Dysmenorrhea (Painful periods)

The dysmenorrhea (algomenorrhea) is the term defining a state at which at women painful periods are noted. In different sources it is specified that from 40 to 90% of women suffer from this state.

How the dysmenorrhea is shown?

At a dysmenorrhea at the woman very painful periods which are followed by other symptoms are noted. During this period of women feels low, headaches, dizziness, at it vomiting and nausea, an unconscious state can be noted. Disturbs also deterioration in appetite, disorder of emotional character. Owing to so expressed unpleasant manifestations sometimes the woman should change the vital rhythm completely.

In medicine primary dysmenorrhea and a secondary dysmenorrhea is defined. At primary dysmenorrheas at the woman pass painful periods, but at the same time no pathologies of generative organs are observed. If at the woman the secondary dysmenorrhea is noted, then in that case morbidity during periods is connected with gynecologic diseases. Primary dysmenorrhea is diagnosed, as a rule, for teenagers whereas the secondary form of a disease is noted more often at women of more advanced age.

At primary dysmenorrhea very painful monthly are noted at girls approximately later half a year-year after the first periods when in an organism ovulatory cycles gradually begin. Except that at the girl are noted plentiful and painful monthly, from the beginning of periods, and in more exceptional cases – a day before its beginning also other symptoms appear. It is the aching colicy pain in the bottom of a stomach which sometimes gives to the area of a rectum, a bladder. Except that periods are painful, can feel sick the girl, vomiting, headaches, irritability, abdominal distention, etc. develops.

Most often the question "why happen painful monthly" is most actual for teenagers at the age of 17-18. When the menstrual and ovulatory cycle completely is established, the condition of the girl in the period of periods can become less heavy. Specialists in the course of diagnosis define two forms of primary dysmenorrhea. At the compensated form morbidity at monthly is stable throughout a long time. At a noncompensated form of an illness over time intensity of pain, and also expressiveness of symptoms at monthly gradually increases if treatment was not undertaken.

Дисменорея у женщинThe dysmenorrhea at women of more advanced age is shown in each case differently. Sometimes the state is so heavy what to find out why severe pains at periods are noted in each cycle, the woman is forced at the specialist. At some women pains before periods will roll about. However most often at a dysmenorrhea the pains during periods having nature of fights disturb. They can be cutting, pricking, aching. Such abdominal pains, and also in the field of a basin, in a waist are noted one or two days after the beginning monthly, then they gradually abate. Pains after periods are observed if the woman has gynecologic diseases. Besides, at a dysmenorrhea body temperature sometimes increases, uneasiness, irritability is noted. The woman can suffer from sleeplessness or, on the contrary, is constant feel drowsiness.

If the woman suffers from painful monthly and comes to reception to the specialist with desire to learn in more detail what is an algomenorrhea and how to conduct treatment of an algomenorrhea to get rid of so painful symptoms, initially the specialist defines degree, and also the algomenorrhea reasons. Also the gynecologist in the course of establishment of the diagnosis has to understand what form of a disease – primary algomenorrhea or a secondary algomenorrhea – is noted at the patient. Depending on that how heavy algomenorrhea symptoms are, specialists allocate three degrees of this disease.

 Emergence of moderate pain and insignificant febricula is characteristic of the first degree of an illness. The woman does not feel so badly to refuse work or daily obligations. However specialists note that even such form of an illness demands treatment, otherwise over time symptoms can be aggravated. If treatment of a dysmenorrhea is not carried out, then gradually the indisposition becomes stronger, and the second degree of a dysmenorrhea is diagnosed already.

In such state the woman suffers from severe pain in the bottom of a stomach. It notes the expressed weakness, nausea, vomiting, very frequent urination disturbs. This degree of a dysmenorrhea is followed also by a depression. Constantly something disturbs the woman and irritates, she can note emergence of the increased appetite, suffer from frustration of a dream. At some women the intolerance of different smells is also observed. In such state the woman perfectly understands what is a dysmenorrhea as it needs reception of medicines to moderate disease symptoms.

At the third degree of an algomenorrhea the illness proceeds very hard. In the period of periods the woman suffers from very severe headaches and the expressed weakness. In the period of monthly temperature increases, heartaches, tachycardia, vomiting, diarrhea are noted. At a severe form of a dysmenorrhea faints, dizzinesses are frequent. In such state the woman practically cannot work. So heavy current of a dysmenorrhea meets seldom, and at such form of an illness even reception of the anesthetizing drugs does not give relief. As a rule, this form of an illness develops against inborn defects of generative organs of the woman.

