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  • Latin name: Enzaprost
  • ATH code: G02AD01
  • Active ingredient: Dinoprost (Dinoprost)
  • Producer: Chinoin Pharmaceutical and Chemical Works Private Co. Ltd. (Hungary)


In 1 ml of a dinoprost of 5 mg. Acetate sodium trihydrate, water for injections, as excipients.

Release form

Solution in ampoules on 1 ml containing 5 mg / 1 ml.

Pharmacological action

Raises a tone and a sokratitelny uterine activity.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


Treats group of prostaglandins of group F which have a promoting effect on a myometrium. And on any durations of gestation. The mechanism of action is connected with direct influence on structures of cells of a myometrium. Activating phospholipases, causes increase in permeability of membranes for calcium, and increase of its intracellular level attracts reductions of a myometrium and an expulsion of the fetus from a cavity of the uterus. Influences also process of "maturing" of a neck of uterus. Two of these effects are used in obstetric practice. Besides, drug activates receptors in a uterus, sensitive to oxytocin.

Among other effects strengthening of reduction of muscles of a gastrointestinal tract is noted. Affecting muscles of vessels, causes increase of the ABP. Raises also a tone of muscles of bronchial tubes, causing a bronchospasm.


Active ingredient from amniotic waters is slowly soaked up. Enzymic oxidation occurs in lungs and a liver under the influence of 15-IT-dehydrogenase. It is removed by kidneys (metabolites) and 5% intestines. T1/2 from amniotic waters — 3-6 hours.

Indications to use

  • abortions on the term of 16-20 weeks (intraamniotichesky introduction);
  • induction of childbirth (in/in introduction);
  • expulsion of the fetus at his pre-natal death (in/in introduction in the III trimester).


General contraindications:

  • hypersensitivity;
  • diseases of lungs and cardiovascular system;
  • diseases of kidneys and liver (aggravation stage);
  • ulcer colitis.

With care it is appointed at bronchial asthma, arterial hypertension, glaucoma, epilepsy, a uterus miomatoza.

Obstetric contraindications:

  • Cesarean section in the past;
  • surgical interventions on a uterus with formation of hems;
  • bloody allocations in the II-III trimesters;
  • discrepancy of the sizes of a head of a fruit and basin;
  • traumatic childbirth in the anamnesis;
  • fruit distress.

Side effects

Enzaprostum, application instruction (Way and dosage)

The drug is administered intraamnialno (through a vault of the vagina or an abdominal wall) and intravenously. Carrying out premedication (diazepam, atropine, promethazine) for the purpose of reduction of expressiveness of side effects and prevention of a pain syndrome is reasonable.

Enzaprostum F for the purpose of abortion in term till 15 weeks is entered intraamnialno — from 250 mg to 1000 mg each 2 hours. In term after 15 weeks carry out a puncture of a bag of waters through an abdominal wall then enter 25 mg of drug into a bag of waters. If in 8-12 hours abortion did not happen and the bag of waters was not opened, enter 25 more mg.

Introduction does not make more than two days sense.

For induction of childbirth or for an expulsion of the fetus at his pre-natal death in the III trimester of pregnancy carry out to infusion — 15 mkg/ml on isotonic solution within 30 min. with a speed of 2,5 mkg/min. If the answer of a uterus is observed, this rate of administering is kept. If there is no answer — rate of introduction is increased. At emergence of a hyper tone of a uterus infusion is stopped. Introduction is also stopped if during 12-24 h the effect is not observed.


Overdose is shown by nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. Treatment of overdose consists in surgical opening of an amniotic bubble which is the drug reservoir. Infusional symptomatic therapy is carried out.


It is impossible to appoint jointly with the drugs strengthening reductions of a uterus in a type of a possible hysterorrhesis or a neck, especially if there is no its adequate disclosure. Progesterone reduces toxicity, and furosemide brakes a metabolism of drug and removal by his kidneys.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Temperature is from 5 to 15 °C.

Period of validity

3 years.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Prostarmonum, Alprostadil, F Prostarmonum, Dinoprostonum, Minprostinum r2 alpha, Dinoprost, Amoglashshn, F Panacelanum, Prostaglanum, Prostin of F2 alpha.

About Enzaprostum

You should not say that Enzaprostum is applied to abortion, first of all, on strict according to indications and only in a specialized hospital. Manipulation demands skills, is carried out only by the doctor with strict observance of technology of intraamniotichesky introduction. Only at the qualified carrying out manipulation the probability of complications (a bronchospasm, an acute anaphylaxis, arterial hypertension) decreases. There are cases when pregnancy does not manage to be interrupted with use of this drug, then in a hospital it is interrupted in other ways.

Many precautions are observed and at induction of childbirth this drug — carefully estimates compliance of a head of a fruit and the sizes of a basin, a condition of uterine activity and a fruit, maturing and disclosure of a neck of uterus. If there are vysokotonichny reductions, the probability of a hysterorrhesis appears. About this drug single, more the question occurs among women in labor: whether it is necessary to take this drug with itself in maternity hospital for strengthening of pains. Usually doctors apply infusions of solution of a dinoprost in case of inefficiency of other methods of induction of childbirth.

  • "… Me put a dropper with Enzaprostum before childbirth after I had 3 days weak contractions. It gave reaction immediately".
  • "… Me interrupted pregnancy with this drug. There were indications and there was no other exit. Passed everything normally, there were no complications and what - or effects".

According to researches, the rodovozbuzhdeniye intravenous administration of Enzaprostum is highly effective, is carried out only at a "mature" neck of uterus, however is followed by secondary weakness of patrimonial activity.


  • Enzaprost-F 5mg/ml 1 ml No. 5 ampulychinoin Pharmaceutical
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