It is also accepted to call a dysthymia a chronic depression, a subdepression. It is an easy form of a depression at which its symptoms can be shown throughout two and more than flying. The person at whom the dysthymia is noted can coexist quite normally in society. However externally such people seem constantly unfortunate and dissatisfied with life.

How the dysthymia is shown?

As the medical statistics testifies, this illness is observed approximately at 5% of all inhabitants of the earth. Much more often the dysthymia is observed at women. However, rather often the dysthymia also begins at children and teenagers. Dysthymia symptoms at the person are shown, first of all, by a dejectedness, sharp differences of mood, apathy to what occurs around, and to close people. If at the person the subdepression is observed, he shows a certain detachment from the outside world, it is gnawed by feeling of melancholy which is difficult for explaining moral exinanition. Regularly disturb the patient and problems with a dream: it is periodic sleeplessness, awakening too early, a discontinuous, uneasy dream. Psychologically the person constantly stays in a depression: it is gnawed by feeling of uselessness, fear, hopelessness, apparently, that it did not take place as the personality. Gradually at the patient with this illness the inferiority complex develops, it seems to it that it is guilty of something though on it and there are no reasons. The person becomes sluggish, and it can be both mental, and physical sluggishness.

The person at whom the chronic subdepression is shown suffers from constant exhaustion, it lacks energy for elementary actions. In such state it is very difficult to concentrate on one specific business or on considering of an important issue, to make any decision to the patient too incredibly difficult. Appetite can be gone in a condition of a dysthymia, or the person on the contrary begins to overeat strongly. As a result, disturbances in work of the alimentary system begin, muscles, joints can hurt, the headache is often noted. Sometimes, at long disease, the patient can have an asthma, eyes water, the chair is broken. At a chronic subdepression sometimes the person is even visited by thoughts of suicide, diseases, death.

Why the dysthymia is shown?

Дистимия или хроническая депрессияSymptoms of a dysthymia are shown at the person in connection with changes in his mentality. The subdepression develops more often at people who suffer from seasonal depressions. Differences of mood, depression are characteristic of them. As a rule, at such people in an organism enough hormone of serotonin which is called pleasure hormone is not developed. Serotonin allows an organism to cope with stressful situations effectively. Respectively, at its shortcoming it is heavy to person to overcome any troubles. If at the same time in human life there are any unpleasant events — personal problems, difficulties at work, etc., then on this background the dysthymia can develop. Also, speaking about the reasons of this phenomenon, it should be noted a factor of genetic predisposition. That is more often those people whose relatives were ill a dysthymia are ill. If the person is located to development of this illness, then even the small stress can provoke development of symptoms of a dysthymia.

Defining the reasons for which the disease develops, specialists pay attention and to how there passed the childhood of the person. The dysthymia could turn out to be consequence of violence, pressure from dear people, those who did not receive enough attention from parents also can suffer from such frustration.

As a result at the person the self-assessment decreases, positive emotions disappear, continuous experiences begin and tendency to pessimism is noted.

Also lead some chronic diseases and treatment to a dysthymia certain medicines. However precisely experts do not know about the reasons of development of this state in the person still.

How to get rid of a dysthymia?

Хроническая субдепрессияBefore beginning treatment of a subdepression, it is necessary to establish the diagnosis correctly. The specialist defines whether the patient has dysthymia symptoms, and on their basis it is possible to judge development of this disease. The doctor in the course of establishment of the diagnosis shall be convinced whether really symptoms testify to a dysthymia as they can be a consequence of alcoholism, drug addiction. Also such symptoms cause some diseases, for example, hypofunction of a thyroid gland.

If the person feels depression, bad mood and apathy for two and more weeks, he needs to see a doctor behind consultation. No special researches at diagnosis practice.

Treatment of a dysthymia is a difficult process, however it is necessary to understand that the illness nevertheless gives in to therapy at the correct approach. It is important to reveal an illness as soon as possible and to provide the correct and complex treatment of a dysthymia. Complex therapy includes drug treatment and psychotherapy. In the course of treatment by means of psychotherapy sessions specialists teach the patient to overcome effectively daily negative feelings and to fight against own bad emotions. As a rule, sessions of individual therapy are appointed. But also group therapy among people with the same disease can practice. The ultimate goal of psychotherapy — to teach the person to cope with a negative, to raise its self-assessment and to teach to love itself.

Дистимия (хроническая субдепрессия)As a rule, the doctor appoints reception of antidepressants. The doctor tries to pick up drug so that it gave the maximum effect at the minimum collateral influences. At selection of optimum antidepressant the condition of the patient — both mental, and physical is surely considered. Administration of drugs, as a rule, practices for at least half a year. The patient feels his action not at once therefore the result of treatment of a dysthymia appears only in several weeks after the beginning of administration of drug. At refusal of antidepressants it is necessary to carry out this process too gradually therefore the patient has to report to the doctor about such desire surely.

It is also necessary to consider that many antidepressants render side effects at their long use. Separate drugs can reduce sexual desire, cause sleeplessness, etc.

In modern medicine the subdepression is treated also by means of some alternative methods. It is phototherapy, an electroshock therapy, etc. Sometimes the doctor considers it expedient to appoint mood stabilizers. In particular, it practices at manifestations of maniacal behavior.

Except the described treatment methods at a subdepression it is recommended to adhere to a healthy lifestyle, to watch that food was polenotsenny and various, to regularly do physical exercises, to exclude smoking and alcohol. The psychological climate in communication with the family and friends also matters: it is important that it was friendly and benevolent.

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