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  • Latin name: Yaz
  • ATH code: G03AA12
  • Active ingredient: Drospirenon + Ethinylestradiol (Ethinylestradiol + Drospirenone)
  • Producer: Bayer Schering Pharma AG (Germany)


Contraceptive tablets Jes contain in structure active ingredient ethinylestradiol (a form betadeks a clathrate), also active ingredient drospirenon is Jes's part.

Besides, additional ingredients are a part of tablets: corn starch, monohydrate of lactose, magnesium stearate.

The structure of a cover of a tablet includes a gipromelloza, the titan dioxide, talc, dye.

Release form

Jes covers hormonal tablets a film cover.

Active tablets round, biconvex, have light pink color. On the one hand — an engraving of "DS" in a hexagon, on a tablet break a white kernel.

Tablets placebos are round, biconvex, they are covered by a white film cover. On one party of a tablet – an engraving of "DP" in a hexagon. On a break – a white kernel.

Tablets contain in blisters on 28 pieces.

Pharmacological action

The summary demonstrates that drug Jes is a monophase oral contraceptive which also exerts anti-androgenic and antimineralokortikoidny impact on an organism.

The contraceptive suppresses process of an ovulation, and also makes impact on a cervical secret owing to what spermatozoa cannot get through it freely.

Those women who take this medicine, note that the monthly cycle at them is more regular, periods become to exchange painful, and bleedings – not such plentiful. As a result, the risk of anemia decreases. At use of the combined peroral contraceptives the probability of cancer of ovaries and an endometria also decreases.

Active agent drospirenon makes antimineralokortikoidny impact on an organism. Under its influence accumulation of extra kilos in an organism, and also emergence of hypostases is prevented. It positively influences a condition of the woman in the period of PMS, reducing intensity of psychoemotional disturbances, stethalgias in joints, and also other unpleasant symptoms.

Anti-androgenic activity of this component which defines positive influence on a condition of skin is noted. As a result, the quantity of an acne decreases, the level of fat content of skin and hair decreases. Influence of a drospirenon is similar to effect of natural progesterone in an organism.

Oestrogenic, androgenic, glucocorticoid and anti-glucocorticoid activity at a drospirenon is absent. Being combined with ethinylestradiol, drospirenon affects favorably a lipidic profile.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Drospirenon after oral administration is soaked up quickly and almost completely. The maximum concentration is noted 1-2 hours later after reception. Level of its bioavailability makes 76-85%. Bioavailability does not depend on communication of meal and drug. At reception by cycles the maximum level of a drospirenon in serum is noted during the period between the 7 and 14 day of treatment.

After internal reception drospirenon it is metabolized extensively. Only the insignificant part of substance is removed in not changed look. Metabolites are removed through kidneys and intestines. Substance is well transferred by patients with a liver failure in an easy and moderate form.

Ethinylestradiol after intake is soaked up completely and quickly. After the use once maximum concentration is observed 1-2 hours later. Bioavailability of a component makes about 60%. It is metabolized completely through an aromatic hydroxylation. Metabolites are brought out of an organism with bile and urine.

Indications to use

Jes – contraceptive tablets, therefore their main indication – reception for the purpose of contraception. Medicine can be appointed for treatment of an acne in a moderate form, and also for the purpose of elimination of heavy symptoms of a premenstrual syndrome.


The following contraindications for reception Jes are noted:

  • venous and arterial thrombosis and thromboembolism (in the anamnesis, now), cerebrovascular disturbances;
  • the states preceding thrombosis;
  • migraine (in the anamnesis, now);
  • the diabetes mellitus complicated by vascular symptoms;
  • existence of risk factors of manifestation at the woman of venous or arterial thrombosis;
  • pancreatitis with a gipertriglitseridemiya (in the anamnesis, now);
  • serious illnesses of a liver, liver failure;
  • malignant tumors of a liver (in the anamnesis, now);
  • renal failure in a severe and acute form;
  • malignant hormonedependent diseases, suspicion on their development;
  • adrenal insufficiency;
  • vaginal bleeding of not clear origin;
  • suspicion on pregnancy;
  • chest feeding;
  • high sensitivity to drug ingredients.

Carefully it is necessary to accept drug in the presence of any of the factors promoting display of a thrombembolia, thromboses, and also other diseases at which manifestation of disturbance of a peripheral blood-groove is possible. With care the contraceptive is appointed at any diseases of a liver, a gipertriglitseridemiya, a hereditary Quincke's disease.

