Eczema (becoming wet deprive)

Eczema – a noncontagious disease of integuments which has chronic character. Manifestation of rashes, an itch is characteristic of its current. At the same time the disease proceeds with periodic remissions and aggravations.

Eczema reasons

This illness also call becoming wet it is deprived. Eczema has the neuroallergic nature. As a rule, in development of a disease reddening and puffiness of skin then cracks and very small bubbles which are difficult for distinguishing with the naked eye or on a photo are gradually formed is shown. At first skin in the field of defeat dry, but later on site bubbles abscesses or wet skin appear. Most often this disease develops at children and if its correct treatment is not provided, then the illness gradually passes into a chronic form.

As origins of an illness a number of factors, both internal, and external is defined. It is predisposition of genetic character, disturbance in functioning of an endocrine and nervous system, secondary immunodeficience, infections, allergic reactions. Sometimes developing of eczema is connected with dysfunction of the central nervous system, and also with defeat of peripheral nerves.

Eczema symptoms

Characteristic of a disease is symmetry of the shown processes. At children eczema often develops on a face, a chin, is more rare – on the head, a back, a breast, knees and elbows. Eczema on hands, a neck, anklebones, and also in places of bends – on the interior of an elbow or on external part of a knee is often diagnosed for adult patients. To define how to treat a disease, it is important to carry initially shown illness to a certain look.

However a number of the symptoms characteristic of all kinds of an illness is allocated: and having combed erubescence, emergence of bubbles, crusts, cracks, existence of a peeling. Also on the struck places there are spots which color can vary from pink to cyanotic. Treatment of eczema on hands, and also on other body parts it is important to make so that to reduce manifestations of one more symptom – attacks of a severe itch which are most often shown in the evenings, and also at once after contact of an affected area of a body with water.

Types of eczema

Displays of true eczema always acute: it can begin at the person of any age, and at the same time disease will be tolchkoobrazny: frequent recurrence then passes diseases into a chronic form at which aggravations are periodically shown. Formation of multiple bubbles is characteristic of an acute stage and after there is their opening, on the struck places there are becoming wet erosion. At an acute stage of an illness of people suffers from strong burning and an itch. When the inflammation abates, the total quantity of bubbles decreases, skin becomes dry and begins to be shelled. The size of the centers of true eczema can be different, contours are washed often away, and the struck places alternate with healthy sites of integuments. Such defeats arise, as a rule, symmetrically on feet, forearms, brushes. The illness at children often affects persons, buttocks, extremities, a breast.

Disgidrotichesky eczema which, as a rule, develops on soles, on lateral parts of fingers, on skin of brushes and palms is considered one of subspecies of true eczema. Symptoms of this form of an illness is emergence of a large number of small bubbles which have dense tires. The size of such bubbles small – from 1 to 3 mm in the diameter. The illness centers easily differ as they are surrounded by a rim of the corneous layer exfoliating in process. In the center of education scales, crusts, small erosion are noticeable. Treatment of disgidrotichesky eczema has to take place only under supervision of the doctor, and even any folk remedies can be practiced only after his permission.

At microbic eczema of defeat are located asymmetrically, as a rule, they arise on extremities of the person and have roundish outlines. There are also abscesses and accurately expressed borders of a corneous layer. Often at development of this form of an illness in the patient there are over time fistulas, trophic ulcers, wounds which do not heal a long time. About the main center of a disease microvesicles are noticeable. At the same time far from the center of an illness allergic rashes are sometimes shown. As a kind of this form of an illness nummulyarny eczema at which at the patient the roundish centers of defeat with a clear boundary are formed is allocated. They have diameter no more than 3 cm, a blue-red shade, and on a surface scales are noticeable. Most often such defeats are localized on the brush back, and also on an extensor surface.

On pilar sites of the head seborrheal eczema develops. Such defeat can also take zaushny sinks, shovels and area of a breast. In this case it has a yellowish shade, fat scales accumulate, and moknuty is absent. Gradual regress in the central part with their parallel growth on the periphery is characteristic of such centers.

Professional eczema is an illness of the allergic nature which is shown as an effect of contact of the person with the certain substances annoyingly influencing skin. In this case most often there is a defeat of open sites of integuments: eczema can be shown on a face, brushes, a neck, a forearm. In more exceptional cases feet and shins are surprised. On site the center of an illness existence of hypostasis, vesicles is noted, the periodic itch and moknuty is noted. After a while signs which are characteristic of true eczema begin to be noted. The disease proceeds it is long, however if the patient does not contact any more to allergen which became the reason of a course of a disease, then quickly there comes regress. The patient has to realize that at each new aggravation the illness will already heavier proceed. Skin tests are applied to definition of existence of high sensitivity to allergens.

The mycotic form of an illness is shown at the patient in case of accession of a fungal infection. At the same time eczema standing often develops. The peeling, the round centers is characteristic of such form of defeats considerably. Treatment of eczema is walked in a complex: at the same time use of anti-mycotic drugs is obligatory.

At a paratraumatic form of a disease of rash arise where there was an injury earlier.

