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  • Latin name: Enerliv
  • ATH code: A05BA
  • Active ingredient: The enriched fat-free soy phospholipids
  • Producer: Berlin-Hemi, Germany


1 capsule includes 300 mg of the soy enriched fat-free phospholipids.

As excipients: mono - diesters of fatty acids and glycerin, the purified soy oil, alpha tocopherol, gelatin and glycerin of 85%.

Release form

The soft transparent gelatinous capsules containing viscous liquid of golden-yellow color. In one packaging in blisters 10, 30 or 50 of capsules.

Pharmacological action

The enriched fat-free phospholipids soy possess the expressed gepatoprotektorny properties: are capable to reduce considerably fatty regeneration of a liver, to slow down growth of connecting fabric in a liver parenchyma, and also to reduce cholesterol level thanks to their expressed gipokholesterinemichesky effect, besides to oppress collagen synthesis. These high-energy connections influence the broken lipid metabolism by means of regulation of a metabolism owing to what – neutral fats and cholesterol are transformed to the forms which are subject to transportation, especially because of increase in ability of lipoproteids of high density to attach cholesterol, and go for further oxidation.

At removal of phospholipids through zhelchevyvodyashchy channels the litogenny index goes down and bile is stabilized.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

It is supposed that the mechanism of drug of Enerliv is based on stabilization of cellular membranes and accelerations of recovery of functional cells of a liver — hepatocytes. Enerliv slows down process of oxidation of lipids of hepatic fabric and transformation into peroxide connections.

At oral administration the most part Enerliva in a human body is soaked up in a small intestine and split under the influence of enzyme fosfolipazy-A to 1-acyl-lizo-phosphatidylsincaline, 50 its % turn at once into polyunsaturated phosphatidylsincaline which is capable to get into blood in lymphatic ways and further, mainly in a complex with lipoproteids of high density, to be transported in a liver. A maximum level phosphatidylsincaline in blood in 6 hours and the next days after peroral acceptance that averages 20%.

The elimination half-life (choline component) makes 66 hours, (unsaturated fatty acids) – 32 hours.

Indications to use

  • acute hepatitises;
  • chronic hepatitises;
  • fatty degeneration of a liver, including damages of a liver at diabetes;
  • the hepatoses caused by intoxications: alcohol, toxins and industrial origin poisons, drugs and improper feeding;
  • postoperative treatment at surgical intervention on baking and zhelchevyvodyashchy channels;
  • easy degree of a hypercholesterolemia in case of inefficiency of a diet and other ways of non-drug treatment.


Hypersensitivity to soy phospholipids or a peanut.

At an anti-phospholipidic syndrome in the anamnesis.

Side effects

The instruction to Enerliv (A way and a dosage)

The application instruction Enerliva for adults and teenagers is more senior than 12 years has no differences – 3 times a day accept orally with 1 glass of water to food 2 capsules. It is necessary — to chew disturbance of integrity of soft capsules!

The course of treatment has to be defined by the attending physician in an individual order on the basis of weight and disease.


Overdose cases are not recorded so far.


The synergism with anticoagulants of a coumarinic row, such as Fenprokumon and Warfarin therefore it is recommended to adjust a dosage is possible.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

At the room temperature which is not exceeding 25 °C in the place unavailable to children.

Period of validity

Two years.

Special instructions

Because of insufficiency of information on effect of soy phospholipids, drug is not recommended to children is younger than twelve years.

Important for patients with a diabetes mellitus: one capsule contains less than 0,1 grain units.

At pregnancy and a lactation

Soy as foodstuff during pregnancy does not make potential danger, but the practician of use of the fat-free enriched soy phospholipids is studied insufficiently both at pregnancy, and when breastfeeding therefore, it is not desirable to apply medicine of Enerliv to pregnant women or the feeding women.

Analogs of drug:

About Enerliva

Reviews of doctors of drug are positive, however apply Enerliv in a complex with a diet and other medicines to the solution of problems with a liver. Those who accept or accepted Enerliv, note: its efficiency, however About Enerliva speak about one essential shortcoming – course duration, to approximately equal 3 months.

That it is better: Enerliv or Essentiale?

Surveying opinions on these gepatoprotektor it is visible that Enerliv is considered better Essentiale.

The price Enerliva where to buy

The price of packaging No. 30 in Kharkiv makes about 134,50 UAH whereas the price Enerliva in Moscow from 960 rub.


  • Enerliv capsules of 300 mg of N30berlin-Hemi (Germany)


  • Enerliv kaps. 300 mg of N30
Section: For a liver
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Education: Graduated from the Nikolaev national university of V. A. Sukhomlinsky, gained the diploma of the specialist with honors as "An embryologist, a cytologist, a histologist". Also, the human physiology and animals, the teacher of biology" graduated from a magistracy majoring in ". The course on discipline "Pharmacology" is with honors passable.

Experience: Worked as the senior laboratory assistant of department of Physiology and biochemistry of the Nikolaev national university of V. A. Sukhomlinsky in 2010 - 2011.

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