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  • Latin name: Duphaston
  • ATH code: G03DB01
  • Active ingredient: Didrogesteron (Dydrogesterone)
  • Producer: Solvay Biologicals B.V., Abbott Biologicals B.V. (Netherlands)


The summary demonstrates that Duphaston is a part of means active ingredient didrogesteron, and also excipients: corn starch, monohydrate of lactose, methylhydroxypropyl cellulose, dye, magnesium stearate, anhydrous colloid silicon dioxide.

Release form

Means in the form of tablets of 10 mg No. 10 of a biconvex, round form is issued. Tablets of white color have slanted edges, they are covered by a cover. On the one hand tablets are an engraving of "S" over the sign "6", on the other hand – risk and the sign "155" from its both parties. In total the blister contains 20 tablets, one blister is put in a cardboard box.

Pharmacological action

Active component of drug didrogesteron is analog of natural progesterone. Duphaston is a hormonal drug.

Under the influence of this medicine in an organism of the woman there is no thermogenesis disturbance therefore basal temperature for definition of an ovulation can be taken. Means does not exert impact on exchange processes in an organism, on functions of a liver. Didrogesteron on properties and structure very much reminds natural progesterone. Nevertheless, means does not provoke manifestation of those side effects which arise at reception of a number of synthetic progesteron. Wikipedia demonstrates that this means does not render androgenic, oestrogenic, anabolic, thermogene, kortikoidny action. As a component of replacement hormonal therapy at a menopause of HP positive influence of estrogen on a blood lipid profile of the woman provides. But if estrogen makes negative impact on blood coagulation process, then didrogesteron does not exert impact on coagulation.

At intake the selection impact of a didrogesteron on an endometria is noted that promotes prevention of high risk of display of a hyperplasia of an endometria or carcinogenesis, provoked by the raised products of estrogen. Medicine does not render contraceptive effect. In the course of treatment drug does not exert impact on an ovulation. Means, monthly at reception, also proceed on a usual cycle. The woman can become pregnant with didrogesterony and keep pregnancy in the course of treatment by means as in the course of treatment the negative impact on a fruit is not noted. Selective influence on progestinovy receptors of a mucous uterus is noted. Does not influence an ovulation of a follicle. The masculinizing and virilizing influence is not noted.

As also natural hormone, didrogesteron reduces the level of excitability of a myometrium, under its influence sokratitelny activity of a uterus decreases. The answer to a question is unambiguous whether this means influences weight: reception of Duphaston does not promote a set of extra kilos.

Thus, didrogesteron reduces impact of natural estrogen on an organism therefore it is successfully applied at infertility, at PMS, usual not incubation, at a climax, at women who already had a stood pregnancy, etc.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

After oral administration there is a fast absorption of a didrogesteron from a gastrointestinal tract, in 2 hours the greatest concentration of active component in blood is noted. Extent of linkng with blood proteins — 97%. From an organism kidneys bring 56-79%, days later after reception about 85% are brought from an organism, all process of removal completely comes to the end in 72 hours. At urine there are metabolites, generally in the form of conjugates of glucuronic acid.

People who have diseases of kidneys have no data on change of pharmacokinetics and a pharmacodynamics of active component. It does not kumulirutsya.

Indications to use

Why the tablets Duphaston are appointed, depends on the diagnosis and the scheme of treatment which is defined by the doctor.

Now the following indications to drug use are defined:

  • Insufficiency of progesterone in an organism (at the infertility connected with insufficiency of a lyuteinovy phase at threat of an abortion or usual loss of a fruit, at a dysmenorrhea, disturbances of a monthly cycle, an amenorrhea of secondary genesis).
  • Within replacement hormonal therapy (at a menopause it is applied to neutralization of proliferative effect of estrogen on mucous cavities of the uterus at use of estrogen; at surgical castration).

Thus, tablets are appointed at dysfunctional uterine bleedings, at pto olikistoza of ovaries, at a cyst of a yellow body, at an endometritis, at a hysteromyoma.

From what medicine is appointed still when appoint and what has to be a dosage, it is necessary to ask the attending physician.


There are contraindications for administration of drug Duphaston.

First of all, it is impossible to drink tablets at high sensitivity to a didrogesteron or to other components of medicine as it can do harm to the woman's organism.

Carefully tablets are appointed to women who suffered from displays of an itch during pregnancy earlier.

There are no data on a negative impact of a didrogesteron on people who have a renal failure in a chronic form.

Side effects of Duphaston

In the course of reception some side effects of Duphaston can be noted:

  • immune system: hypersensitivity (very seldom);
  • system of a hemopoiesis: hemolitic anemia (isolated cases);
  • nervous system: migraine, headache;
  • gepatobiliarny system: insignificant abnormal liver functions at which weakness, jaundice, an abdominal pain can be shown;
  • reproductive system: breakthrough bleedings at reception (seldom), it is prevented by increase in a dosage of medicine; sensitivity of mammary glands can increase;
  • hypodermic cellulose, skin: itch, urticaria (seldom), Quincke's edema (very seldom);
  • general frustration: peripheral hypostases (very seldom).

