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  • Latin name: Dysmenorm
  • Active ingredient: Agnus castus + Pulsatilla pratensis D3 + Rosmarinus officinalis D2 + Apis mellifica D3
  • Producer: Deutsche Homoopathie-Union DHU-Arzneimittel GmbH&Co. KG (Germany)


Contains active components in the structure: matrix Agnus castus tincture in number of 125 mg, Pulsatilla pratensis D3 in number of 25 mg, Rosmarinus officinalis D2 in number of 25 mg, Apis mellifica D3 in number of 25 mg, and also additional components: monohydrate of lactose, starch, magnesium stearate.

Release form

Homeopathic tablets.

Pharmacological action

Homeopathic medicine.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Combined effect is caused by the active components which are Dismenorm's part: Agnus castus, Apis mellifica, Pulsatilla and Rosmarinus officinalis.

Medicine is actively applied in gynecologic practice to treatment of pathology of inflammatory genesis. Tablets Dismenorm are appointed at hormonal disturbances to women of different age groups. The medicine is recommended for appointment in the presence of contraindications for carrying out estrogenzamestitelny therapy. Medicine allows to eliminate unpleasant symptoms of the premenstrual period, to adjust a menstrual cycle (intensity, duration and rhythm).

Agnus castus makes specific impact on work of endocrine and urinogenital systems. Stimulates menstrual function and an ovulation. As a result of interaction with dopaminergic neurons decrease in production of prolactin is reached. Agnus castus prevents forming of a pain syndrome due to decrease in production of prolactin which excess number is the reason of a premenstrual syndrome. Due to regulation of development and stabilization of a quantitative ratio of level of gonadotrophins normalization of the second phase of a menstrual cycle is reached. Regular use allows to eliminate completely the phenomenon of an imbalance of oestradiol, progesterone, to normalize the hormonal status, to get rid of a pain syndrome.

Apis mellifica exerts impact on a front share of a hypophysis, regulates synthesis of follikulstimuliruyushchy and luteinizing hormones that allows to normalize work of ovaries. This component exerts positive impact on a nervous system, mucous membranes and vessels due to stabilization of estrogen in a female organism.

Pulsatilla and Rosmarinus officinalis eliminate dizzinesses, headaches, exert positive impact on a menstrual cycle, facilitate a current of the premenstrual period. Medicine improves communication health of women, allows to reduce expressiveness of a pain syndrome at periods, to reduce their duration.

Indications to use

Medicine is appointed at algodismenory – painful feelings in the period of periods.

Indications to Dismenorm's use: premenstrual syndrome, amenorrhea (dysfunctional disturbances of a menstrual cycle).


The application instruction of Dismenorm does not recommend to appoint a medicine at a lactose intolerance, individual hypersensitivity to apitoxin, at pregnancy.

At approach of pregnancy during treatment, drug is cancelled. Cases of development of pathologies of a fruit in the women accepting a medicine during conception of the child are described. It is recommended to refrain from breastfeeding for therapy.

At a Gee's disease the medicine is appointed with care in a type of the wheat starch which is a part.

Side effects

In the first days of therapy deterioration in overall health is possible (it is recommended to take a break in treatment). Side effects of Dismenorm are generally caused by allergic reactions to components.

Dismenorm, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Drug is appointed it is long (not less than 3 months). Lengthening of a course of therapy by the treating doctor if necessary is possible.

How to take medicine: daily in 30 minutes prior to food on 1-2 tablets. Tablets need to be rassasyvat slowly, without swallowing entirely.


Cases of overdose are not registered.


There are no clinically important pharmacological interactions.

Terms of sale

The recipe is not required.

Storage conditions

In the dry place, unavailable to children, at a temperature of 15-25 degrees Celsius.

Period of validity

No more than five years.


Structural analogs of Dismenorm are not issued.

About Dismenorm

Responses of doctors indicate good tolerance of drug at the accepting patients, however, some complain of feeling sick at the beginning of reception of this means.

It is worth remembering that the homeopathic medicine, so, works not at once, and reaction to it is individual.

In general, About Dismenorm leave positive.


  • Dismenorm No. 80 of a tablet

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  • Dismenorm tbl for rassasyv. No. 80, Deutsche Homoopathie Uniongermaniya
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  • Dismenormdhu (Germany)


  • Dismenorm No. 80 of the tab. Deutsche Homoopathie-Union DHU-Arzneimittel GmbH& Co.KG (Germany)
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Section: Gynecologic
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Education: Graduated from the Bashkir state medical university majoring in "Medical business". In 2011 gained the diploma and the certificate in Therapy. In 2012 received 2 certificate and the diploma in "Functional diagnosis" and "Cardiology". In 2013 completed courses on "Topical issues of otorhinolaryngology in therapy". In 2014 completed advanced training courses in "A clinical echocardiography" and courses in "Medical rehabilitation".

Experience: From 2011 to 2014 the Policlinic No. 33 Ufa worked as the therapist and the cardiologist in MBUZ. Since 2014 the Policlinic No. 33 Ufa works as the cardiologist and the doctor of functional diagnosis in MBUZ.

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