Erosion of a neck of uterus

The erosion (in translation from Latin — "corrosion") necks of uterus is a pathological phenomenon in the course of which there is exfoliating from a vulval site of a neck of uterus of cells of a cover epithelium.

Today the erosion of a uterus is considered the most often found pathology of generative organs of the woman that is confirmed by medical statistics. Very often the erosion is found in the woman who visits the doctor in connection with development of other disease of generative organs.

As the neck of uterus is arranged

Doctors subdivide a neck of uterus into two parts: the specialist can consider her vulval part by means of a special mirror which is used by the gynecologist at usual survey. In the middle of supravaginal part of a neck of uterus there passes the so-called cervical channel (the channel of a neck of uterus).

The vulval part of a neck is covered by a smooth mucous membrane. This cover of pinkish color is formed by a multilayer epithelium. The mucous membrane of the channel of a neck of uterus is covered by a single-layer epithelium. Thus, in general the mucous membrane of a neck of uterus is made by two different types of an epithelium. In it there is also a transitional zone: this place where one type of an epithelium replaces another. This zone in women of different age categories is found in different places. So, with age it is gradually displaced deep into, to the cervical channel.

Why there is an erosion of a neck of uterus?

At manifestation at a sick erosion of a neck of uterus of the reason of its development can be different. However the most often superficial cells of an epithelium begin to be torn away owing to earlier developed inflammatory process.

Very often developing of an erosion is connected with mechanical impact on a mucous membrane of a neck of uterus. Because of a certain physical influence in a certain place the epithelium collapses and inflammatory process develops.

Infectious diseases which are transmitted sexually as under the influence of microorganisms the structure of membranes of cells collapses become the initial reason of display of an erosion often. Besides such microorganisms produce toxic substances.

Specialists note also the fact that the erosion is more often diagnosed for those women who a long span suffer from disturbances of hormonal balance and a monthly cycle.

According to the immunological theory the erosion of a neck of uterus develops at the women suffering from disturbances of protective function of an organism. Rather often at such patients disturbance of a cycle, inflammation of generative organs and a large number of abortions in the anamnesis can be noted. So-called "risk group", besides, includes those women whose sex life it is impossible to call arranged.

In gynecology distinguish two different terms: true erosion of a neck of uterus and pseudo-erosion (ectopia). The true erosion for women is diagnosed rather seldom. It, as a rule, begins to live approximately two weeks later after emergence. Sometimes the true erosion of a neck of uterus is shown at just given rise women after heavy patrimonial process, other interventions which are carried out vnutrimatochno. The erosion can develop and as an effect of gaps.

More often the designation "erosion of a neck of uterus" is used for designation of the phenomenon connected with shift on a surface of a neck of uterus of two different layers of an epithelium. In this case cells of an epithelium of a neck of uterus are gradually replaced with a cylindrical epithelium which borders are displaced. During certain vital periods the pseudo-erosion is found approximately in a third of women.

Symptoms of an erosion of a neck of uterus

In view of the fact that at development of an erosion in the woman her health cardinally does not change, it is impossible to call symptoms of an erosion of a neck of uterus pronounced. In most cases patients with an erosion do not even feel discomfort in the field of a stomach bottom as it sometimes happens at inflammatory diseases. In view of absence on a neck of uterus of sensitive receptors pain is not shown also in the course of the sexual intercourse. But after sexual intercourse ended, the woman can note emergence of small bloody or sanious allocations. In that case it is necessary, without postponing, to pass survey at the gynecologist.

If the infectious disease joins an erosion of a neck of uterus, symptoms become more expressed. In particular, allocations after intimacy can amplify, appears periodic feelings of pain in the lower part of a stomach.

Diagnosis of an erosion of a neck of uterus

The doctor can find existence of an erosion of a neck of uterus already in the course of carrying out usual survey of a neck of uterus with use of a gynecologic mirror. Very often the erosion accidentally is found. It looks as a small site of a bright red shade on a neck of uterus.

But for more detailed information on character of pathology of the patient it is necessary to carry out a kolposkopiya as additional research. In the course of use of this method of research the special optical device which gives the chance to enlarge the image approximately by 25 times is involved. Thanks to it the specialist can consider all affected areas in details and establish the exact diagnosis. Such research without serious consequences, it continues about twenty minutes.

Carrying out a kolposkopiya also allows to make if necessary a biopsy of that site of a neck of uterus on which changes were noted. The decision on carrying out a biopsy is made by the doctor on the basis of detection of a suspicious site on a neck of uterus.

It is necessary to carry out a biopsy approximately for 5-7 day of a menstrual cycle, at once after monthly stop. During capture of material for research in a vagina there should not be inflammatory processes. After excision of small part of fabric it is sent to laboratory for carrying out histologic research. Detailed research allows the gynecologist to make the correct decision how to treat an erosion of a neck of uterus and to apply effective tactics of therapy. Besides specification of the diagnosis allows to exclude development of oncological process also.

Before process of full treatment of a disease the woman has to pass also cytologic inspection, hand over a smear on flora, blood tests, and also research regarding existence of sexually transmitted infections.

Complications of an erosion of a neck of uterus

The fact that symptoms of an erosion of a neck of uterus at the woman are not shown it is especially expressed, does not confirm lack of need of treatment of a disease at all. When developing a pseudo-erosion around the channel of a neck of uterus there is an epithelium which is not possessing property of protection against penetration from a vagina into an infection uterus.

In certain cases also development of spontaneous epithelization of an erosion of a neck of uterus is possible owing to what formation of a defective epithelium is possible.

