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  • Latin name: Disulfiram
  • ATH code: N07BB01
  • Active ingredient: Disulfiramum (Disulfiram)
  • Producer: Hubei Maxpharm Industries Co. (China), Warsaw Pharmaceutical Works Polfa (Poland), Sanofi Vintrop Industriya (France)


Active component Disulfiramum is a part of drug.

Additional components, depending on a release form: the mannitol, PEG-6000 and sodium chloride, Calcii diposphas, MKTs, stearic acid, hydroxypropyl cellulose, polioksit 40 and sodium starch stearate.

Release form

Disulfiramum in the form of Solutio oleosa, tablets for oral and implantation administration is issued.

  • implantation tablets are packed on 10 pieces into a glass bottle;
  • packaging of peroral tablets includes 20 pieces;
  • Solutio oleosa is offered in a bottle of 20 ml.

Pharmacological action

Drug possesses antialcoholic action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

At administration of drug considerable influence in an organism on fermental system of a metabolism of ethanol is noted it. The inhibition of an aldegiddegidrogenaza influences a natural metabolism of alcohol therefore safe metabolites are formed. It considerably increases concentration of a toxic metabolite of ethanol – the acetic aldehyde causing efficiency of drug. When Disulfiramum intravenously is entered or is accepted inside, patients feel acute dyspepsia, inflow, a strong adynamy, tachycardia yuand the menacing hypotension. Such intoxication acetic aldehyde is capable to cause disgust and to eliminate thirst of the person for alcohol intake.

In an organism drug is quickly and almost fully absorbed. Also the high metabolism of substance with formation of several metabolites is noted. Removal is carried out by means of kidneys and lungs.

Indications to use

The main indications to administration of drug are:

  • prevention of recurrence at therapy of an alcoholism;
  • treatment of chronic alcoholismand.

Contraindications to use

Disulfiramum is not appointed at:

Respect for care is demanded by treatment of patients with disturbances of functions of a liver and kidneys, respiratory system.

Side effects

At treatment by Disulfiramum deviations in the alimentary system are possible: metal smack, hepatitises.

Also disturbances of functions of a nervous system can develop: frustration, polyneurites of the lower extremities, disorientation, decrease in memory, headache.

It is not necessary to exclude developing of various allergies and reactions provoked by alcohol influence: collapse, disturbances of a cordial rhythm, attacks of stenocardia, myocardial infarction and wet brain.

Disulfiramum antidotes

It is established that full neutralization of Disulfiramum is impossible. However when the problem appears: how to bring Disulfiramum out of an organism, for example, at development of heavy reaction to again accepted alcohol, certain procedures are carried out. In this case the antidote to Disulfiramum is an ascorbic acid which is entered intravenously. This substance does not allow ethanol to turn into the acetic aldehyde caused negative feelings. Besides, H1 blockers and ephedrine are used.

The instruction on Disulfiramum (A way and a dosage)

Use of any form of drug is allowed only on doctor's orders which selects the individual scheme of therapy and a dosage. On average, the daily dose for internal reception makes 125-500 mg.

Disulfiramum injection, as well as its implantation, is carried out by the specialist. At the same time the dosage of drug depends on disease severity and features of an organism of the patient.


Exceeding of a dosage can cause: coma, collapse, dangerous neurologic reactions.

At the same time the symptomatic treatment in a hospital including disintoxication actions is carried out.


The concomitant use with anticoagulants, for example, Warfarin, strengthens their action, increasing risk of development of bleedings.

The combination to the drugs which are metabolized in a liver can break the course of this process.

Combinations of Disulfiramum and the tricyclic antidepressants derivative of a fenotiazin, MAO inhibitors, can lead to development of difficult side effects.

Buspiron causes development of manias.

Amitriptyline often strengthens therapeutic effect of Disulfiramum, but also increases toxic influence of Amitriptyline on a nervous system.

The concomitant use increases concentration of diazepam and chlordiazepoxide, as a part of a blood plasma, causing dizziness, reducing intensity of toxic reactions.

The combination to the Isoniazid causes dizzinesses and depressions, Metronidazole – acute psychoses and confusion of consciousness, caffeine – reduces its removal from an organism, Omeprazol – breaks consciousness.

The combination of Disulfiramum and Hlorzoksazon increases its concentration as a part of a blood plasma, and Chlorpromazinum is capable to strengthen arterial hypotension.

Terms of sale

In drugstores any form of drug is released according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Medicine can be stored in the dark, dry and cool place protected from children.

Period of validity

Tablets – 5 years, Solutio oleosa and implantation tablets – 2 years.


Drugs possess similar action: Ekzorran, Crotenal, Refusal, Antietil, Tetradinum, Dizetil, Aversanum, Antabusum, Lidevin, Teturamum, Espenal, Abstinil, Esperal, Anticolum, Alkofobin, Antietan, Kontrapot, Stoptil, Tetlong, Radoterum.

Disulfiramum price where to buy

Disulfiramum price in tablets for intake makes 150-1000 rubles and depends on the producer of medicine.

Implantation forms and Solutio oleosa can be bought for 550-2500 rubles.


  • Disulfiramvarshavsky Federal Law (Poland)
Section: For a nervous system
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