Doubling before eyes

Doubling in eyes (also this phenomenon is called a diplopia) is a symptom at which the person perceives one subject as two different images. It occurs due to the lack of the consensual movement of eyes which defines comparison of visible images.

How doubling in eyes is shown?

When doubling in the opinion of people at a view of world around sees one subject as two images. Doubling before eyes often is followed by dizziness, and also disturbance of orientation in space. At the same time the person cannot correctly estimate distances. The head can strongly hurt, nausea is sometimes noted.

If the person complains to the doctor of what began to appear doubled in eyes, in the course of diagnosis is defined what doubling takes place at the patient — vertical, horizontal or diagonal. It depends on that what injury of an eye muscle is observed. Depending on doubling type, the orientation is noted it. If the direct eye muscle is paralyzed, then the person sees objects which are located in parallel and if paralysis of oblique muscles takes place, then objects seem one above another. Only one type of a diplopia is at the same time most often observed. If, for example, at the person appears doubled in eyes down, then diagonal doubling at the same time it can not be observed.

In certain cases doubling in one eye can be noted. This phenomenon is connected with a crystalline lens incomplete dislocation owing to what the beams passing through the struck crystalline lens dissipate. However such type of milking in eyes is diagnosed rather seldom. At dysfunction of one eye the monocular diplopia is diagnosed, at defeat of functions of both eyes — a binocular diplopia. The binocular diplopia in many cases promotes development in the person of temporary or constant squint. If at the person the monocular diplopia is observed, when closing a healthy eye he has image of two images.

If at the patient appears doubled before eyes, objects seem to him not only doubled, but also indistinct, indistinct. A certain ephemerality of the image can be noted: when there is a movement by the head, the image as if flows.

People at whom the image in eyes periodically appears doubled should consider that they cannot precisely estimate distances to a certain subject at manifestation of this symptom. Therefore it is necessary to show special attention and care, moving on streets. Especially attentive the person has to be on a carriageway.

Why to appear doubled in eyes?

Причины двоения перед глазамиThe basic reason of manifestation of doubling in eyes is a disturbance of the consensual movement of eyes. It can be connected or with damage of muscles of eyes, or with neurologic factors. Sometimes disturbance of dislocation of an eyeglobe in an eye-socket is the reason of doubling. To precisely tell why appears doubled in eyes, it is possible only after more detailed inspection and establishment of the diagnosis.

This symptom can be observed at the person at different diseases. First of all, it is the various illnesses connected with defeat of a nervous system. It is a stroke, brain tumors, meningitis, multiple sclerosis, etc. Doubling in eyes is noted at patients with vascular aneurisms, vasculites, at victims who got craniocereberal injuries.

Can appear doubled in eyes at defeats of a peripheral nervous system. Neuritis, a prelum of third cranial nerves by tumors are connected with such defeat. The nervous system defines perception of reality and reaction to it. Therefore, at defeat of a nervous system of people or misinterprets reality, or it notes inadequate reaction to it. At development of a diabetes mellitus in the person also one of symptoms often is doubling in eyes.

One more reason for which at the person constantly appears doubled in eyes, this disturbance of a tone of oculomotor muscles or their defeat. Paralysis or paresis of these muscles is observed at patients with a myasthenia, a miozitama, at hypostases, etc.

If in an eye-socket the tumor is formed, it gradually displaces an eyeglobe from that situation in which it has to be located normal. As a result, doubling is noted.

This symptom can be shown after the person was traumatized eyes or an injury of fabrics which surround an eye. If after blow appears doubled in eyes, then it testifies to the shift of an eyeglobe which happens in connection with formation of hypostasis, or to disturbance of walls of an eye-socket.

Doubling is characteristic of people who had organism intoxication connected with botulism, poisoning with chemicals, alcohol.

Quite often at the patient the head is turned and appears doubled in eyes at severe fever which is noted during acute respiratory infections, flu.

The monocular diplopia is most often connected with features of a structure of an eye. As a rule, it is less dangerous to sight. Development of a monocular diplopia is often connected with damages of a cornea of an eye, with an ectopia lentis, a cataract, an astigmatism, disturbances of a refraction. Less often doctors diagnose the simulated or psychogenic diplopia.

How to get rid of doubling in eyes?

Двоение перед глазамиWhat to do if appears doubled in eyes, the person has to ask the specialist surely. Treatment of doubling in eyes is permanently connected with therapy of a basic disease. That is, to get rid only of a symptom it will not turn out. If the person notes the sudden beginning of this phenomenon and feels that he at it strongly appears doubled in eyes, it is necessary to cause acute management surely. The matter is that the reasons for which this symptom is shown can be very serious. In an acute form of an illness, connected with doubling, are hazardous to health. Only their timely treatment allows to warn serious consequences. When doubling in eyes it is necessary to consult with the ophthalmologist, the neuropathologist, and the endocrinologist. To establish the diagnosis, ophthalmologic inspection is surely performed. If necessary carrying out ultrasonic inspection of eyeglobes, a computer tomography of the head is appointed. Depending on the diagnosis it is treated. As a rule, the surgery is appointed at disturbances of functions of groups of eye muscles. In the course of a surgery length of muscles can change, if necessary the sinew is sewn to hold in the correct position of eyes. At the majority of other diseases treatment by medicines practices.

For treatment for the purpose of reduction of a sensation of discomfort to the patient so-called prismatic correction can be carried out. The person needs to wear especially for him the made glasses, with prismatic lenses. Such lenses bring together the points of view thanks to what doubling of the image is not observed. However it is necessary to consider that when carrying such points visual acuity decreases.

To increase visual acuity, it is recommended to carry out three times a day special exercises. However specialists warn that performance of exercises is effective only at a partial diplopia. The doctor appoints the full scheme of treatment when doubling in eyes in an individual order.

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