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  • Latin name: Escapelle
  • ATH code: G03AC03
  • Active ingredient: Levonorgestrel (Levonorgestrel)
  • Producer: Gedeon Richter (Hungary)


Actively operating component of Escapelle is levonorgestrel which is present at drug in concentration of 1,5 mg / tab.

Influence and digestion of levonorgestrel optimize present at tablets starch (potato and corn), silicon dioxide anhydrous colloid, magnesium stearate, monohydrate of lactose, talc.

Release form

Escapelle is issued in the tableted form. Each packaging of drug is completed with one blister with one white or almost white, flat tablet of a round form. On tablets there is a facet and an engraving of "G00" on one of the parties.

Pharmacological action

Drug represents gestagenny means of post-coital contraception. Suppresses the effects caused by estrogen, has gestagenny effect and interferes with fertilization of an ovum.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Escapelle represents means of the emergency post-coital contraception. Exact data on how drug works, no.

Effect of levonorgestrel is directed to braking of an ovulation and decrease in risk of fertilization of an ovum in a preovulatory phase when the probability to become pregnant is considered the highest.

Influencing a mucous membrane of a uterus, substance changes it so that the oospore could not be implemented into it. However in cases when implantation of an embryo in an endometria already began, tablets are inefficient.

Use of Escapelle after the unprotected sexual contact allows to prevent pregnancy approximately in 84% of cases. At the same time drug does not cause clinically significant disturbances of a carbohydrate and lipidic metabolism and does not provoke disturbance of a vascular and platelet (cellular) and plasma hemostasis.

After reception of p/os levonorgestrel is well absorbed in a gastrointestinal tract. The indicator of its bioavailability is close to 100%. The maximum concentration of substance in a blood plasma after one-time reception of a dose of 0,75 mg is noted approximately later 1,6 h (+/-0,7 h). As a rule, it makes 6,4-21,8 ng/ml.

In blood serum about a half of the levonorgestrel which came to an organism contacts protein albumine, about another 47,5% of substance contact SHBG protein (an androgen - the connecting globulin).

Levonorgestrel is exposed to biotransformation in a liver, the formed metabolism products pharmacological are inactive.

Elimination half-life — 19,1-29,7 h. Levonorgestrel and its metabolites are removed mainly with urine and in insignificant quantities with intestines contents.

When breastfeeding together with maternal milk about 0,1% of levonorgestrel therefore in cases when Escapelle is used for contraception by the feeding woman, the lactation is recommended to be stopped for 36 hours get to an organism of the baby.

Indications to use

The contraceptive tablets Escapelle are intended for an emergency contraception. A tablet after the unprotected act, and also in situations when the weight of evidence suggests the main way of contraception by insufficiently reliable, it has to be accepted within the first 72 hours.

In particular, it is reasonable to accept means in case of disturbance of integrity of a condom, the admission of reception of a tablet of contraceptive drug for regular use, after rape or coercion to sexual intercourse, and also in situations when spontaneous sexual intercourse took place.


In the instruction to drug the producer warns that reception of Escapelle should be avoided:

  • in cases when it is known of hypersensitivity to levonorgestrel;
  • to patients about a lactose intolerance (including with disturbances of absorption of glucose and a galactose, a galactosemia, a lactose intolerance);
  • at the expressed functional hepatic unsufficiency;
  • to girls 16 years are younger.

With caution women should take Escapelle with a syndrome of the broken intestinal absorption.

Side effects of Escapelle

Reception of the tablets Escapelle can be followed by a number of by-effects which are most often expressed in a look:

  • displays of an allergy (including swellings a century and cheeks, emergence of rash on a body, itches, etc.);
  • disorders of function of bodies of the alimentary system (the most frequent disturbances desires to vomiting and/or vomiting, diarrhea are);
  • migrenepodobny headaches;
  • disorders of coordination;
  • discomfort in the lower part of a stomach;
  • emergence of bloody allocations after reception of a tablet (and these allocations are not associated with menstrual bleedings);
  • unpleasant feelings in mammary glands;
  • failure of a menstrual cycle (the delay after Escapelle usually makes from 5 to 7 days).

It is considered that side effects of Escapelle arise at women who conduct active, a healthy lifestyle much less often and play sports.

Researches of the Russian scientists allowed to establish that use of drug is effective in 97% of cases. In other 3% of cases of the patient took a pill later, than in 90 h after the unprotected sexual contact.

