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  • Latin name: Elevit Pronatal
  • ATH code: A11AA
  • Active ingredient: Polyvitamins + Minerals (Multivitamins + Multimineral)
  • Producer: "Buyer Konsyyumer Ker of AG" (Switzerland); "Rottendorf of Farm Gmbh", Germany

Structure Elevit Pronatal

The main active component of this pharmaceutical drug is the vitamin complex including such biological substances as:

The composition of vitamins B to each tablet of medicine is supplemented with a large amount of various mineral substances, microelements and their salts:

  • pantothenate and calcium phosphate – 125 mg;
  • phosphorus – 125 mg;
  • stearate and magnesium phosphate – 100 mg;
  • gland – 60 mg fumarates;
  • zinc sulfate – 7,5 mg;
  • copper sulfate – 1 mg;
  • manganese sulfate – 1 mg.

Structure of a film cover:

  • polyethyleneglycol 6000 and 400;
  • pretsirol Ato 5;
  • gelatin;
  • microcrystallic cellulose (MKTs);
  • sodium carboxymethylstarch;
  • K 30 and K 90 povidone;
  • monohydrate of lactose;
  • Mannitolum;
  • magnesium stearate;
  • ethyl cellulose.

Release form

The vitamin Elevit Pronatal complex in pharmaceutical booths is presented in the form of oblong tablets, film coated which are fixed in blisters from aluminum foil or PVC on 10 or 20 pieces.

Tablets of gray-yellow color have the biconvex form with a characteristic strip for a razlamyvaniye on one of surfaces. The smell which does not testify to unfitness of pharmaceutical drug can be found. Cardboard packaging contains 3 or 10 planimetric cell plates expected 10 tablets or 5 blisters on 20 pieces.

Pharmacological action

Medicinal effects of pharmaceutical drug Elevit Pronatal should be considered not in a complex, and according to compound components as all vitamins, microelements and their derivative salts are biologically active agents.

The main physiological role of vitamin A is a coordinating of normal formation of lipids, proteins and mucopolysaccharides in proportions which it is required to the proliferating fabric. Thanks to this property ability of an organism to a reparation and regeneration of the damaged sites is maintained. Also vitamin provides a normality of skin and mucous membranes as in large numbers it is found in connecting fabric and upper layers of an epithelium. The compound component of Elevit improves functioning of the visual device, in particular work of eyes at insufficient lighting ("twilight sight") as stimulates exchange processes in sticks, receptor cells of a retina.

The second name of B1 vitamin – antinevriticheskiya as this active component normalizes work of a nervous system, promotes physiological updating of a myelin cover of nervous trunks and the natural course of electric impulses. Also he participates in regulation of cordial work – normalizes heart rate and promotes strengthening of muscle cells of body. Vitamin is the stimulating hemopoiesis factor that provides timely updates of composition of blood and improves its microcirculation. As a coenzyme or a specific carrier participates in carbohydrate, protein, fatty and water-salt exchanges.

B2 vitamin is irreplaceable part of a normal cycle of formation of red blood cells (erythrocytes) and antibodies. Exerts beneficial effect on mucous a digestive tube and respiratory tracts as promotes its strengthening and timely updating of an epithelial cover. Eliminates effect of the toxins getting to an organism by means of a respiratory path. Participates in physiological development of fabrics and bodies of a fruit.

The hydrochloride of a pyridoxine or B6 vitamin is found in many exchange processes. First of all, it lowers concentration of cholesterol and lipids of low and very low density in blood, showing anti-atherogenous action. Promotes improvement of sokratitelny ability of a cardiac muscle as increases intake of useful nutrients. Normalizes work of the central and peripheral nervous system, activating more intensive axonal transport and a trophicity of neurons. Strengthens cellular structure of a bone tissue, teeth, gums and appendages of skin (hair and nails). Stimulates a hemogenesis.

Cyanocobalamine – an irreplaceable element for forming of normal blood cells. In a complex with Hageman's factor localized on a stomach surface participates in absorption of iron by means of active diffusion and its transport to the place of synthesis of the main blood cells – erythrocytes. Thus intensity of oxygen exchange increases and delivery of gas to peripheral fabrics and bodies improves. In case of lack of B12 vitamin macrocytic megaloblastny anemia as the physiological structure of red blood cells is broken develops. Also biologically active component normalizes circadian rhythms, improving a dream and regulating hours of wakefulness.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant factor of the nature. Connecting freely radical structures, it saves a cell wall from their damaging action. Thanks to the stimulating influence on immune system own resilience to infectious diseases therefore recommends to accept it plentifully in winter the periods when the SARS threatens all and everyone increases. Also ascorbic acid participates in maturing of connecting fabric, promoting proline recycling. Thus vitamin plays a role in forming of bones, gums, teeth, to strengthening of a vascular wall of a microcirculator bed. Participating in a digestive chain promotes normal digestion of calcium and iron.