At manifestation of any of the listed symptoms it is necessary to tell the doctor that such side effect takes place.

Application instruction of Duphaston (Way and dosage)

Drug is appointed according to the individual scheme, both when planning pregnancy, and at gynecologic diseases. How to accept, to food or later, does not matter.

Tablets Duphaston, application instruction

The specified schemes of reception are only approximate. To appoint the scheme of therapy, to define how it is long possible to take a pill, the doctor has to consider symptoms of an illness, a phase of a monthly cycle. The daily dose of medicine needs to be divided into 2-3 receptions, it is necessary to drink tablets through equal intervals of time.

Duphaston at endometriosis appoint in a dose 10 mg of a didrogesteron 2 or 3 times a day. How to accept Duphaston at endometriosis, depends on appointment of the doctor. It is necessary to accept means from 5 to 25 day of a cycle or to do it without interruption. It is necessary to consider that only the attending physician can appoint Duphaston at endometriosis. Responses of doctors on the Internet or any medical forum with information on treatment should be perceived only as information for acquaintance.

Duphaston for conception at infertility of progesteronovy genesis appoint from 11 to 25 day of a monthly cycle. How to accept Duphaston for conception, it is necessary to learn from the specialist. As a rule, reception lasts for 3-6 months. How to accept Duphaston to become pregnant how many it is necessary to drink to become pregnant, depends on the diagnosis of the woman, specific features of her organism.

If the delay after reception of tablets is noted and other signs of pregnancy against administration of drug appear, treatment has to continue, at the same time the dose has to be equal to that which is appointed at usual loss of pregnancy.

If at the woman threat of an abortion or usual loss of pregnancy is noted, it is reasonable to apply medicine only if there are accurate proofs of deficit of endogenous progesterone. The single dose of a didrogesteron of 40 mg is shown to women with the menacing abortion, further within a week it is necessary to accept 10 mg every 8 hours. Further the dose gradually decreases. But if there is a threat of abortion again, the dose is increased. Use can practice till 20th week of pregnancy. But more precisely about about what week to take a pill at pregnancy, the doctor individually will consult.

How to accept at threat of an abortion on early terms, the doctor defines individually. As a rule, at usual not incubation at a pregnancy planning stage reception of Duphaston is carried out from 11 to 25 day of a cycle provided that there was a conception, the woman receives the same dose further. Further, after the 20th week of pregnancy, the dose needs to be reduced gradually.

To the women suffering from PMS appoint tablets from 11 to 25 day on 10 mg, treatment lasts from 3 to 6 months.

Duphaston at a delay monthly, at an irregular cycle and other disturbances of periods appoint with 11 on 25 cycles, 2 times a day on 20 mg. How to cause monthly Duphaston, depends on the diagnosis of the woman. The doctor appoints drug at an irregular cycle, defines how to accept Duphaston to cause monthly how many to drink to cause monthly. Whether it is possible to cause monthly at an amenorrhea, depends on correctness of treatment. As a rule, reception of Duphaston is in that case combined with reception of estrogen. Such treatment should be practiced throughout not less than three monthly cycles.

In case of dysfunctional bleedings appoint drug on 10 mg twice a day, within 5-7 days, combining reception from 0,05 mg of ethinylestradiol. For the purpose of prevention of development of bleedings appoint reception of tablets in a dose of 10 mg in the period from 11 to 25 in the afternoon monthly. Reception is combined from 0,05 mg of ethinylestradiol (1 times a day).

In need of replacement hormonal therapy inclusion in combinations with estrogen practices. Continuous treatment provides reception on 10 mg of means of 14 days during each monthly cycle. If there is a need, the dose can be increased to 20 mg a day.

How to accept Duphaston at an endometria hyperplasia, depends on what else drugs the doctor appoints for treatment. As a rule, treatment of a hyperplasia of an endometria provides administration of drug in a dose of 10 mg from 16 to 25 day of a cycle.

How to accept Duphaston at an oothecoma, also depends on appointment of the specialist. At an oothecoma treatment has to continue not less than 3 months.

Treatment of a follicular oothecoma provides appointment on 10 mg of means 2 times a day. The similar dose in days is appointed if treatment of dysfunction of ovaries is carried out and also if multifollicular ovaries are diagnosed.

If the woman passed a tablet of Duphaston, then the additional dose should not be accepted. It is necessary to continue reception from the following tablet. For convenience it is possible to consider how many tablets in packaging of Duphaston remained and to control a reception regularity.

At any diagnosis Duphaston it is not necessary to begin to drink without appointment of the doctor.


There is no information on overdose of means. If the high dose was accepted accidentally, and at the patient the discomfort or nausea from tablets is noted, it is necessary to wash out a stomach and to carry out symptomatic therapy.


