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  • Latin name: Exifine
  • ATH code: D01AE15
  • Active ingredient: Terbinafin (Terbinafine)
  • Producer: Dr. Reddy´s Laboratories Ltd. (India)


Active agent of drug – terbinafin.

Additional components of tablets: MKTs, starch prezhelatinizirovanny, silicon colloid anhydrous, starch sodium glycollate, magnesium stearate.

Auxiliary components of cream: stearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, cetyl palmitate, sorbitan stearate, sodium hydroxide, water, benzyl alcohol, isopropyl myristate, polysorbate 60.

Release form

Tablets Ekzifin, and also ointment are on sale.

Pharmacological action

Drug is antifungal means.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Active agent of medicine belongs to allylamines. It works as antifungal. At low concentration influences as fungicidal means barmy mushrooms, Microsporum canis, dermatophytes of Trychophyton, Epidermophyton floccosum, mold mushrooms and some dimorphous mushrooms. Has also a fungistasis on mushrooms of Candida and mitselialny forms.

Ekzifin, getting to an organism, breaks biosynthesis of an ergostsrol of a cellular membrane of a mushroom by means of enzyme blocking squalene-epoksidazy.

In case of internal use drug accumulates in integuments, hair and nails in the quantity sufficient for fungicidal action.

At oral administration it is well soaked up. A half of a dosage is absorbed 0,8 hours later. It is distributed in 4,6 hours. 60-120 minutes later after use the maximum concentration is reached. Meal does not exert impact on effect of the medicine. Bioavailability – 80%.

Extent of communication with proteins of plasma – 99%. Active agent quickly spreads in fabrics. Comes to a secret of sebaceous glands and in high concentration collects in hypodermic cellulose, hair follicles, integuments and hair. An elimination half-life – about 17 hours.

It is metabolized with formation of inactive metabolites in a liver. About 80% of the accepted dosage are allocated with urine in the form of metabolites, the rest – with a stake.

Can allocate with breast milk.

Indications to use

Cream Ekzifin is applied to prevention and therapy of fungus diseases of integuments:

  • multi-colored deprive;
  • trichophytosis, tinea, microsporia which are caused by sensitive activators;
  • barmy infections.

Tablets are shown at:

  • onychomycoses;
  • mycoses of pilar part of the head;
  • candidiases of integuments and mucous;
  • mycoses of the integuments and nails caused by Trychophyton, Epidermophylom floccosum and Microsporum;
  • heavy dermatomycoses of smooth skin of extremities and trunks which demand system therapy.


Cream cannot be applied at hypersensitivity to one of the components which are in its structure.

Contraindications when using tablets the following:

  • children's age till 2 flyings;
  • hypersensitivity to medicine components;
  • lactation;
  • pregnancy.

With care of a tablet are applied at:

Cream with care is used at:

  • metabolism diseases;
  • liver failure;
  • renal failure;
  • tumors;
  • oppression of a marrowy hemopoiesis;
  • children's age till 12 flyings;
  • alcoholism;
  • occlusal diseases of vessels of extremities.

Side effects

Negative side reactions when using tablets, as a rule, have a temporality. Among them note the following:

  • alimentary system: feeling of the crowded stomach, nausea, pains, dyspepsia, appetite loss, diarrhea, disturbance of flavoring perception (it is recovered after the reception termination);
  • immune system: small tortoiseshell, mnogoformny erythema;
  • musculoskeletal system: mialgiya, arthralgia;
  • others: a headache, the increased fatigue, an indisposition.

The depression, cholestasia, hepatitis, jaundice, increase of level of transaminases of a liver, paresthesia, dizziness, hypesthesia, feeling of the increased alarm, neutropenia, thrombocytopenia, agranulocytosis, system allergic reactions, psoriasis ekzatserbation, heavy skin reactions, the strengthened hair loss are in rare instances possible.

Use of tablets should be stopped at emergence of gepatobiliarny dysfunction and progressing of skin rashes.

Use of cream can cause such side effects as a skin itch, a hyperemia and burning in a site of application.

Application instruction of Ekzifin (Way and dosage)

Tablets are applied inside. The course and the scheme of reception are established individually and depend on a disease.

The instruction on Ekzifin reports that adult, as a rule, appoint 250 mg of drug a day. Treatment duration depending on indications can be following:

  • onychomycoses – about 6-12 weeks. In case of damage of nails (except a leg thumb) patients of young age can take medicine less than 12 weeks. At damage of a thumb of a leg, as a rule, appoint a three-months course. If nails grow too slowly, it is possible to prolong therapy before half a year and more;
  • fungal infections of integuments – at localization of defeats between fingers, on soles or as "socks" treatment lasts from 2 to 6 weeks; in case of infections on other parts of a body, and also the mycoses associated with Candida – from 2 to 4 weeks; at the mycoses of the head provoked by Microsporum canis – it is more than a month.