The key role of D3 vitamin consists in regulation of an exchange of calcium and phosphorus in an organism. Thanks to its pharmacological effects microelements are better absorbed from food stuffs in a digestive tract, timely postponed in a bone tissue and a dentine, their renal removal is late. Complex effect of vitamin allows to resist to osteomalacy and a softening of a bone tissue, destruction of teeth, owing to influences of the endogenous and exogenous nature. It is plentifully applied in prevention of rickets.

Alpha tocopherol or fat-soluble vitamin E, as well as ascorbic acid, possesses strong antioxidant properties and participates in forming of collagenic and elastic fibers of connecting fabric and an integument in particular (supports regenerator opportunities of an organism for completion of defects). Active component strengthens walls of capillaries and improves blood circulation in a vascular bed of small diameter, thus, preventing development of anemia and local insufficiency of blood. Provides normal functioning of plasma and platelet systems of coagulation. Is directly involved in formation of erythrocytes. At pregnancy alpha tocopherol urges on formation of gonadotrophins and regulates development of placental fabric that it met all requirements of a fruit.

Folic acid is one of the most necessary vitamins for the pregnant woman and when planning future child. It promotes physiological forming of neuroblasts and neurocytes of an embryo that is important for normal development of the central and peripheral nervous system. The rate of folic acid during pregnancy is capable to prevent emergence of a large number of hereditary pathologies, for example, of splitting of a neurotubule, an anencephalia, backbone maldevelopment and so on. Also this vitamin strengthens an amniotic cover, preventing thereby possible premature births. For mother's organism folic acid is reasonably useful – she participates in a hemopoiesis as the stimulating factor, having, thus, antianemic effect.

Nikotinamid is an active coenzyme of a wide range of various metabolic reactions. So, for example, thanks to its action, the lipometabolism becomes more active and oxidation-reduction processes are normalized. Vitamin promotes synthesis of hormones of the adrenal glands regulating carbohydrate and water-salt exchanges. Takes part in immune responses, providing normal synthesis of antibodies in response to antigens.

The physiological role of calcium lies in forming of normal structure of a bone tissue at a fruit. Thanks to exogenous receipt of a microelement the bone germinal leaf and rudiments of future dentine is put. In a complex with vitamin D it provides active prevention of osteomalacy, washing away of calcium from an organism of mother and development of rickets in the child. Also the microelement provides normal functioning of cardiovascular system as is directly involved in the mechanism of depolarization of cardiomyocytes and muscular contraction. Promotes the correct work of system of coagulability of blood.

As well as calcium, phosphorus participates in laying of bone elements and teeth. A distinctive feature is participation in energy balance – by means of chemical bonds with nucleotides makroergichesky connections, so-called, molecular power depots are formed. If necessary these structures collapse under action by a factor of internal environment and the cell or subcellular organellas receive necessary amount of energy.

Iron is necessary for synthesis gem in hemoglobin. It is proteinaceous structure which provides transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide in an erythrocyte. Without this microelement the organism would not be capable to accept and carry such vital gas as oxygen on all fabrics and bodies and to clean the produced waste in the form of carbon dioxide.

Zinc is an active component of various enzymes, proteinaceous catalysts of chemical changes which mainly participate in synthesis of glucocorticosteroids, hormones of adrenal glands. Also extends its influences to a condition of derivatives of integuments – nails and hair.

Manganese plays an important role when planning pregnancy as promotes activation of reproductive function of a female organism. Also the microelement improves memory and reduces irritability that highly affects if to accept a microelement in the period of a puerperal depression.

Magnesium, as biological active component, is included absolutely into all fabrics and bodies of a human body. It has the greatest value in forming of a muscular and bone tissue.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Elevit Pronatal is the complex pharmaceutical drug containing a large number of the various operating components which pharmacokinetic abilities have to be treated apart. However, unfortunately, not all metabolic chains of active components are authentically studied.

Vitamin A is quickly and rather fully soaked up from a digestive tract. The maximum plasma concentration of Retinolum is reached in 4 hours after medicine reception. It is postponed in kupferovsky cells from where after achievement of physiological level it is gradually released in the main blood stream. Vitamin A transport in a vascular bed is provided with specific globulins that protects biologically active component from filtering in the glomerular device of kidneys. Retinolum in fabrics with end products of an exchange in the form of carbon dioxide, water-soluble vitamins and fatty acids is metabolized. In urine the active component is not found.

