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  • Latin name: Exoderil
  • ATH code: D01AE22
  • Active ingredient: Naftifin (Naftifine)
  • Producer: Merck KGaA & Co. (Austria), Globopharm pharmazeutische Productions und Handelsgesellschaft mbH (Austria)


Cream Ekzoderil contains in the structure a naftifin a hydrochloride in concentration of 10 mg/g, and also sodium hydroxide, alcohols (benzylic, cetyl and stearyl), sorbitan stearate, cetyl palmitate, polysorbate 60, isopropyl myristate, the purified water.

Actively active ingredient is a part of solution concentration of 10 mg/ml. Excipients: propylene glycol, ethanol and the purified water.

Release form

  • Solution Ekzoderil (Exoderil) of 1%. Flakonchiki of dark glass 10 and 20 of ml, cardboard pack 1.
  • Cream (ointment) Ekzoderil (Exoderil) of 1%. Aluminum tubas of 15 and 30 g, cardboard pack 1.

Pharmacological action

Anti-mycotic, fungistatic, fungicidal.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


Naftifin is a topical antimycotic which belongs to the class of allylamines. The mechanism of its action is connected with ability to suppress activity of enzyme squalene-2,3-epoksidazy, and thus to slow down biosynthesis of ergosterol which is a part of a cellular cover of a mushroom.

Activity of drug is shown in the relation:

  • dermatophytes (Microsporum, epidermofiton, trikhofiton);
  • barmy mushrooms (Pityrosporum, Candida spp.)
  • pleseny (Aspergillus spp.)
  • other mushrooms (for example Sporothrix schenckii).

In the relation aspergill and dermatophytes naftifin works fungitsidno, concerning barmy mushrooms — depending on a strain of a microorganism can show both fungicidal, and fungistatic activity.

Gram (+) and Gram (-) of the bacteria capable to become the reason of consecutive infection, and also antiinflammatory action possesses antibacterial activity in the relation (that allows to eliminate quickly inflammation symptoms, in particular — an itch).


After drawing on a skin/nail well gets into their various layers and creates in them steady antifungal concentration. The similar effect is noted when using drug of System absorption at external use of a naftifin no more than 6% of substance are exposed.

The soaked-up quantity partially is metabolized and output with urine and contents of intestines. T1/2 — 2-3 days.

Indications to use

Drug is intended for treatment of mycoses of skin and skin folds (including between fingers of feet and brushes), nails, a chromophytosis, skin candidiasis, dermatomycoses (both with the accompanying itch, and without it).

Solution Ekzoderil is effective at treatment of fungal infections in regions of growth of hair, and also skin mycoses on sites with a hyperkeratosis.


The main contraindication to Ekzoderil's use — intolerance of any of entering about composition of cream or solution of a component (active or auxiliary).

Besides, drug is forbidden to be applied on wound surfaces.

Side effects

In some cases treatment of a fungus of nails and skin drug Ekzoderil can be followed by increase of dryness of an integument, a hyperemia and burning.

By-effects have reversible character and do not demand the treatment termination.

Application instruction of Ekzoderil (Way and dosage)

Cream Ekzoderil, application instruction

At localization of fungal process on skin, on an affected area 1 ruble/day is recommended to apply ointment, taking the sites of healthy skin, next to it (approximately on 1 cm at the edges of a defeat zone).

Before cream use the affected area has to be carefully cleared and dried up.

Treatment duration at dermatomycoses usually makes from 2 to 4 weeks, but in need of it it is possible to prolong also till 8 weeks, at candidiases — 4 weeks.

From a fungus of nails cream is applied by 2 rubles/day. In recommendations how to use drug at an onychomycosis, it is specified what before the first drawing means follows by means of a file for nails or scissors as much as possible to remove the struck part of a nail. Prolonged treatment — before half a year.

Solution Ekzoderil: application instruction

At drop skin mycoses Ekzoderil apply 1 ruble/day, at onychomycoses — 2r./put. The affected area of skin has to be washed carefully up and dry-through, the affected area of a nail — is most removed by means of a file for nails or scissors (for investment of procedure for the recommendation of the doctor it is allowed to use special emollients).

Therapy duration at dermatomycoses — till 4-8 weeks, at fungal infections of nails — before half a year.

At an otomycosis treatment has to last not less than 14 days. Treatment is carried out by a mortgaging to an ear of the turundas moistened in solution. Influence duration — 5-8 minutes. It is necessary to repeat procedure 1-2 rubles/day.

In addition

For prevention of recurrence Ekzoderil (both cream, and solution) it is necessary to continue to use within at least 2 weeks after clinical symptoms of a disease are eliminated.


There are no messages on cases of overdose.


Interaction with other HP is noted.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

Drug () has to be stored in any dosage form at a temperature below 30 °C.