For children reception of 125 mg of means daily is usually appointed (weight of 20-40 kg). If the child's weight to 20 kg, a daily dosage – 62,5 mg (the fourth part of a tablet), and weighing from 40 kg it is possible to accept on 250 mg a day. A course of therapy of mycoses of pilar part of the head – about a month. In case of Microsporum canis reception can be also longer.

Cream is applied outwardly. Skin in a site of application should be cleared and dried previously. For those who use ointment Ekzifin the application instruction recommends to apply it with a thin layer on the struck and adjacent sites of integuments, slightly rubbing. If infections are followed by an intertrigo, affected areas can be covered with a gauze (including for the night). The scheme of treatment depends on a disease:

  • the dermatomycosis of a trunk, feet and shins – cream apply once a day for 7 days;
  • multi-colored deprive – cream is applied 1-2 time/day for 14 days;
  • inguinal epidermophitia – cream is applied weekly for 7-14 days;
  • skin candidiasis – cream is applied 1-2 time/day for 7-14 days.

Duration of therapy depends, first of all, on indications and disease severity. Reduction of expressiveness of its manifestations has to be observed in the very first days of use.

For the purpose of prevention of recurrence of mycosis of feet cream it is possible to use 2-3 courses (everyone for 2 weeks). A break between them – week.


At reception of tablets in the raised dosages nausea, a headache, dizziness, painful feelings in the bottom of a stomach, in epigastric area, vomiting are possible. As treatment to the patient appoint a gastric lavage and the subsequent reception of Absorbent carbon. Therapy is symptomatic.

About overdose by cream Ekzifin there are no messages. If means accidentally got inside, the same negative reactions, as well as in case of overdose of tablets can develop.


Medicine blocks CYP206 and biotransforation in an organism of tricyclic antidepressants, and also beta adrenoblockers, the selection blockers of serotonin reuptake, MAO inhibitors of V type, antiarrhythmic and antinsikhotichesky drugs.

Inductors of CYP450 enzymes can lead to acceleration of a conclusion of active agent of Ekzifin. Inhibitors of these enzymes, on the contrary, can slow down biotransformation and removal of a terbinafin. Such combination can demand correction of dosages.

Terbinafin with oral contraceptives can cause disturbance of a menstrual cycle.

At a combination to ethanol and gepatotoksichny medicines the probability of hepatotoxic effect increases. Ekzifin also reduces clearance of caffeine and increases time of its half-decay.

Terms of sale

Tablets are on sale according to the recipe, cream is allowed for non-prescription dispensing.

Storage conditions

Cream should be held in the place, unavailable to small children. Optimum temperature – is not above 25 °C (but not to freeze).

Tablets need to be held in the place, dark, unavailable to small children. Temperature is up to 25 °C.

Period of validity

For both forms of release the period of validity makes 3 years from the date of production.


It is possible to find the following analogs of tablets in drugstores Ekzifin with the same form of release:

Cream has the following analogs similar on action and a form of release:

  • Terbinoks;
  • Terbizil;
  • Fungoterbin;
  • Binafin;
  • Mikonorm;
  • Termikon;
  • Atifin;
  • Terbinafin;
  • Terbiks;
  • Terbifin;
  • Lamizil;
  • Terbized-Adzhio;
  • Ungusan;
  • Tebikur.

About Ekzifin

About Ekzifin, as a rule, positive. Those who used this means characterize ointment and tablets as effective drug of fast action.

About side effects it is reported seldom. Only some About Ekzifin in the form of ointment tell about a burning sensation at the beginning of use which takes place itself and does not demand drug withdrawal. Among the positive moments patients also note that cream does not leave spots on clothes and has quite pleasant smell.

Ekzifin report about tablets that they are often used as cheaper analog of expensive Lamizil.


  • Ekzifin cream of 1% 10gdr. Reddy's lab.
  • Ekzifin of 250 mg No. 16 tabletkidr. Reddy's lab.

Drugstore of IFC

  • Ekzifin cream of 1% 10 g, Dr. Reddy's Lab./Cheminova Remediesindiya
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  • Ekzifin cream of 1% 10gdoktor Reddis (India)


  • Ekzifin of 250 mg No. 16 of table.
  • Ekzifin of 1% 10 g cream in a tuba
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