Doppelgerts Nervotonik

Доппельгерц Нервотоник Drug photo

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  • Latin name: Doppelherz Nervotonik
  • ATH code: A13A
  • Active ingredient: The St. John's Wort which is made a hole herbs extract (Hyperici perforati herbae extract)
  • Producer: Queisser Pharma GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)


As a part of means Doppelgerts Nervotonik is active agent — liquid extract of a St. John's Wort.

As additional substances it contains liqueur wine, a concentrate of cherry brandy.

Release form

Medicine is issued in the form of an elixir which is packaged in bottles from dark glass. Means is packaged in bottles on 20 ml and on 250 ml.

Liquid has henna-red color, sweetish taste with weak alcoholic smack and cherry aroma. In the course of storage the small deposit or weak opacification can appear.

Pharmacological action

Medicine Doppelgerts Nervotonik has a plant origin. The organism is affected as antidepressive also by a sedative.

Extract of a St. John's Wort makes positive impact on the TsNS functions and a vegetative nervous system.

As a result, at the person the mood improves, increase of physical and mental activity is noted, medicine positively influences quality of a dream of the person.

Drug does not provoke development of drowsiness, sedation therefore specialists recommend to accept this means to the people enduring psychovegetative frustration owing to refusal of smoking.

Medicine also positively affects the general state at disorders of neurotic character, at alarming states, at a depression easy and moderately severe, for overcoming of a condition of excitement, concern, an adynamy, apathy.

Means increases the resilience of a nervous system to negative action of different factors of environment.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

There is no information on pharmacokinetics and a pharmacodynamics of drug as influence of this medicine is defined by cumulative influence of its components.

Indications to use

Medicine Doppelgerts Nervotonik is shown to use in such cases:

  • at psychovegetative frustration during which the reduced mood, an adynamy, apathy is noted;
  • constant feeling of alarm and concern;
  • neurotic reactions;
  • depressive frustration easy and moderately severe.


It is not necessary to apply this cure for such diseases and states:

  • photosensitization at use of the means containing a St. John's Wort in the anamnesis;
  • high sensitivity to means components;
  • heavy depressions;
  • age of the child till 12 flyings.

Carefully Doppelgerts Nervotonik appoint to people who have liver illnesses, and also at a craniocereberal injury, alcoholism, brain diseases.

Side effects

In rare instances such side effects can develop:


Application instruction (Way and dosage)

It is necessary to accept means orally, three times a day on 20 ml. It is necessary to accept an elixir after food and before withdrawal to a dream. The course of reception of means has to proceed 6-8 weeks.

If there is a need, drug can be appointed repeatedly. If throughout a course of treatment the patient does not note that the state improved, he has to see a doctor.


There are no data on possible overdose of means as a part of which there is a St. John's Wort. If very high dose of means was accepted, strengthening of collateral manifestations can be noted.

In that case it is necessary to stop administration of drug, to drink absorbent carbon. It is not necessary to get under direct sunshine within 1-2 weeks after overdose.


It is necessary to appoint with care Doppelgerts Nervotonik if the patient accepts theophylline, digoxin, tricyclic antidepressants, drugs against migraine, anticonvulsants, selective inhibitors of the return serotonin reuptake, indinavir, cyclosporine, Reserpinum as this means activates a microsomal oxidation (P450 cytochrome).

Doppelgerts Nervotonik can activate influence of opioid analgetics, and also the means applied to the general anesthesia.

It is not recommended to appoint in at one time with MAO inhibitors.

If administration of drug is conducted in parallel with other photosensitizing drugs, the photosensitization can amplify.

It is possible to apply this means with other psychotropic drugs.

Terms of sale

It is possible to get without recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to protect from access for children, at storage temperature has to be no more than 25 °C.

Period of validity

3 years.

Special instructions

During reception of this medicine people (especially those who have light skin), should not stay long under sunshine and be exposed to UF-radiation (to visit a sunbed).

It is necessary to consider that medicine contains 18 about. ethanol %. If the patient observes a dosage, then with each reception of an elixir the patient receives 2.8 g of ethanol, in a daily dose — 8.4 g of ethanol.

During treatment it is not necessary to drive transport and to perform any other operations which demand from the person of considerable concentration.


Analogs of this drug are those drugs which have similar active agent in structure.

It drugs: Gerbion Giperikum, Deprim, the St. John's Wort which is made a hole extract, Novoimaninum, Negrustin , etc.


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  • Doppelgerts Nervotonik elixir of 250 ml, Queisser Pharmagermaniya
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