Coolidge effect (polygamy of men)

The concept "Coolidge effect" is the special term used in psychology and biology for the description of a phenomenon at which males show the high level of sexual activity concerning each new female ready to fertilization. Scientists found this effect in all animals investigated in this respect. The phenomenon is called in honor of the U.S. President Calvin Coolidge leading the country in the twenties of the last century.

Sex physiology

Scientists counted that throughout all life of people on average enters sexual relations of 4500 times. Decline in the ability to make sexual intercourse decreases with age: if in 25 years the person can have about 200 sexual acts a year, then is closer by 60 yearsno more than 25.

The sexual behavior of the person is regulated by a cerebral cortex, subcrustal education and the spinal centers. Adrenal glands of representatives of both floors produce male sex hormones. The person has erogenous zones which are responsible for excitement. Except for generative organs, the majority of such zones individually for each certain person.

In general sexual reaction is made by four phases: excitement, plateau, orgasm, permission period. These are typical phases which are shown at the person in the course of commission of sexual intercourse. Phases replace each other, each of them comes after previous reaches the highest limit. The period of excitement causes changes in all systems of the person. Sexual reaction starts two main processes: to generative organs actively flows blood, and also neuromuscular tension considerably amplifies. Excitement is shown as a result of sexual stimulation – both physical, and mental. The man is excited three times quicker, than the woman.

Orgasm — the highest sexual feeling which arises when the sexual act comes to the end. At this moment the muscle tension disappears, and the rush of blood to generative organs decreases.

To have sexual intercourse, at the man some functions have to be carried out normally. Neurohumoral function is provided by normal work of closed glands and a nervous system. Mental function provides emergence of an erection before sexual intercourse. In the course of sexual contact erektsionny and eyakulyatorny functions are important.

Why men change?

Полигамность мужчинPsychologists define two main reasons which push men on change. The first – search of new, earlier novel feelings with the new partner. The second – desire to confirm to itself or surrounding own irresistibility and sexual attractiveness.

Changes begin when life with the constant partner ceases to surprise and becomes a habit. As the statistics testifies, transition of a phase of mutual passion to a phase of a habit happens approximately on 3-5 year of family life. At the same time the man begins to feel requirement to confirm the attractiveness, and also the fact that he is still capable to tempt women. In spite of the fact that for this purpose, apparently, ordinary flirtation could be enough, in most cases it is not limited to usual advances, and as a result the man passes a framework of legal.

By the way, the thought that men who had many partners before getting the constant relations "were developed" is not correct. Psychologists claim that those men who in life got used to change constantly partners do not wish to stop such way of life later. At the same time the woman should understand that even the most charming and irresistible lady will not be able long to hold such lady's man. Not beauty, but novelty is important for it.

Coolidge effect at men

That to most of men polygamy is characteristic the speech often goes both in life, and in many scientific researches. But if polygamy is somewhat also characteristic also of women, then Coolidge effect is the phenomenon which characterizes, first of all, manifestations of the man's relation to an opposite sex. Polygamy of men is shown already that they can show interest in the woman, without considering at the same time the possibility of creation with it certain relations. The man perceives absence in life of the sexual relations much more sharply, than the woman. Entering with the woman sexual relations, the man can not perceive such actions as change or a step to certain relations at all. Therefore, polygamy of men in many respects is defined by the fact that they perceive spiritual and carnal feelings as absolutely different concepts.

In view of the fact that the desire to have sexual relations is deep natural requirement, it in some way is instinctive. There is even a saying that women often do not know what they want, and men want what they do not know. It is possible for this reason polygamy (polygamy) where the man has on some wives at once is still characteristic of many people.

Эффект Кулиджа у мужчинPolygamy – the phenomenon characteristic and for fauna. A basis of such behavior at mammals, is reflex increase of sexual interest in the female who is not impregnated by a male yet. Such phenomenon causes activity of the central nervous system. At the sight of the female person at the level of a reflex the mechanism of active development of a dopamine (hormone which is produced by adrenal glands) and its emission in blood turns on.

Sex life with the constant partner during the long period conducts to the fact that sexual desire to each other decreases. Even on condition of aspiration to diversify sex similar actions during a certain period do not give the expected result any more. As a result, partners (is more often – men) can aim at "trying" something new. In this case the most phenomenal is that moment that after change the man feels the increased interest in the constant partner again. Coolidge effect in practice is quite so shown.

Therefore, in spite of the fact that monogamy is considered in our society standard, changes remain the natural phenomenon till today. The monogamy is not a guarantee that the husband or the wife will have only one sexual partner at all. The sexual life which turned into regular execution of a debt can even weigh partners. At the same time with the new, "novel" woman the man will have sex with pleasure. However, despite existence the Coolidge effect and proofs confirming it people are not ready to understand psychologically its essence and to accept this phenomenon as inevitable.

Thus, sexual interest of the man in other women even if it has a constant partner, it is possible to explain with several factors. So-called Coolidge effect – result of constant aspiration to receive the new, earlier not experienced impressions. Its manifestation also depends on that how at the moment the man is sexually satisfied. One more important factor – existence and impact on consciousness of the man of the constraining mechanisms which consist in need to adhere to the certain social norms characteristic of society in which he lives.

By the way, this effect is also inherent in women who in most cases claim that they are attracted by a monogamy. But women, unlike men, are able to control the rushes and to weigh internal need of change. The fact that the woman of constrains not always positively influences the relations with the constant sexual partner as the level of a dissatisfaction sexual life at the woman will increase further.

Coolidge effect demonstrates that the person is inclined to last to unfamiliar and new. At the same time this phenomenon does not speak about inclination to polygamy, it is only about satiation the sexual relations with the partner. If such satiation takes place at least at one of partners, then over time the number of sexual contacts in their couple will decrease, and the need for sex life will remain same. Therefore, change which will become the mechanism compensating such difference is inevitable.

Meanwhile, despite existence of such phenomenon, it is always necessary to remember that to men, as well as women, the desire to establish a strong family is inherent and to have stable relations. Also both partners need to aim at it in marriage.

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