Period of validity

Five years.

Special instructions

Drops and cream are not intended for use in ophthalmology in this connection it is necessary to avoid their hit in eyes.

Medicine does not exert negative impact on ability to manage transport means / mechanisms.

What it is better — cream or solution?

Ekzoderil is feature of drug the fact that except anti-mycotic effect, it possesses as well antibacterial activity: means influences on the pathogenic microorganisms who are quite often combined with fungal infections.

Solution well gets into a nail, evenly at the same time being distributed in it and promoting destruction of a fungus, removing an inflammation and eliminating an itch.

At some diseases (in particular, at mycoses of feet when both the nail plate, and skin at the same time are surprised) both dosage forms quite often use in a combination: process solution a nail in the morning, and apply cream on skin in the evening.

In hard cases in addition to topical therapy antimycotics of systemic action can be appointed (tablets, solution for infusions, powder for preparation of oral suspension).

Ekzoderil's analogs

Analogs of ointment: Mikoderil (synonym), Atifin, Batrafen, Lamizil, Mozoil, Terbizil, Fungoterbin, Tebikur.

Ekzoderil's analogs in drops: Mikoderil (synonym), Lamizil Uno, Lotseril, Nitrofunginum, Nikhlofen, Octicyl, Saledez, Emsi Peele.

Analogs are cheaper than Ekzoderil

Cheap analogs of Ekzoderil are drugs of a domestic production. The structure of the analogs which are let out Russian to the companies can include the same active ingredient, but at the same time their price will be lower in comparison with foreign means.

The first and only substitute of Ekzoderil in Russia is a drug Mikoderil. Mikoderil it is possible to buy one-percentage solution from 380 rub, cream — from 290 rub.

The price of the Russian analogs with the close mechanism of action — from 60 rub.

That it is better: Lotseril or Ekzoderil?

Lotseril is an antifungal nail varnish which active ingredient is amorolfin.

Amorolfin is applied at the fungal infections of a nail caused to Epidermophyton, Trichophyton, Mycrosporum, Coccidoides, Cryptococcus, Wangiella, Pityrosporum, Candida, Hendersonula, Histoplasma, Sporothrix, Alternaria, Cladosporium, Fonseceae, Scopulariopsis.

Fungicidal and antibacterial activity of Ekzoderil is caused by properties of the synthetic antimycotic of a naftifin which is contained in him.

As drugs differ on structure, to judge that is more effective — Ekzoderil or Lotseril — is not absolutely correct.

Lotseril is used for treatment of a fungus of nails, its analog can be used both for treatment of a fungus of nails, and for treatment of dermatomycoses. At the same time solution is better, than the varnish, gets into a plate of a nail and works equally regardless of that, the structure of a nail is broken or not.

Shortcomings of nail varnishes are their inability to get into canals of a plate of a nail, and also into the friable and crumbed nail plates.

Responses allow to draw a conclusion that Ekzoderil is rather effective at the infections caused by the fungi which are the most extended today, however concerning some organisms with which with ease its analog copes it is powerless.

Thus, the choice for this or that means needs to be made taking into account the diagnosis, the activator and extent of defeat.

Mikozan or Ekzoderil — what is better?

Drug Mikozan is a set for removal of a fungal infection from a nail. Means is issued in the form of serum and is completed with one-time nail files and a brush applicator which facilitates drawing medicine on the affected nail.

Active agent of Mikozan — a rye enzyme filtrate. When drawing drug has local antifungal effect on a nail, increasing at the same time density of a nail plate, reducing its porosity and creating adverse conditions for growth of pathogenic fungi.

Specialists recommend to use Mikozan for prevention more often, nevertheless, the patients using this drug for treatment speak of it, as of the operating and really helping means when it is about an onychomycosis.

If the area of defeat is not limited to a nail, then for processing of adjacent sites of skin Ekzoderil is more reasonable to use.


  • Ekzoderil of 1% solution 10mlsandoz
  • Ekzoderil cream of 1% 15gsandoz
  • Ekzoderil cream of 1% 30gsandoz
  • Ekzoderil of 1% solution 20mlsandoz

Drugstore of IFC

  • Ekzoderil solution naruzhn. 1% fl 20 ml, Globopharm pharmazeutische Productionsavstriya
  • Ekzoderil solution naruzhn. 1% fl 10 ml, Globopharm pharmazeutische Productionsavstriya
  • Ekzoderil cream of 1% of a tube of 15 g, Sandoz Gmbhavstriya
  • Ekzoderil cream of 1% of a tube of 30 g, Sandoz Gmbhavstriya
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  • Ekzoderil


  • Ekzoderil of 1% 10 ml solution naruzhn. Farmatsoytishe Produktyons's Globofarm und Handels Gmbh (Austria)
  • Ekzoderil of 1% 15 g cream
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