Jes is carefully appointed to women in a puerperal period, and also that at whom the diseases which arose or aggravated during pregnancy or during reception of sex hormones are noted. It can be a cholelithiasis, a cholestasia, an otosclerosis, a porphyria, herpes, etc.

Side effects

Such most widespread side effects of Jes are noted:

  • nausea;
  • irregular monthly;
  • bleedings from generative organs of not clear origin;
  • mammary
  • gland pains.

Serious side effects of drug which is shown in rare instances — a thromboembolism (venous, arterial).

Also the following side effects were sometimes noted:

  • migraine;
  • the suppressed mood, differences of mood, decrease in a sexual inclination;
  • mnogoformny erythema.

A number of by-effects which arise very seldom is allocated, but at the same time they can be connected using means Jes:

  • tumors;
  • knotty erythema;
  • hypertensia;
  • aggravation of symptoms of a Quincke's disease;
  • disturbance of work of a liver;
  • influence on resistance to insulin, change of tolerance to glucose;
  • illness Krone;
  • hloazma;
  • nonspecific ulcer colitis;
  • hypersensitivity symptoms.

Application instruction of Jes (Way and dosage)

If the woman chooses contraceptive tablets Jes, the application instruction has to be observed by it accurately. It is provided that a pill needs to be taken strictly in that order which is specified on their packaging. Daily drug needs to be accepted approximately in at one time, to wash down it with not plentiful amount of liquid. The application instruction of Jes provides reception of one tablet in days for 28 days. New packaging has to begin next day after women took the last medicine from the previous packaging. As a rule, bleeding can begin for 2-3 day after there was a cancellation.

If the woman last month did not accept any hormonal contraceptives, reception Jes begins in the first day of a monthly cycle. The beginning of reception for the 2-5th day of a cycle is possible, but at the same time it is desirable to apply in addition barrier contraception for the first seven days of reception of tablets Jes.

How to take a pill upon transition to them after other methods of protection, it is necessary to ask the gynecologist who recommended this drug.

After carrying out abortion on early terms it is possible to begin Jes's reception at once, at the same time additional measures of contraception are not necessary.

If childbirth or abortion happened in the second trimester, then Jes OK it is desirable to begin reception for the 21-28th day after that.

If the woman passed a tablet which is inactive, it can be ignored. But nevertheless it is not necessary to take the passed inactive pill for what they jump out.

If there was an admission of a tablet which is active, and at the same time delay does not exceed 12 hours, in that case protection does not decrease. It is necessary to accept drug as soon as possible. If delay exceeded 12 hours, the woman passed 2 tablets, or the break was even more long, in that case the level of protection decreases. Respectively, the break was longer, the probability of fertilization is bigger.

Thus, effects of the termination of reception of Jes following: if it makes 4 days and more, the probability of approach of pregnancy considerably increases. That there was an adequate suppression gipotalamo - pituitary and ovarian system, it is necessary to take continuously a pill for seven days.

Therefore, at the admission the woman needs to take the following pill somewhat quicker, reception of two tablets is allowed at once. Further reception of active tablets in usual time continues. Inactive it is necessary to throw out and begin new packaging. In this case bleeding at reception is improbable, however small allocations at reception can be noted.

If during the period reception there was a break of the use of active pills, and in days of reception of inactive tablets of bleeding it was not noted, it is necessary to exclude pregnancy surely.

In case of development of serious disorders of a gastrointestinal tract perhaps incomplete absorption of active agents. In such days use of additional contraception is necessary. If at the woman vomiting within 4 hours after the use of a tablet was noted, it is necessary to work as and at the admission of a pill.

How to stop reception of tablets and at the same time to pass to other methods of contraception, it is desirable to ask in details at the specialist gynecologist.


There is no information on serious cases of overdose of drug. Owing to overdose at the woman vomiting, nausea, emergence of the smearing allocations, and also a metrorrhagia can be observed. Symptomatic therapy is carried out.


At simultaneous use Jes and other drugs (a number of antibiotics, inductors of enzymes) can provoke display of breakthrough bleedings, and also reduction of level of reliability.

At simultaneous use with Jes of the drugs inducing microsomal enzymes of a liver (these are barbiturates, Primidonum, carbamazepine, Phenytoinum, rifampicin, etc.), the clearance of sex hormones increases.

Under the influence of some antibiotics decrease in enterohepatic circulation of estrogen and, respectively, reduction of concentration of ethinylestradiol is possible.

In the period of a concomitant use of drugs which exert impact on microsomal enzymes and also for 28 days after cancellation of such HP additional resources of contraception are necessary. Additional contraception is necessary within 7 days after reception of ampitsillin and tetracyclines.