Why the dysmenorrhea is shown?

Проявления дисменореиAs a rule, the reason of painful monthly is covered that in a female organism there is a disturbance in the course of synthesis of hormonelike materials. As a result, in an organism very large amount of prostaglandins collects. This state explains why painful monthly are observed at primary dysmenorrhea at teenage girls, and also at girls till 25 flyings.

Some specialists claim that manifestations of primary dysmenorrhea are connected with frustration in sexual, hormonal, and also in other systems of a female organism. Also there are more than a half of women who suffer from painful monthly, have disturbances in development of connecting fabric (this state is called a dysplasia).

Also tubercular defeat of generative organs, and also neurologic frustration, diseases of a nervous system, malformations of a uterus at which outflow of menstrual blood is at a loss can be the cause of primary algomenorrhea and reductions of a uterus increase. Sometimes at primary dysmenorrhea at the woman occur even painful monthly at pregnancy.

If the algomenorrhea develops at women after achievement of 30-year age by them, then painful monthly in this case gynecologic diseases can be the reason. Often morbidity and other unpleasant symptoms in the period of monthly are noted at those women who have endometriosis, an adenomyosis, a hysteromyoma, inflammatory processes in pelvic bodies. Manifestation of a secondary algomenorrhea is often connected also with narrowing of the channel of a neck of uterus, polyps in the channel of a neck of uterus, development of commissural processes, oothecomas. Painful monthly can be shown also against tumors of a bladder, ovary, large intestine, etc. For this reason the expressed morbidity during monthly is that symptom which cannot be ignored at all. At a secondary dysmenorrhea it is necessary to pass all inspections which will allow to reveal existence of gynecologic diseases. If at painful monthly the woman uses intrauterine contraception, it is necessary to remove these contraceptives.

How to get rid of a dysmenorrhea?

Ужасные болезненные менструацииIf at the patient in the course of diagnosis primary dysmenorrhea was revealed, then before defining how to treat a dysmenorrhea, the doctor has to learn what hormonal status takes place at the patient. Also inspection of other systems and bodies is appointed more precisely to define the dysmenorrhea reasons. Depending on what symptoms of a dysmenorrhea are shown at the woman, treatment is individually appointed.

The dysmenorrhea at teenagers and at young people of the woman is treated by means of medicamentous and non-drug therapy. Non-drug methods are a psychotherapy, physiotherapy exercises, psychotherapy, yoga, etc. Medicines of subjects, a coma the diagnosis "dysmenorrhea" was made, are appointed individually. Also treatment by folk remedies, but only after approval of the attending physician practices.

By means of psychotherapy and a self-relaxation the condition of the woman can be facilitated considerably. In particular, these methods of treatment allow to get rid of a headache, irritability, etc. Also the psychotherapist will advise how to overcome uneasiness during expectation of monthly.

At a dysmenorrhea not only treatment painful monthly, but also observance of a special diet is important. In particular, doctors recommend to use surely those products in which the high content of magnesium, B1 vitamin is noted. Buckwheat, nuts, almonds, chocolate, bean contains a lot of magnesium. B1 vitamin is in the same products, and also in a liver, yeast, milk, bran, an egg yolk.

Defining what to do at painful monthly, the doctor can appoint to the patient also reception of special vitamin complexes. Also sedative and anesthetizing tablets are appointed at painful monthly. It is sometimes reasonable to use the candles having spasmolytic effect. Also in the course of purpose of drug treatment the doctor can appoint reception of hormonal contraceptives, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs promote decrease in products of prostaglandins that promotes reduction of unpleasant symptoms. If in the course of periods there is a big loss of blood, iron preparations can be appointed. Only the attending physician has to appoint a dosage and the scheme of reception of all drugs.

During the period between periods women need not to overtire, normally to get enough sleep and have a rest, to avoid difficult stressful situations. Negatively influences the general condition of an organism of the woman suffering from a dysmenorrhea, smoking, and also abuse of alcohol.

Sometimes the specialist appoints sessions of gynecologic massage, recommends to carry out a complex of remedial gymnastics at which the blood stream in bodies of a small pelvis improves, the general tone of an organism raises. Effectively performance of the exercises directed to strengthening of a prelum abdominale, swimming, walking allows to improve blood circulation.

If the secondary dysmenorrhea is diagnosed for the woman, then treatment is carried out only after the doctor defines what gynecologic disease became the reason of painful periods. Further therapy of the disease which provoked this symptom is carried out directly.

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