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  • Latin name: Ecodax
  • ATH code: D01AC03
  • Active ingredient: Ekonazol (Econazole)
  • Producer: Unique Pharmaceutical Laboratories (division of J.B.Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.) (India)


Ointment of Ekodaks contains in structure as active component substance of an ekonazol nitrate, and also a number of additional components: sodium hydroxide, dihydrophosphate a sodium dihydrate, phosphoric acid, tsetomakrogol, chlorocresol, cetostearyl alcohol, liquid paraffin, soft paraffin, the water purified.

Release form

It is made in the form of use cream of 1% outwardly, color can be white or ochroleucous. Cream homogeneous, homogeneous, has almost no smell. Contains in tubas from plastic or from aluminum. In tubas there can be 10 g or 20 g of means.

Pharmacological action

Active component ekonazol is derivative an imidazole. This antifungal means with a wide range of influence, is applied locally. Has bactericidal and fungicidal effect. Substance stops synthesis of ergosterol which regulates permeability of a wall of cells of microorganisms. Shows activity in relation to a number of dermatophytes, mold and barmy fungi. It is active also in relation to a number of gram-positive bacteria (staphylococcus, streptococci, Nocardia minutissima). Also drug effectively works in relation to fungi which show resistance to therapy by other means.

After use locally drugs fungi perish in three days, at the same time means promotes reduction of an itch and burning of integuments.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

At use penetration of active component into a nail plate and into all layers of skin is outwardly noted. Therapeutic concentration in a corneous layer of epidermis, and also in other its layers, in a derma are noted. After drawing on integuments systemically drug is soaked up slightly. Less than 1% of the applied dose leave an organism with a stake and urine.

Indications to use

Cream of Ekodaks is applied in such cases:

  • at dermatomycoses of integuments of pilar part of the head which were provoked by mold mushrooms, yeast, dermatophytes;
  • at multi-colored herpes;
  • at an erythrasma;
  • at skin infections, provoked by action of gram-positive microorganisms.


Ekodaks in the following cases is not applied:

  • at hypersensitivity to medicine components;
  • aged till 18 flyings.

Means cannot be applied on those places where there are damages of integuments.

Side effects

The patients applying Ekodaks from a fungus of nails and also at other diseases, can note manifestation of such side effects:

  • reactions of intolerance of components of means;
  • local manifestations – burning, an itch, a hyperemia, irritation, dryness of integuments, the small tortoiseshell.

Ekodaks, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Means of Ekodaks needs to be applied outwardly. Adult patients need to apply ointment a thin and even layer on affected areas. It is necessary to rub means before full absorption. Apply cream twice a day in morning and an evening.

Therapy is carried out for two weeks if it is necessary to treat skin of feet, then therapy on doctor's orders can be continued till 1,5 months.


Data on overdose of means of Ekodaks are not provided.


At systemic action on an organism ekonazol CYP 3A/2C29 oppresses. But as substance is very poorly soaked up in a blood stream, development of interaction is improbable.

It is necessary to be careful at a concomitant use of peroral anticoagulants (Atsenokumarola, Warfarin). At such combinations it is necessary to trace parameters of coagulability of blood of the patient.

Terms of sale

Is on sale without recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store Ekodaks at a temperature up to 30 °C, to protect from children. It is impossible to freeze ointment.

Period of validity

It is possible to store 3 years, after the expiration of this term it is impossible to apply.

Special instructions

People who have eczema before therapy have to complete a course of protivoekzemny treatment surely.

If after the expiration of a course of treatment there is no expected effect, it is necessary to see a doctor and to specify the diagnosis. It is important to cancel medicine at once after use of the first symptoms of hypersensitivity. It is also necessary to see a doctor if any side effects are shown.

It is necessary not to allow hits of ointment on mucous membranes, in eyes, on open damages of skin.

Drug does not influence concentration of attention therefore driving of transport and interaction with difficult mechanisms during treatment is allowed.


Analogs of ointment are medicines Ekalin, Gino-Pevaril, IfenekEkonazolEkonazola Nitrat. But any of these drugs can be applied only after approval of such treatment by the specialist.


  • Ekodaks cream of 1% 10gunique Pharmaceutical Lab.

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