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  • Latin name: Elocom
  • ATH code: D07AC13
  • Active ingredient: Mometazon (Mometasone)
  • Producer: Ointment, cream and lotion – Shering-Plau Labo N. B., Belgium; lotion – Shering-Plau S. of the item. And., Komazzo, Italy


The main substance is Elokom's part: mometazona furoate.

Cream excipients: hexyleneglycol, phosphoric acid, cetyl stearyl ether, stearyl alcohol, tsetearet-20, titanium dioxide, propilenglikolstearat, wax, aluminum octenylsuccinate, vaseline and the water purified.

The additional making ointments: hexyleneglycol, wax, phosphoric acid, vaseline, propylene glycol stearate and the purified water.

Auxiliary components of lotion: isopropyl alcohol of 40%, propylene glycol, sodium phosphate, hydroxypropyl cellulose, water and others.

Release form

Is issued Elok in the form of cream, ointment or lotion. Ointment and cream by Elok it is packaged in tubas on 15 g, lotion is placed in bottles or bottles droppers on 20 ml.

Pharmacological action

Each form of drug possesses anti-exudative, antipruritic and antiinflammatory action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

It is established that the mechanism of effect of this drug provides induction of release of proteins – lipokortin which inhibit a phospholipase. Lipokortina are capable to control biosynthesis of the most powerful mediators of an inflammation, provoking braking of release of arachidonic acid which is their common precursor.

At topical administration drug gets through skin, and extent of its absorption can depend on numerous factors.

For example, inflammations and damages on skin are capable to strengthen penetration. As a result of local application even once on the unimpaired skin, without using an occlusive bandage, about 0,7% of a dosage of ointment and nearly 0,4% of cream can be found as a part of blood already later 8 h. Lotion absorption level the same small.

Indications to use

Gel, lotion or ointment Elok is appointed when it is necessary to lower or eliminate inflammatory manifestations and the itch caused by a dermatosis.


Use of this drug is not recommended at:

  • hypersensitivity;
  • children's age till 2 flyings.

Side effects

At treatment there can be undesirable phenomena connected with a condition of integuments, for example: burning, itch, pricking, furunculosis, skin atrophy, acne rash and so on.

Application instruction of Elokom (Way and dosage)

Elok the application instruction recommends to apply ointment rather thin layer on the damaged integuments not more often than once a day. It is possible to use ointment for children only on doctor's orders.

The instruction on cream Elok includes the same councils for use, as well as ointment. At the same time cream for children can strictly be used according to indications, observing a dosage.

The instruction on lotion recommends to apply with Elok on several drops of drug on the struck area once a day, carefully rubbing quiet movements until it is absorbed. Lotion does not leave marks, having the pleasant cooling effect on the damaged skin sites.

Duration of a therapeutic course is defined by several factors: efficiency, portability and possible side effects.


Topical administration in the raised dosages or on big sites of skin can lead to manifestation of system side reactions.

Treatment is carried out depending on symptomatology.


Drug does not enter medicinal interaction with other drugs.

Special instructions

It is known that each form of drug is intended only for outside dermatological use.

System absorption at topical administration of different glucocorticosteroid means can lead to reversible suppression of functions gipotalamo - pituitary and adrenal system. And after cancellation of treatment to cause glucocorticosteroid insufficiency. All this can provoke still big complications. Therefore patients need to control the general condition of an organism regularly.

At oppression detection gipotalamo - pituitary and adrenal system it is necessary to increase an interval between uses or to completely cancel drug. Usually activity gipotalamo - pituitary and adrenal system is quickly enough recovered. The manifestation of glucocorticosteroid insufficiency demanding additional use of glucocorticosteroids of systemic action is not excluded.

When ointment or Elocom cream apply to treatment of children, it is necessary to take care of safety and efficiency of therapy which course should not exceed 3 weeks. By the way, from what ointment does not help, so it from dermatitis which can develop because of carrying diapers.

