general food has to contribute to normalization of motive functions of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways. If the patient suffers from displays of hypertensive dyskinesia, he needs to reduce very sharply contents in a diet of those products which use promotes reduction of a gall bladder. In this case we speak about too rich broths, animal fats, vegetable oils. And here not really rich broths, fish soup, vegetable oils, dairy products make a food allowance at development of hypotonic dyskinesia.

The diet at the dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways having hypertensive character excludes the use of smoked, fried food, alcohol, hot dishes. It is not necessary to eat ice cream and to drink carbonated drinks. Such food can provoke a strong spasm of bilious ways. It is always important to eat only warm and fresh food. In a diet there have to be many vegetables, and here it is desirable to limit quantity of meat dishes. It is necessary to adhere to such feeding habits throughout a long time.

It is necessary to eat food in the small portions, doing it to 6 times a day. It is desirable to eat any easy dish just before a dream. In general the diet at this disease is similar to the principles of food in the Mediterranean countries: in it vegetables, fruit, fish dishes dominate. By the way, bran very well influences a condition of motility of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways: they should be accepted, giving the rest on 1 tablespoon to everyday dishes.

Prevention of dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways

To prevent display of this unpleasant illness, follows, without postponing, to treat all disorders of neurotic character, not to allow serious stressful situations, regularly, at the same time to eat food every day. Also normal, full-fledged dream and rest are more important.

Intestines dyskinesia

Дискинезия желчевыводящих путей и кишечникаVarious disorders of a large intestine of functional character are illnesses which are very eurysynusic today. Intestines dyskinesia (this disease it is also accepted to call a syndrome of the angry intestines, a spastic colitis) is a state at which motor function of intestines is broken. Dyskinesia of a large intestine, in smaller – dyskinesia of a small bowel is more shown. At the same time organic lesions are not characteristic of this illness. At patients with dyskinesia of intestines pain is shown, at them function of departure of intestines considerably changes. In certain cases also too high level of mucifying takes place: the similar phenomenon is characteristic of about a half of all patients.

Dyskinesia of intestines develops as an effect of some neurotic frustration, serious stressful situations, the conflicts, dystonias of a vegetative nervous system, endocrine disturbances. Also the factor influencing display of dyskinesia of intestines is the hereditary favor to this illness. As well as in case of dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways at this illness manifestation both hyperkinetic (spastic), and hypokinetic (atonic) changes is possible. Rather often both types of these frustration take place at once.

The patient at whom intestines dyskinesia progresses is very often disturbed by pain in a stomach of which lack of accurately expressed localization is characteristic. Also frustration of a chair, too active producing slime are possible. Pain can have different intensity: sometimes there is a feeling of pressure in the bottom of a stomach, pressure in the lower part of a stomach, sometimes – rather severe gripes. They can proceed as several minutes, and several days. Enough often patients perceive such gripes as the beginning of an attack of appendicitis. In certain cases even reaches an operative measure on suspicion on appendicitis. Sometimes patients with dyskinesia of intestines note periodic alternation of locks and ponos. Especially often ponosa overcome the person in the morning after he ate food. At the same time quite often there is a kcal with slime impurity.

Diagnosis of dyskinesia of intestines provides, first of all, an exception of possible organic illnesses which symptoms are similar to symptoms of dyskinesia. To the patient carrying out endoscopy at which the hyperemia of a mucous membrane of a large intestine comes to light is appointed. At microscopic examination a calla of change are not found.

Treatment of this illness provides correction of a food allowance. It is important not to allow monotony of a diet, and also too serious restrictions in food. As drug treatment therapy by sedatives, and also tranquilizers practices. So, bromides, a valerian, Elenium, a motherwort, Trioxazinum , etc. are used. Also complex treatment of a disease can include reception of vitamins, mineral waters, phytotherapy. Periodic use of heat on a stomach, acceptance of medical bathtubs, ozokeritovy and paraffin applications on a stomach bottom is recommended. Intestines dyskinesia is also treated by means of an electrosleep, acupuncture.

It is important to all patient to observe a healthy lifestyle, to avoid a hypodynamia. If at the person the lock is constantly shown, it is recommended to it to enter into a porridge food allowance from whole grain, sour-milk products, baked apple.

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