Simple rules for dreaming to lose weight

Various diets to which persons interested quickly resort and to noticeably lose weight, often can seriously break a metabolism in an organism. According to councils of nutritionists, it is not necessary to aim at such emergency weight loss, it is necessary to choose such power supply system which will allow to normalize body weight and to keep it for many years, adhering to this system. One of them is the popular system which author is Ekaterina Mirimanova.

Ekaterina Miromanova's system

Food by these rules is rational and providing the person to all necessary for active and healthy life. It provides the shift of food load of the first half of day and gradual refusal of food after six o'clock in the evening. This restriction is not injuring for an organism, besides, for breakfast and even for lunch if it falls on time in the forenoon, it is possible to afford darlings and even not too dietary products. It is very important because the heaviest factor of any diet in the psychological plan is flat refusal of usual and favourite food.

It is possible to adapt to the diet excluding a supper without serious consequences, and it will become natural. You should not force entry into the mode, it is necessary to displace gradually the last meal for earlier time. The author of system calls it "Minus 60" as thanks to observance of simple rules, she managed to grow thin for 60 kg.

It is recommended to exclude milk chocolate which is not of a nutrition value from the list of the used products, but bitter, in a small amount, it is possible to use. Step by step it is necessary to create preferences in food, including in a diet more garnishes from brown rice, buckwheat, stewed and crude vegetables. It is not recommended to miss one of three obligatory meals, but each following food has to be easier previous.

And after 18 hours it is possible to afford only water. During the day it is possible to drink tea, coffee, a light wine. Sugar, bread, potatoes can be eaten only in the forenoon. Macaroni should not be combined with oil and meat, but they are not excluded in the first half of day. It is possible to add to them fruit and vegetable sauce or a little cheese. In the afternoon it is desirable not to eat mushrooms, bean, corn. From fruit it is necessary to prefer apples, a citrus, (grapefruits are especially useful), plums, (it is possible dried), pineapples, a kiwi, water-melons. The easiest food will remain for dinner. It can be vegetable stew, yogurt, fast meat.

Actually, any person who is interested in the principles of reasonable food perfectly understands in what degree this or that product is useful and healthy. So for the majority it is possible to distribute meals during the day according to these rules. Steady improvement of health and gradual weight reduction will confirm that persons interested to grow thin are on the right track. You should not turn from it and further.

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