Besides, independent use of any form of drug is allowed under occlusive bandages – only on doctor's orders. Also ointment or cream do not recommend to put on a face, to the area of a groin or axillary hollows. If there is an irritation, then drug use is stopped at once and choose suitable treatment.

Development of the accompanying skin infection of skin demands purpose of the appropriate antifungal or antibacterial agent. At long non receipt of a positive take, use of drug is stopped until the infection is completely eliminated.

After disappearance of symptoms of a basic disease use of drug needs to be stopped. Lack of improvement for 2 weeks from an initiation of treatment demands specification of the diagnosis.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Drug can be stored in the usual place at a temperature up to 25 °C, unavailable to children.

Period of validity

Period of validity of cream and ointment – 2 years, lotion – 3 years.

At pregnancy and a lactation

It should be noted what the researches connected with effect of this drug on women, babies and future kids was not carried out. Therefore to apply cream, ointment or lotion Elok at pregnancy and a lactation allows when the expected advantage during treatment as much as possible hangs possible risk.

Moreover, glucocorticosteroids quickly get into breast milk that it is capable to slow down growth of the child, to influence endogenous synthesis of drug and to lead to other adverse effects. Therefore it is especially important to observe big care.

Main analogs of ointment Elok: Unidermas and Mometazon. These drugs are also analogs of cream. If it is necessary to choose cheaper analogs, then it is for this purpose better to see the attending physician.

About Elokom

Among numerous discussions there are treatments of various skin diseases, About ointment Elok meet quite often. At the same time many patients note its high performance. It is also actively discussed whether children can apply ointment and in what specifically cases to do it. It is important to remember that this drug can be used for children only of 2 years.

Quite often meet also About cream Elok though in this case users are interested not so much efficiency of drug, how many a question: cream hormonal or not, as well as ointment Elok – hormonal or not? Though patients use cream more often than others.

Of course many patients use this means at emergence of various enanthesis without specification of the diagnosis and, especially, without appointment of the doctor though the specialist will help to decide that it is better — ointment or cream. About lotion show that in most cases it well helps at an initial stage of treatment. However prolonged use is capable to cause strengthening of symptoms. It can be both manifestation of side effects, and an indicator that drug is used not for designated purpose. In addition, users are interested how to use lotion Elok for hair that, however, the instruction does not recommend for drug.

Separate subject is use of drug for children. It is interesting that About Elokom for babies show that some parents try to treat to them the dermatitis caused by carrying diapers. It is known that it is contraindicated to do it especially as it is possible to use it only for children of 2 years.

Thus, effectiveness of this drug cannot raise doubts. But it is necessary to use it only according to the instruction of the specialist, after exact statement of the diagnosis.

Elokom's price where to buy

The cream price Elok, on average, makes 370 rubles.

The ointment price Elok varies within 360-380 rubles.

The lotion price Elok makes about 200 rubles.


  • Elok ointment of 0,1% 15gschering-Plough
  • Elok cream of 0,1% 15gschering-Plough
  • Elokom-S ointment 15gschering-Plough
  • Elok lotion of 0,1% 30mlschering-Plough

Drugstore of IFC

  • Elok ointment of 0.1% of a tube of 15 g, Schering-Ploughbelgiya
  • Elok lotion of 0.1% fl-cap of 30 ml *, Schering-Ploughitaliya
  • Elok cream of 0.1% of a tube of 15 g, Schering-Ploughbelgiya
  • Elokom-S ointment of a tube of 15 g, Schering-Ploughportugaliya
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  • Elokomschering-Plough Labo (Belgium)
  • Elokomtsariya
  • Elok lotion of 0.1% to a 30mlshering-Pla (Italy-USA)


  • Ointment of eloky 0.1% to a 15gshering-Pla
  • Ointment of eloky 0.1% to a 15gshering-Pla


  • Eloky 0,1% 15 g ointment in tubeschering-Plough Labo N.V. (Belgium)
  • Eloky 0,1% 15 g cream in tubeschering-Plough Labo N.V. (Belgium)
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