Erectile dysfunction (weak erection)

Erectile dysfunction — the concept designating inability of the man to have the steady erection necessary for carrying out full sexual intercourse.

Disturbance of an erection is more characteristic of men of advanced age, however in the modern world of a problem with an erection are rather often noted also at men of young people. The most different reasons can provoke emergence of similar problems. If disturbances of an erection are shown periodically, then you should not worry about it. However at constant problems the man can endure very strong discomfort. Continuous stay in a condition of a stress, deterioration in the personal relations and serious lowering of a self-assessment turns out to be consequence of such problems. Therefore treatments of disturbance of an erection need to be carried out, without postponing. But only the specialist has to appoint any methods and drugs. Modern treatment of erectile dysfunction allows to return to full-fledged sexual life in most cases.


Specialists allocate several kinds of the reasons which lead to disturbances of an erection at men. Problems with an erection can turn out to be consequence of the fact that at life of the man there are psychological problems. As a rule, difficulties such are observed at young people. At the guy who began to conduct sexual life recently disturbances which turned out to be consequence of children's injuries can be observed. Also the reasons can consist in fear to seem inexperienced, to make something not so, to catch venereal diseases , etc. Such problems at men experienced are overcome without effects, and here young people can suffer from disturbances, without knowing what to do in this case. Very important to get support from the partner who at the correct approach will help to cope with the arisen difficulties in such situation.

Sometimes erectile dysfunction is an effect of a lack of testosterone organism. This phenomenon is more characteristic of men of middle and mature age. The lack of this hormone promotes braking of reactions which are responsible for a normal erection. One more hormonal reason — too active products of hormone prolactin in a man's organism. The matter is that prolactin is an antagonist to testosterone.

At the men having damages of walls of vessels, disturbances of an erection arise owing to the vascular reasons. The erection decreases because of filling disturbance by penis blood. In most cases the man suffers from a number of serious diseases — a diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, illnesses of cardiovascular system.

The neurogenic factor becomes ED reason at the people who had a stroke, diseases and injuries of TsNS and peripheral nerves. In that case nervous impulses not always pass in cavernous bodies. Most often erectile dysfunction is observed as an effect of injuries of a spinal cord.

Слабая эрекция у мужчиныErectile dysfunction is sometimes observed after reception of some medicines which were used for treatment of other diseases. In most cases erectile dysfunction at men disappears through a certain span after cancellation of such drugs. But if the medicines which provoked such disturbances cannot be cancelled, then symptoms of ED will be present further.

Except the specified factors it is necessary to remember also other reasons conducting to problems with a potentiality. This malicious smoking and frequent the uses of alcohol, improper feeding, the adverse psychogenic situation conducting to stresses, etc. If the man constantly uses a lot of fat food, it will inevitably lead to obesity and increase in concentration of women's hormones. The metabolic syndrome — the phenomenon at which fat accumulates on a stomach rises cholesterol level, arterial pressure increases and the insulinrezistentnost develops. It is a syndrome, as a rule, leads to regular disturbances of an erection. Therefore prevention of disturbances of an erection steadily has to include refusal of addictions and correction of a food allowance.

It should be noted that the postponed venereal diseases, and also influence of high temperatures can negatively affect an erection. Therefore you should not abuse campaigns in a bath too.

Diagnosis which is carried out by the doctor shall be directed to definition of the reasons of erectile dysfunction. Only having eliminated these factors, it is possible to gain desirable effect in the course of treatment. Therefore folk remedies you should not practice treatment in house conditions.

Not only the reasons of erectile dysfunction described above, but also a number of other factors anyway wagging on manifestations of ED are defined. According to medical statistics, the weak erection or its absence is observed approximately at 60% of men who were 75 years old. The age reasons of a weak erection begin to mark out most of men over time. Very weak erection of a penis is noted in order that there was an erection more time is necessary, more active and long stimulation is necessary. However ED at men is not an aging sign inevitably. Most often this consequence of a number of diseases which develop by advanced age, and also result of reception of some drugs.

Эректильная дисфункция у мужчинChronic diseases — that factor which inevitably conducts to erektiltny dysfunction. This state can accompany diseases of vessels, lungs, a liver, illnesses of a nervous system, diabetes mellitus. Why there is erectile dysfunction and what to do in such situation, the doctor can tell after careful inspection. But only the correct treatment of a basic disease can relieve the man of problems with an erection.

One more important factor — injuries, and also surgeries. Both the first, and the second can become the reason of injury of nerves which control process of an erection. To it conduct injuries of a small pelvis, a spinal cord. How to treat such manifestations, depends on weight of injuries and features of ED.

There is also an opinion that regular trainings bicycle sport can be the cause of erectile dysfunction. If to ride a bicycle often and very long periods, then sitting squeezes vessels and nerves. As a result, numbness in genitalias is observed, and throughout some time of people will note displays of erectile dysfunction.