At long existence the sick erosion of a neck of uterus and lack of adequate therapy of a disease can have an irreversible change of cells of a neck of uterus. As a result, the risk of development of an oncological disease considerably increases. In the course of regeneration there are atypical cells which precede a precancerous state. Development in the woman of sexually transmitted infections, in particular the papillomaviruses which are combined with viruses of genital herpes can aggravate process of regeneration of cells.

In order to avoid similar complications each woman has to carry out twice a year preventive visit to the gynecologist. All women for whom the erosion of a neck of uterus is diagnosed have to be observed constantly at the treating specialist.

Treatment of an erosion of a neck of uterus

Эрозии шейки матки First of all, understanding that treatment of an erosion of a neck of uterus without fail has to begin at once after the corresponding diagnosis was made is important. A bathing condition for successful treatment of an erosion of a neck of uterus is the integrated approach to therapy. Initially it is necessary to cure an inflammation completely. Therefore, the revealed specific infection demands treatment with use of antibiotics. It is also important to eliminate a hormonal imbalance in an organism. Sometimes the erosion of a neck of uterus disappears independently after this stage of treatment. But if it does not occur, then the following stage of therapy are the methods allowing to destroy the changed epithelium.

Often to women with an erosion of a neck of uterus the physical therapy is appointed: treatment with use of low-frequency ultrasound, the helioneon laser is applied.

Besides, also other methods of therapy practice. Cauterization of an erosion of a neck of uterus using electric current (a diathermocoagulation method), freezing with use of liquid nitrogen (a cryolysis method), processing by the laser (a method of a surgical lazerokoagulyation), and also chemical coagulation with use of medicines is used. At chemical coagulation special drugs, for example, solkovagin are used. Owing to use of such method hems on a neck of uterus do not appear, however it is suitable only for treatment of not too big erosion. For 3-5 procedures it is possible to cure an erosion which size does not exceed 12 mm.

Cauterization is used rather often in view of availability of a method. However there is a number of shortcomings which can significantly affect a condition of the woman. In particular at cauterization of an erosion the woman feels pain, besides after cauterization there can be hems. Thereof sometimes at the woman endometriosis develops. Therefore not giving birth women should not undergo this procedure.

After the end of procedures on site of an erosion there is a site of the died-off fabric under which later new healthy cells gradually appear. After the scab is torn away, intensive education of healthy cells is continued. It is very important that till that time until the place of an erosion completely begins to live, the patient abstained from sex life.

If the due effect after a praktikovaniye of the techniques stated above does not occur, then use of a surgical method of treatment of an erosion of a neck of uterus is possible. However women who did not give birth to the child yet are not recommended to treat a disease of a surgical way. After the surgery was made, to the patient is shown to adhere to the sparing mode: not to overheat, not to lift weights, some time to avoid sex life. It is desirable to drink in days to a polsa of operation as much as possible liquid. Surgical intervention concerning an erosion is carried out in the same days, as a biopsy – for 5-7 day of a monthly cycle.

Women with the diagnosis "an erosion of a neck of uterus" often practice also treatment by means of some national methods. In particular, traditional medicine recommends use of the tampons which are previously moistened with plentifully sea-buckthorn oil. Such tampons enter for the night into a vagina. It is desirable to make in a row from eight to twelve procedures.

The improvised tampons can be made also of pumpkin: its pulp is wrapped in a gauze. Such tampons should be entered into a vagina for four days in a row. Cotton plugs can also be moistened in the aloe juice half mixed with honey and to put for a week in a vagina for the night. One more option – to crush an onion and to wrap fresh weight in a gauze. Such tampons need to be entered within a week for the night.

It is possible to prepare also some broths of herbs for syringing. For this purpose to optimum use oak bark, a camomile pharmaceutical, a grass of a St. John's Wort, wormwood bitter, a bergenia broad-leaved.

Homeopathic medicines are also used at treatment of an erosion of a uterus. Besides, specialists speak about favorable influence of hormonal contraceptives. They promote more intensive healing of an erosion.

Erosion of a neck of uterus and pregnancy

Because the erosion of a neck of uterus is found in women of childbearing age rather often, one of the most topical issues in this case is the question of how the erosion of a neck of uterus and pregnancy is combined. In particular, interests women whether the erosion the indication for abortion can become.

According to long-term supervision of specialists, existence of an erosion of a neck of uterus does not influence development of pregnancy and a condition of future mother. In certain cases at an erosion at the pregnant woman allocations of bloody character from generative organs can periodically be shown. But this phenomenon does not contact abortion. However, in this case it is important that the diagnosis was confirmed as allocations at pregnancy can be connected not only with an erosion, but also with some dangerous states.

However in the course of childbirth unpleasant effects of pregnancy can be shown. In particular, the fabric affected with an erosion stretches worse and can be torn. But during pregnancy doctors do not practice usual methods of treatment: to the pregnant woman only fortifying treatment or medicamentous drugs strictly according to indications is appointed. All procedures practiced for effective therapy are applied only when at young mother periods are recovered.

Prevention of an erosion of a neck of uterus

Эрозии шейки матки To prevent development such pathologists, specialists recommend to provide the correct use of contraception for the purpose of the maximum decrease in risk of approach of undesirable pregnancy. If the woman has several sexual partners, she by all means has to use a condom.

Not less important point – regular preventive visit to the doctor. Such precautionary measure will allow to find an illness timely and to provide the correct treatment. Manifestation at the woman of alarming symptoms – pains, burnings, allocations from generative organs – an occasion at once to go for survey to the gynecologist.

Personal hygiene – one more important measure of prevention. Twice a day it is necessary to wash generative organs using soap. At the same time hygiene of the sexual partner also has first-priority value as at sexual contact there is always a risk of receiving internal damage and, respectively, a transmission of infection.

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