At a concomitant use of inductors of microsomal enzymes of a liver (Rifampicin, Phenobarbital) acceleration of a metabolism of a didrogesteron and reduction of effect is possible.

There are no data on incompatibility with other drugs.

Duphaston and Proginova can be appointed in parallel, most often when planning pregnancy. Proginova — oestrogenic drug.

Duphaston and Klostilbegit are appointed in a complex for treatment of infertility. Klostilbegit – nonsteroid anti-estrogen which stimulates an ovulation.

Pine-forest uterus and Duphaston – compatibility of these drugs disputable. There are data that phytodrug the pine-forest uterus in a complex with Duphaston can provoke bleedings.

Terms of sale

In drugstores are implemented according to the recipe, to patients write out the recipe on Latin.

Storage conditions

The producer provides that it is necessary to store tablets at a temperature no more than 30 °C, in the dry place.

Period of validity

5 years. After this term it is not necessary to apply.

Special instructions

If Duphaston is applied in a combination with estrogen, it is necessary to be careful at the patients having diseases of vessels, hearts, kidneys, a diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, migraine. Also carefully appoint at liver diseases.

If to the woman drug for the purpose of replacement hormonal therapy is appointed, before the beginning it is necessary to conduct a number of researches, and later – regularly to conduct mammography examinations. It is important to consider all contraindications. The doctor has to study the anamnesis of the patient accurately. In the course of ZGT it is necessary to control portability of such treatment with a certain frequency. There is a probability of developing of breakthrough bleedings in the first months of therapy. If such bleedings take place also after a course of treatment, the woman needs to carry out an endometria biopsy to exclude malignant processes.

It is not necessary to accept Duphaston that who suffers from insufficiency of lactase, a galactose or a sprue.

Does not exert impact on ability to driving or work with exact mechanisms.

If allocations at reception of tablets regularly appear, it is necessary to tell about it to the attending physician.

As Duphaston is a synthetic progesterone, it can replace natural hormone progesterone for what Duphaston appoint pregnant, and also to women during pregnancy planning. How to drink Duphaston to become pregnant, the attending physician defines. On a question whether this drug suppresses an ovulation, specialists unambiguously answer negatively. As this medicine influences an ovulation, depends on frequency and duration of its reception.

Often women are interested whether drug can cause a delay monthly or how to drink for a call of monthly. It is necessary to understand that regulation of monthly is provided by products in an organism of estrogen and progesterone. Often the woman notes that at her did not begin monthly if in an organism the lack of progesterone is noted. If ovaries produce not enough progesterone for any reason, the rate of Duphaston is appointed. If did not come monthly after reception of Duphaston, it is necessary to make the test for pregnancy. Provided that is not present monthly after drug withdrawal, and the woman is not pregnant, she should consult surely with the doctor. The reason scanty monthly after drug can consist in a lack of estrogen, a late ovulation, to changes in a uterus.

It is necessary to consider that, practicing reception of Duphaston for a call monthly "for convenience", without preliminary appointment of the doctor, the woman though causes monthly, but at the same time risks to break functions of hormonal system. As a result, after uncontrolled treatment the woman sometimes complains that at her are noted plentiful monthly after reception of tablets or long there are monthly.

Therefore the answer to a question whether it is possible to accept without appointment of the doctor Dyufaston, is unambiguous: it is not necessary to do it.

One more question interesting women: whether recover from Duphaston? Namely, whether grow stout from it at long reception? As active agent of drug is synthetic progesterone, on a question whether get fat from it, specialists answer negatively.

Analogs of Duphaston

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

    Any substitute of Duphaston has to be approved by the attending physician. What it is possible to replace this drug with, depends on the diagnosis of the patient and the individual course of a disease. Analog on structure is drug Pradzhisan, other drugs with similar action are means Utrozhestan, progesterone in ampoules, etc. The price of analogs of Duphaston can be a little lower.

    Utrozhestan or Duphaston – what is better?

    Comparison of these drugs demonstrates that both drugs have similar indications to use. But to define in what a difference, it is simple: as a part of Utrozhestan, unlike Duphaston, natural progesterone from raw materials of plants contains. That it is better — Duphaston or Utrozhestan — at pregnancy, it is possible to define only individually. But Utrozhestan also makes sedative impact on an organism. Sometimes both drugs are appointed at the same time at pregnancy.

    That it is better: Duphaston or Norcolutum?

    Norcolutum is also applied in gynecology. However it has other active ingredient – Norethisteronum. It is cheaper drug, but it is possible to prefer this or that drug only after consultation of the doctor.

    Pradzhisan or Duphaston – what is better?

    Pradzhisan is a hormonal drug, analog of Duphaston. It has similar indications, but its cost is lower. But nevertheless independently doctors do not recommend to make the decision on replacement of means.


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