The penis of the man is made by two cylindrical spongy structures. When there is sexual excitement, inflow of blood in view of emergence of nervous impulses considerably increases, blood fills spongy cylinders, and there is an erection of the member. The normal erection at men is characterized by consolidation and straightening of a penis.

If sexual excitement proceeds further, then to a penis flows bigger amount of blood, than flows, and thus, the sexual erection remains. After lowering of excitement or after an ejaculation excess of blood leave spongy bodies, and after an erection the penis returns to a usual state again.

If there is too fast erection which the man cannot support at the level necessary for sexual intercourse, then it is possible to speak about symptoms of erectile dysfunction. However, such state is defined if erection time too short, at least, in one case from four.

If the erection only in rare instances vanishes, then it can be considered as norm. It is also necessary to consider that a state when there is no erection at sexual excitement, or its disturbances take place, can confirm other dangerous diseases which develop in a human body.


У мужчины эректильная дисфункцияThe man has to visit surely the doctor and pass consultation if erectile dysfunction stops being a temporary problem. Often predstvitel of the stronger sex are inclined to consider that problems in intimate life of the similar plan are their personal record. Nevertheless, the address to the doctor in most cases allows to cure ED successfully. If the course of treatment appointed by the doctor does not render the necessary effect, then it is necessary to pass consultation again. Independent treatment or entering of amendments into the scheme of therapy appointed by the specialist can worsen a state only.

To establish the correct diagnosis and to understand erection causes of infringement, the doctor will surely ask the patient questions of when and under what circumstances problems with an erection appeared whether there are other complaints to a state of health what medicines it accepts. It is necessary to discuss psychological problems and emotional experiences which the patient had in recent time with the doctor.

If the specialist had a suspicion that problems with an erection are a consequence of a problem of organic character, then to the patient carrying out laboratory blood analyses is appointed. The specialist can also cancel or replace those drugs which are accepted now by the patient to define their influence on an erection.

Besides, for definition of the reason of ED ultrasonic research which gives the chance to define information on a blood-groove to a penis is in certain cases used. Such examination is conducted after in a penis the drugs allowing to register changes in a blood-groove are administered.

To define existence of injury of nerves, survey, and also determination of sensitivity of skin in genitals practices.

One more technique of diagnosis in this case — a kavernozometriya and a kavernozografiya. To carry out such procedure, administration of dye in penis vessels is made. Its existence allows to define disturbance of a blood-groove accurately. All manipulations carry out under local anesthesia.

Sometimes the doctor appoints test for a night erection. For this purpose before a night dream around a penis the special tape by means of which it is possible to confirm existence of a night erection is wrapped.

Erectile dysfunction can be subdivided into three look. Primary erectile dysfunction is defined if the man does not reach an erection at all. Secondary ED is diagnosed if such disturbances happen periodically. The selection erectile dysfunction is a state at which the person can reach an erection under one circumstances, and at others he does not reach it at all.


Как лечить эректильную дисфункциюEach man has to realize accurately the fact that treatment of erectile dysfunction, as a rule, yields positive results and allows to lead full-fledged sexual life again. There are different methods of treatment which the doctor chooses depending on the reasons which led to such disturbances. In modern medicine both medicamentous drugs are applied to treatment of ED, and surgical methods.

At use of invasive therapy medicines can be entered into an urethra. Also drugs are entered directly into a penis. Besides, there is a possibility of carrying out prosthetics of a penis, and also vascular surgeries.

In the presence of indications to patients so-called falloproteza which do not influence sensitivity of a penis are established. Quality of an orgasm and ejaculation of prosthetics remains permanently satisfactory.

However in modern approach to therapy of erectile dysfunction not only drug treatment, but also noninvasive therapy matters. In this case it is about, first of all, to exclude those risk factors which lead to manifestation of similar problems. Also the psychotherapy, uses of medicines (tablet) belongs to noninvasive treatment. Also special vacuum devices are used. Recently in modern medicine appeared many new methods allowing to influence effectively a potentiality. It is, first of all, a number of new medicamentous drugs which effect is confirmed in practice.


To provide effective preventive measures for the prevention of erectile dysfunction, it is necessary not to allow, first of all, developing of the serious chronic diseases conducting to problems with an erection and to an organism aggravation of symptoms in general.

It is important to eat properly not to allow increase of level of cholesterol and emergence of extra kilos. The man has to watch arterial pressure constantly. If the ABP is raised, then it is necessary to go for consultation to the doctor and to complete that course of treatment which he will appoint.

Addictions need to be eradicated or to minimize at least. It concerns both smoking, and alcohol intake. Very badly the potentiality is influenced by reception of any narcotic substances therefore in the man's life the place should not be it.

The man of any age has to move and be engaged as much as possible in that sport which to it to liking. Not less important with attention to treat psychological loading: not to allow serious stresses, emotional overloads, the conflicts. If the condition of mentality disturbs, the man has to, without hesitating, to ask for the help the psychologist.

One more important point for prevention of disturbances of an erection — a regularity of sex life. Neither long abstention, nor surplus of sexual contacts in this case will bring benefit.

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