Ascorbic acid is absorbed their digestive tract by means of for the second time active transport on a concentration gradient with the help sodium-askorbatnogo of a kotransporter who shows properties of stereospecificity. Further vitamin C gets to main is mild and is transferred to cells which without the rest metabolize it. In urine ascorbic acid only at excessively exceeding dosages of an active component is found.

After oral administration of pharmaceutical drug vitamin D is soaked up from final departments of a small bowel with participation of bile acids. In blood the operating component contacts albumine and g-globulins. Cholecalciferol mainly in fatty tissue as is fat-soluble vitamin by the nature is deposited. Metabolic transformations happen in:

  • to skin – under the influence of ultraviolet rays;
  • kidneys – with the participation of the parathormone produced by parathyroids turns into an active metabolite (the strong renal hormone having steroid structure);
  • liver – after reaction of a hydroxylation becomes 25 oxycholecalciferol.

The most part of vitamin D is allocated by means of bile. The elimination half-life makes 19 days.

Thiamin is soaked up in intestines by active transport in an epithelial cell by means of a specific carrier. At large numbers B1 vitamin can be also absorbed by means of active diffusion. In 15 minutes it is already found in a blood plasma (the maximum concentration is reached in 1,5 hours), and only in half an hour in various body tissues. B1 vitamin mainly in a brain, kidneys, adrenal glands, a liver and heart as these bodies consume thiamin in the greatest numbers is deposited. The active component of pharmaceutical drug at the expense of a liver with an average speed about 1 mg a day is metabolized. The elimination half-life fluctuates from 4 to 6 hours, depending on individual indicators of intensity of an exchange.

B2 vitamin is absorbed in a digestive tract by active transport then is exposed to enterogepatichesky circulation, that is, getting to a vascular bed, passes through a liver. The greatest number of Riboflavinum after oral administration is observed in a cardiac muscle, a liver, kidneys and a brain. About 10 percent of vitamin are excreted with urine, other quantity of the operating component passes a cycle of the return absorption in tubules of kidneys then again returns to the main and peripheral blood stream.

The pyridoxine is soaked up by simple diffusion in intestines. In blood there is its transformation into pyridoxamine then the end product of an exchange 4-piridoksilovy acid without participation of any biological catalysts is formed. In fabrics B6 vitamin is phosphorylated to organic salts above the specified acid which are removed with urine. The maximum concentration of vitamin is found in a liver and a myocardium, physiological depots of an active component of medicine Elevit Pronatal.

From intestines a little more than a half of all accepted vitamin E is soaked up. Its normal absorption requires availability of fatty acids. Tocopherol gets to blood through a lymph, contacts at first chylomicrons, and in plasma already beta lipoproteins. Tocopherol in a hypophysis, seed plants and adrenal glands collects. The operating component is removed by bile to a large extent (approximately ¾ all dosage of drug), and other quantity is excreted with urine in the form of the conjugated glucuronides.

Cyanocobalamine – only of water-soluble vitamins of a complex Elevit Pronatal who is available property of cumulation. It creates additional risk of overdose by active component. The cycle of absorption of B12 vitamin differs in special complexity in a type of a branched space configuration of a molecule. Its full absorption requires existence of physiological microflora of a digestive tract, two specific receptors and certain transmembrane carriers.

Indications to use

  • hypovitaminosis;
  • avitaminosis;
  • insufficiency of mineral substances and microelements;
  • preventive treatment of anemia owing to deficit of folic acid, cyanocobalamine or iron;
  • correction of a mineral exchange and metabolism of vitamins when planning pregnancy;
  • pregnancy period, after the delivery and breastfeeding.


  • the increased individual sensitivity, the hereditary or acquired intolerance to compound components of pharmaceutical drug;
  • hypervitaminosis any of vitamins;
  • the increased content of calcium in blood;
  • disturbance in work of kidneys or a liver;
  • urolithiasis;
  • nephrolithiasis and urolithiasis;
  • gipermagniyemiya;
  • hyperphosphatemia;
  • the strengthened release of calcium with urine;
  • disturbance of comprehensibility and processes of utilization of iron.