Development of varicose eczema is promoted by existence of a varicose symptom complex of legs. In this case also medicines which are used for treatment of a varicosity negatively can affect.

Eczema at children

Экзема (мокнущий лишай) Becoming wet deprive at children it is shown with existence of symptoms of seborrheal, true and microbic eczemas. Symptoms of these forms of an illness are differently combined and can be combined on different parts of a body. The first symptoms of an illness can appear at children who were three months old. Generally the disease is characteristic of kids who are raised artificially. Initially at the child the forehead, then – cheeks can be surprised. After that gradually defeat affects pilar part of the head, a neck, auricles, extremities, a trunk, buttocks. The child is disturbed by sleeplessness as he feels a severe itch. Seborrheal eczema can be shown on the second week of life of the child. In this case in hair, on cheeks and a forehead, on auricles and on cervical folds rash develops. Sometimes at children also symptoms of microbic eczema take place.

Eczema can sometimes be followed by asthma and arise against exudative diathesis. Often the favor to eczema is observed throughout all life. The children having this illness often have an allergy to certain products, smells, dust, medicines. Any allergic reaction can become a peculiar push to development of eczema.

It is important to show consideration for such problem at chest kids. It is necessary to consult surely to the doctor concerning feeding of such children. Kids with eczema cannot be swaddled hardly, and also to use for them clothes from artificial fabrics. Bathing the kid, it is possible to add a train, a camomile, oak bark to water.

Diagnosis of eczema

To diagnose becoming wet deprive at adults and children, the doctor initially makes careful survey, studying a clinical picture. Also the specialist is guided by the anamnesis, and if necessary appoints additional inspections.

Treatment of eczema

That treatment of eczema was the most effective, the integrated approach both to medical, and to preventive actions practices. Initially therapy has to be directed to elimination of that initial factor which became a cause of illness. These are neurotic disorders, disturbances of neuroendocrinal character, chronic diseases.

Treatment of microbic eczema, and also other types of a disease demands obligatory observance of rules of hygiene, and also the correct approach to questions of food. It is possible to improve a condition of the patient, having used some folk remedies. So, bathtubs with broths of medicinal plants – camomiles, turns, oak bark are appointed sick. These plants have the knitting properties. However it is impossible to overheat a body and to allow at the same time strong sweating. To achieve desirable results of treatment, it is necessary to adhere to a special milk and vegetable diet in which the amount of the consumed spicy and spicy food, and also liquids will be reduced. Patients at whom eczema symptoms are noticed cannot also use alcohol. The diet at eczema has to be easy and contain a small amount of carbohydrates.

As methods of system treatment of an illness will be applied eczema ointment on the basis of actively operating components. It, as well as other drugs, the doctor as defining how to treat this illness has to appoint, it considers also the general condition of an organism. Depending on a form of a disease antihistaminic medicines, immunomodulators, vitamins are used. Besides, dehydrational and detoksikatsionny therapy is important. Depending on what form of an illness (seborrheal, microbic, true) is diagnosed for the patient, local drugs are recommended to him. If eczema on a face or other parts of a body has all signs of an acute form of an illness, aerosols with corticosteroids, for example, Prednisolonum are appointed. Also are fomented at which antibacterial and antiinflammatory drugs are used. The becoming wet eczema demands therapy by the specified means until moknuty does not disappear. Other means are applied only when the acute inflammation is removed.

Treatment by folk remedies

Экзема (мокнущий лишай) How to cure eczema, it is possible to learn also from the recipes of traditional medicine which remained till today. Ointment which includes about 20 g of leaves of a burdock, flowers of a camomile, a root of an asarum, a fireweed grass is effective. All these components are used in the dried-up look. Water is added to this mix, and herbs cook on slow fire. It is necessary to add an oil tablespoon to them later. After mix will enough thicken, it is filtered and half mixed with glycerin.

It is possible to prepare for external use and ordinary broth from a root of a burdock for which preparation it is necessary to anger 15 g of the crushed dry root of a burdock one glass of water and to boil ten minutes. Compresses on the struck places do also of the fresh berries of wild strawberry which are previously well pounded.

Traditional medicine recommends also broths and infusions for internal reception. In this case it is possible to receive medical treatment for broth of flowers of a deaf nettle which is used several times a day for half an hour before meal. It is similarly possible to accept broth from a wheat grass root, tea from a verbena. Also it is recommended to drink tea from dried fruits of a guelder-rose, and also to accept several days 2 ml of sea-buckthorn oil.

Recommendations at eczema

In days when the disease becomes aggravated, it is necessary to keep surely to a diet, having excluded all allergens from a diet. It is not necessary to allow contact of affected areas of a body with water, and also with household chemicals. It is also necessary to limit contact with allergens which already became in due time the reason of development of a disease. It is important not to allow hits in an organism of infections, in particular, of a herpes simplex virus.

Sanitation of the centers of an infection which are a lambliasis of bilious ways, acute pyodermas, varicosity, an intestinal dysbiosis is surely made.

Treatment of eczema demands obligatory deworming from children. The child during treatment has to receive a large amount of natural vitamins from vegetables and fruit.

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