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  • Latin name: Exluton
  • ATH code: G03AC02
  • Active ingredient: Linestrenol (Lynestrenol)
  • Producer: Organon Inc. (Netherlands)


Linestrenol, potato starch, amylopectin, monohydrate of lactose, magnesium stearate.

Release form

Tablets of a round form of white color of 0,5 mg in the blister No. 28 in cardboard packaging.

Pharmacological action

Means for contraception.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


The contraceptive for oral administration (OK) supporting LEAN in the structure (a progestagenny component linestrenol). Coming to an organism, the LEAN is transformed to a metabolite of NET (Norethisteronum) which has property to contact progesterone receptors in separate bodies, including — myometriums.

Contraceptive action of Ekslyuton is carried out mainly due to increase of viscosity of slime of the cervical channel, advance of spermatozoa, a peristaltics of uterine tubes thereby is broken, and also sensitivity of an endometria to oocytes decreases. Practically at 70% of women the ovulation does not result from it, and as confirmation increase of level of progesterone and lack of peak of growth in the middle of a cycle of the lyuteniziruyushchy hormone (LH) is noted. Administration of drug does not exert clinically expressed impact on processes of a metabolism and a hemostasis.


Linestrinol, being the main active ingredient of drug, is quickly soaked up in a gastrointestinal tract and Norethisteronum is transformed to a metabolite. Bioavailability — 64%. After administration of drug maximum levels of Linestrinol in blood are reached in 2-4 hours. NET highly contacts blood proteins (about 96%), generally albumine (61%) and less — globulin (35%). Metabolites of drug are allocated mainly in the form of sulfates and glucuronides through kidneys and intestines. Elimination half-life about 15 hours.

Indications to use

Contraception (peroral contraception).


  • Hypersensitivity to drug;
  • The established pregnancy or suspicion on pregnancy;
  • Existence in the anamnesis of an extrauterine pregnancy;
  • Venous thromboembolism;
  • Hormonedependent malignant tumors;
  • Existence in the anamnesis or the current disease of a liver in a severe form (before establishment of normal indicators of hepatic tests);
  • Bleeding from a vagina of an unspecified etiology;
  • Jaundice;
  • Porphyria;
  • Otosclerosis;
  • Herpes in the anamnesis during pregnancy;
  • Diabetes mellitus (1 type);
  • Disturbances of a cholesteric exchange;
  • Inborn conditions of a hyperbilirubinemia;
  • Zhelchekamenny illness;
  • Insufficiency of lactase and intolerance of a galactose;

Side effects

Morbidity in mammary glands, an irregular monthly cycle, differences of mood, a headache, vomiting, nausea, a lock or diarrhea, an abdominal pain, rash on skin, intolerance of contact lenses, change of body weight, a hloazm, thromboembolic disturbances.

Ekslyuton, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Pill Ekslyuton is taken inside daily for 28 days on one tablet, washing down with water. It is desirable to accept drug in one and too time.

Ekslyuton's reception, in non-use cases within the last month of hormonal contraceptives, needs to be begun at the beginning of a menstrual cycle (from the first day). If the first day of a cycle is missed, then a pill can be taken and from 2-5 in the afternoon, but in this case it is necessary to apply in addition barrier method of contraception for the first weeks of a cycle.

If earlier contraception was carried out using the combined hormonal contraceptive, then administration of drug needs to be begun next day after the end of reception of active tablet COOK. Methods of additional contraception in this case are not applied.

Upon transition from reception of other drugs on the basis of progestogen ("mini-drank", implants, Naval Forces) Ekslyuton's reception can be begun in any day right after removal of an implant, in day of a new injection. At the same time, additional methods of protection are not used.

At abortion at the beginning of pregnancy (the 1st trimester) to accept drug it is necessary to begin immediately. There is no need for an additional method of contraception.

After abortion during later period (the 2nd trimester) or childbirth administration of drug it is necessary to begin the field of abortion or childbirth for 21-28 day. If this term is passed, then it is necessary to use in addition barrier method of contraception for the first week of administration of drug. But, in case of existence of sexual contacts after abortion or childbirth, it is necessary to exclude pregnancy before Ekslyuton's reception. It is better to wait for time of the beginning of periods.

In case of the admission of time of reception of tablets (less than 3 hours) the passed dose of drug needs to be accepted whenever possible rather, and the following dose — in usual time. If admission time more than 3 hours, it is necessary to use a barrier method for the next 7 days. If administration of drug is missed for the first week of use, and before the admission of tablets within a week there was a sexual contact, it is necessary to take a possibility of pregnancy into account. At disorders of work of a digestive tract, process of absorption of tablets in a gastrointestinal tract can be broken and it is necessary to use additional methods of contraception.


As toxicity of drug very low, even in reception cases at the same time of several tablets, heavy symptoms of poisoning is not expected. Nausea, vomiting, bloody allocations from a vagina is most often noted.


Ekslyuton, at interaction with other HP, can cause disturbance of contraceptive protection or lead to bleeding. It is established that at interaction of drug with barbiturates, Primidonum, hydantoins, rifampicin, griseofulvin, okskarbazepiny, rifabutiny, felbamaty, topiramaty, ritonaviry and the drugs containing a St. John's Wort, women need to use temporarily barrier method of contraception in addition to Ekslyuton's tablets or to pass to other method of contraception. At the same time the barrier method needs to be used not only during use of these medicines, but also for 28 days after the end of their reception.

It is necessary to be careful in cases of administration of drugs of absorbent carbon as absorption decreases, and contraceptive efficiency can decrease.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

In the dry place protected from light at a temperature of 2-30 °C. Not to freeze.

Period of validity

5 years.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Analogs on the ATH code — Orgametril, Linestrenol, Ekslyuton.

About Ekslyutona

Drug, judging by responses of women, rather effective. Many write:

  • "I accept drug within 3-12 months. With medicine it is happy, I do not use other means and methods of contraception, side reactions did not arise";
  • "… personally I am pleased most of all that drug is not contraindicated in the period of a lactation and harm to the child is not done. It is very important for me".


  • Ekslyuton of 500 mkg No. 28 tabletkiorganon

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  • Ekslyuton tbl 500 mkg No. 28, Organonniderlandy
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  • Ekslyuton No. 28 of the tab. of Organon (Netherlands)
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