Side effects

As a rule, pharmaceutical drug it is well transferred as the prevailing part of the making components of medicine is elements of a physiological metabolism of a human body. However in clinical practice also side effects of various character meet. So, for example, can be observed:

Separately it should be noted possible side effects from immune system of an organism as at their emergence it is necessary to ask for the qualified medical care immediately:

  • anaphylactic reactions up to shock with corresponding laboratory and clinical manifestations (extremely seldom);
  • asthmatic syndrome;
  • not cardiogenic fluid lungs;
  • manifestations from cardiovascular system.

Before carrying out a course of conservative treatment it is necessary to warn patients about some effects of medicamentous therapy which have no clinical value:

  • coloring of urine in intensively yellow color at the expense of a large amount of B2 vitamin is possible;
  • discoloration of excrements in black, owing to the increased concentration of iron.

Elevit Pronatal, application instruction (Way and dosage)

The instruction on Elevit Pronatal says that it is extremely simple to use medicine. The correct reception of pharmaceutical drug does not require special skills or abilities of medical personnel. It is necessary to use vitamins orally, preferably in the morning, in 15 minutes after a breakfast. Elevit Pronatal needs to wash down small an amount of water.

For pregnant women the dosage makes 1 tablet daily. The course of conservative therapy is defined by the attending physician individually, as a rule, it lasts until the end of pregnancy to avoid any negative effects. Therapy can be continued also for the period of feeding by a breast in the presence of the corresponding indications from mother.


If during a course of medicamentous therapy it is accurate to follow instructions for use of medicine, then manifestations of symptoms of overdose it is extremely improbable as vitamin complexes are capable will remain and to be deposited in an organism. However at the excess use of medicine can develop a hypervitaminosis of vitamins A or D which are followed such clinical by manifestations:

  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • the resistant, difficult stopped locks;
  • severe headaches.

There is no specific pharmaceutical antidote for a condition of the increased concentration of these vitamins. Symptomatic therapy of each side effect separately is used.


Vitamins Elevit Pronatal contains iron, calcium, copper and zinc which oral administration oppresses absorbing capacity of antibiotics of group of tetracycline and antiviral drugs in the structure. At absolute indications to use of both medicines it is recommended to do a time interval between drug intakes at two o'clock.

Antiacid antiulcerous pharmaceutical drugs reduce degree of absorbability of a vitamin complex and microelements therefore it is necessary to observe an interval at three o'clock between medicine use.

With care it is necessary to use Elevit in combination with anticoagulants or drugs which influence system of coagulability and aggregation of thrombocytes as development of a syndrome of the increased coagulation and increase in viscosity of blood is possible that it is fraught with heavy and even lethal effects. If the course of conservative therapy orders to use similar medicines in a complex carrying out regular diagnostic blood tests is recommended.

Treatment by laxative drugs increases quantity of the removed contents from a digestive tract that adversely influences pharmacokinetic abilities of Elevit (the smaller quantity of the operating components manages to be absorbed from a surface of a digestive tube that leads to reduction of therapeutic effects.

Thiazide diuretics and drugs of calcium at their combined use with a vitamin complex are increased by risk of development of a hypercalcemia and adjournment of salts of other microelements in urinary paths therefore regular carrying out biochemical analyses of blood for identification of the slightest signs of the increased concentration of any fractions is recommended.

Simultaneous use Elevit Pronatal with such pharmaceutical drugs as the Levodopa, biophosphonates, ftorkhinolona, Penicillaminum, Thyroxine and drugs on the basis of a foxglove reduces their therapeutic effects. However the mechanism from interaction was not installed during clinical trials therefore to combine them it is aware of conservative treatment follows with care.

The vitamin complex is also capable to interact with food stuffs. So, for example, oxalic acid (in large numbers it is found in spinach and a rhubarb) and phytic acid (the making component of whole cereals) oppress calcium absorption. Therefore before drug treatment it is necessary to consult in addition with the qualified specialist in a diet occasion for conservative therapy.

Terms of sale

It is released without presentation of the receptor form.

Storage conditions

To save from excessive moisture in the place unavailable to children of younger age and at temperature condition it is not above 25 degrees Celsius.

Period of validity

2 years.

Special instructions

Elevit Pronatal does not influence ability to concentration of attention and small motility therefore driving or other difficult mechanisms during a course of conservative therapy is not forbidden.


Analogs of medicine Elevit Pronatal make wide group of vitamin complexes which it is used in pediatric practice, when planning conception of the child or directly during incubation of a fruit.

Analogs of drug for pregnant women as this period is followed by deficit of the majority of vitamin complexes and microelements enjoy the greatest popularity. As a rule, the following medicines are used: Additiva Multivitaminy with minerals, Biot Max, Vitrum, Complivit, Multimax.


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