Jes can exert impact on a metabolism of other medicines.

To define probability of interaction with Jes of other drugs, it is necessary to get acquainted attentively with the instruction to them.

Terms of sale

In drugstores is on sale according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store Jes at a temperature up to 30 °C, to protect from moisture and access for children.

Period of validity

It is possible to store 5 years.

Special instructions

With certain risk factors before Jes's reception it is necessary to weigh expediency of use of this contraceptive.

It is necessary to consider that in the course of researches communication between protection by means of oral contraceptives and increase in frequency of display of a thrombembolia, venous and arterial thromboses was found. However these diseases are noted very seldom. Higher risk of display of thrombosis is noted at smokers, at advanced age, at obesity, migraine, diseases of valves of heart, a dislipoproteinemiya, fibrillation of auricles.

At increase in intensity and frequency of migraine it is necessary to stop Jes's reception.

Also there is a risk of display of cancer of neck of uterus at women with a persistent human papillomavirus infection.

Seldom at women who accepted oral contraceptives, development of benign tumors of a liver was noted. Malignant tumors of a liver were seldom or never noted.

Women at whom the high risk of manifestation of a hyperpotassemia is noted have to determine potassium level in a shelter in the course of the first cycle of use of medicine Jes.

Women with a gipertriglitseridemiya has to consider that at Jes's reception at them the risk of development of pancreatitis increases.

If during administration of drug at the woman the expressed increase of pressure is noted, reception of a contraceptive should be stopped. If by means of hypotensive treatment indicators of the ABP manage to be normalized, then reception of tablets can be continued further.

At acute or chronic disorders of a liver it is necessary to cancel means until the state does not return to normal.

In the course of reception of the combined peroral means change of some laboratory indicators is possible, however they do not overstep the bounds of normal values.

Jes, as well as other combined oral contraceptives, cannot protect from diseases which are transmitted sexually, and also from HIV infection.

Using tablets Jes for protection, the woman notes that at reception there are no monthly. Sometimes, is more often in the first months, the woman notes that the menstrual cycle becomes irregular. As a rule, the period of adaptation proceeds throughout three cycles.

Reception of means does not influence ability to concentration of attention.

Jes's analogs

Analogs of drug Jes are contraceptives Jes Plus, Midiana, Dimia, Yarina. Also there are other analogs from different producers which are oral contraceptives. How to accept similar drugs and what of them to prefer it is necessary to ask the gynecologist.

Difference Jes from Jes plus that Jes Plus contains in drug levomefolat calcium or folate. Folate belong to vitamins of group B. In an organism they are not synthesized therefore sometimes at the choice — Jes or Jes plus — the woman prefers the last. In what difference Jes plus and Jes and what of tablets to prefer consists, it is worth asking the gynecologist.

Dimia or Jes — what is better?

Dimia — an oral contraceptive which contains similar components in structure. It is cheaper analog of Jes. But the doctor has to make a final decision on the choice of drug.

That it is better: Klayra or Jes?

Klayra is the low-dosed peroral contraceptive as a part of which active agent of oestradiol of valerate contains. This drug is shown for reception to women at whom in an organism the high level of estrogen is noted. As a rule, Klayra is recommended to women of more mature age.

That it is better: Yarina or Jes?

Yaren is the low-dosed monophase contraceptive which renders anti-ISS and anti-androgenic action. Yarina positively influences a condition of skin, a hair, does not cause increase in weight. Components in both drugs identical, only the ethinylestradiol dose differs.

That it is better: Jes or Rangning?

Rangning — the combined estrogen-gestagenny a contraceptive as a part of which ethinylestradiol and diyenogest contains. At reception Rangning women note some side effects more often though drug is the same well-tried remedy of contraception.

Logest or Jes — what is better?

As a part of a contraceptive of Logest ethinylestradiol and gestoden contains. Side effects and impact on an organism are similar to effect of drug Jes. However only the doctor can pick up an optimum peroral contraceptive.

Jes or Diana 35 — what is better?

Drug to Diana 35 possesses gestagenny properties, its structure contains ethinylestradiol and an anti-androgen of a tsiproteron acetate. At reception to Diana the 35th women note an insignificant set of weight and some other side effects more often.


  • Jes No. 28 a tabletkishering Gmbh and To. Produktsions KG
  • Jes plus No. 28 a tabletkishering Gmbh and To. Produktsions KG

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  • Jes Tbl p / about No. 28, Schering Aggermaniya
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  • Didzhes Vitum of 200 ml of a siropebr of Vit (Italy)
  • Jes No. 28 tabl.p.p.o.
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