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  • Latin name: Erotex
  • ATH code: G02BB
  • Active ingredient: Benzalkoniya chloride (Benzalkonium chloride)
  • Producer: Sperko Ukraine, Ukraine


Contraceptive candles of Eroteks contain active agent in structure a benzalkoniya chloride, and also auxiliary ingredients: lipophilic basis, essential oils (oil of a lavender, lemon or rose).

Release form

Means is issued in the form of vaginal suppositories. They can have aroma of a rose, a lavender, lemon.

The cardboard box contains 5 or 10 candles in blister strip packagings.

Pharmacological action

Contraceptive candles of Eroteks are a contraceptive with local action. As a part of drug active ingredient a benzalkoniya chloride, the surface-active cationic substance having spermicidal effect contains. It is reached as this substance destroys a cellular membrane of a spermatozoon.

Active ingredient immobilizes spermatozoa, separates flagellums from heads and destroys a membrane of their cells.

Contraceptive effect of this drug is also connected with its ability to influence a condensation of cervical slime. As a result the film which does not allow penetration of spermatozoa through an outside pharynx of a neck is formed.

If candles of Eroteks are used correctly, their contraceptive efficiency is commensurable with influence of the peroral microdosed contraceptives and intrauterine contraceptives.

Also drug provides antimicrobic and antiseptic influence, it is active in relation to gonokokka, chlamydias, korinebakeriya, trichomonads, enterococci, herpes viruses, a cytomegalovirus, staphylococcus, to Candida mushrooms, viruses of hepatitis B, HIV.

As a result, use of candles reduces probability of infection with the infections which are transmitted to time of sexual contacts. Drug does not influence normal vaginal microflora, does not change a hormonal background.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Active agent is almost not soaked up intravaginalno, being absorbed on vagina walls. Their organism is removed together with physiological allocations, it can be removed easily, having carried out syringing by water.

The contraceptive works exclusively locally and does not get to a system blood stream. The period of influence of candles of Eroteks makes four hours.

Indications to use

It is reasonable to apply candles to women of reproductive age for the purpose of local contraception. It is recommended to prefer this method of protection in the following cases:

  • if use of intrauterine or oral contraceptives is contraindicated;
  • at a lactation, and also during the period after the delivery;
  • after abortion;
  • to women who have irregular sexual contacts;
  • in the period of a premenopause;
  • at a break of use of peroral contraceptives or when replacing a contraceptive.

For protection this means can be used independently or in combination with other contraceptives, in particular barrier.


It is contraindicated to apply Eroteks if at the woman manifestations of hypersensitivity to any making drug are noted.

Side effects

At use of a contraceptive of Eroteks the woman can sometimes note manifestation of burning in a vagina.

Such by-effects can be eliminated, having carried out syringing by clear water. No special actions are required.

Systemic side effect when using this contraceptive is not shown.

The instruction to Eroteks (A way and a dosage)

Suppository should be exempted just before use from protective packaging. Candles are entered deeply into a vagina.

It agrees with the instruction, it is necessary to enter candles not later, than in five minutes before sexual intercourse. For this period active ingredient will evenly be distributed on all vagina.

One suppository provides protection on one sexual intercourse. Before the second sexual intercourse it is necessary to enter other suppository of Eroteks surely.


Overdose cases were not recorded.


At use of this drug it is necessary to consider what washed also other means of hygiene containing soap inactivate the active agent (chloride a benzalkoniya) which is contained in drug. Therefore, its contraceptive action disappears.

During use of suppositories it is impossible to apply other drugs in a vaginal form to prevent decrease in contraceptive influence.

Terms of sale

It is possible to buy Eroteks without recipe.

Storage conditions

Suppositories need to be protected from children, to store from 2 to 15 degrees in temperature condition.

Period of validity

It is possible to store a dragee 2 years.

Special instructions

Use of this means is allowed during monthly, during pregnancy and a lactation.

Use of suppositories irrespective of a menstrual cycle before each sexual contact is recommended. Before each sexual intercourse it is necessary to enter one candle of Eroteks.

For two hours before sexual contact and two more hours after its termination it is impossible to apply the soap or other means of hygiene containing soap as even a small amount of such means can inactivate contraceptive influence of drug. After sexual intercourse for two hours it is impossible to carry out syringing of a vagina. After sexual intercourse it is possible to use clear water.

In case of an aggravation of chronic inflammations of urinogenital bodies or in the presence of dysplastic changes of an epithelium of a vagina or neck of uterus it is not recommended to apply Eroteks before disappearance of symptoms of an illness. If vagina diseases are diagnosed for the woman, it is impossible to apply means without the permission of the gynecologist.

If other drugs which are applied intravaginalno were appointed, it is necessary to stop protection by Eroteks until therapy is complete.

Efficiency of a contraceptive directly depends on careful observance of all recommendations about its use.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

There is a number of similar means which have similar effect. These are drugs of Benateks, Farmagineks, Spermateks, Kontrateks, Farmateks , etc.


  • Eroteks suppositories Internationals, vaginal with a smell of a lavender No. 5sours of Beys, Limited
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  • Erotekssperko Ukraine (Ukraine, Vinnytsia)


  • Soup. eroteks lavender No. 10sperko
  • Soup. eroteks lavender No. 10sperko
  • Soup. eroteks lavender No. 10sperko
  • Soup. eroteks lavender No. 10sperko
  • Soup. eroteks lavender No. 10sperko
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