By practical consideration it was succeeded to define that approximately at a third of examinees monthly after reception of Escapelle began not in usual terms, and for 7-14 days later. At 14% of examinees menstrual bleeding after reception of a tablet was considerable more plentiful, than usually.

At 16% of examinees the periods began earlier, than it was expected; desires to vomiting arose at 11%, vomiting — at 3%, morbidity of mammary glands — at 3% of the women accepting in experiment. In general, these or those by-effects were observed at 17% of participants of experiment.

Application instruction of Escapelle

According to the instruction on Escapelle, a pill it is necessary to take inside, washing down with enough drinking water.

The tablet is allowed to be drunk, without becoming attached by the time of meal, and in any day of a cycle (provided that the previous menstrual bleeding passed normally), but as soon as possible after the unprotected sexual contact. The most admissible interval between sexual intercourse and reception of a tablet — 72 hours.

If within 3 hours after administration of drug the woman had a vomiting, it is necessary to take one more medicine.

After use of Escapelle it is necessary to use barrier contraceptives.

The periods after reception of means usually begin in usual terms, however the probability of insignificant failure of a cycle is not excluded (bleeding can begin both for several days earlier, and several days later).

How it is often possible to accept drug? In the instruction it is specified Escapelle that optimum it is considered to take no more than 1 pill during one menstrual cycle. To avoid negative effects, Escapelle is recommended to be drunk not more often than once in 3-6 months.

It is necessary to know that use of drug does not exclude need to use additional resources of protection against diseases which are transferred sexually.


Effects of reception of high doses of Escapelle are expressed as strengthening of the side effects described in the instruction to drug.

Levonorgestrel has no specific antidote, treatment — symptomatic.


Simultaneous use of drug with inductors of liver enzymes provokes strengthening of a metabolism of levonorgestrel.

Decrease in contraceptive effect of Escapelle is promoted by administration of drug in a combination with: barbiturates (Carbamazepine, Primidonum, Phenytoinum); means as a part of which there is a St. John's Wort ordinary (made a hole); Amprenaviry, Oksikarbazepiny, Lanzoprazoly, Topiramaty, Rifampicin, Nevirapin, Takrolimus, Tretinoin, means of tetracycline and ampitsillinovy group, Ritonavir, Griseofulvin, Rifabutin.

In turn tablets reduce efficiency of anticoagulants and gipoklikemichesky drugs, promote increase of plasma concentration of glucocorticosteroids and increase of risk of toxicity of cyclosporine due to suppression of its metabolism.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Tablets should be stored at a temperature of 15-25 °C. To protect from children.

Period of validity

5 years.

Special instructions

It is necessary to avoid repeated administration of drug during one cycle as it is connected with high probability of emergence of disorders of menstrual function.

Regular use of means for contraception provokes increase of frequency of emergence of by-effects and decrease in efficiency of tablets.

If at the woman is not present monthly after reception of a tablet of Escapelle (it concerns cases when menstrual bleeding does not begin a week later after use of means), it is necessary to pass inspection for a pregnancy exception.

The bases for the address to the doctor are also change of nature of allocations, emergence of pains in the lower part of a stomach, faints. Similar symptoms can be a sign of ectopic (extrauterine) pregnancy.

In case of development of uterine bleeding carrying out gynecologic inspection is necessary.

At teenage age (till 16 flyings) the emergency contraception using Escapelle is possible in exceptional cases (for example, at rape) and only when it is approved by the attending physician.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Structural analogs of Escapelle are the drugs Postinor and Eskinor-F

Drug belongs to one pharmacological subgroup with such means as Implanon, Charozetta, Laktinet, Ekslyuton, Implanon NKST, MODELL MAM.

Zhenale or Escapelle — what is better?

The main difference of drugs is their structure. Effect of Escapelle is caused by activity of levonorgestrel, at Zhenale as active ingredient there is a mifepristone — a synthetic steroid which does not possess gestagenny activity and is capable to block effect of progesterone at the level of gestagenovy receptors.

Mifepristone in gynecology is used for medicamentous interruption of already taken place pregnancy (however for this purpose means is applied in the dose considerably exceeding 10 mg of mifepristone which are contained in one tablet of Zhenale).

Levonorgestrel, on the contrary, is inefficient in cases when the oospore already managed to be fixed in a uterus wall.

It is important to know that if after Zhenale's use pregnancy remains, there is a risk of emergence of serious violations of fetation.

In case of preservation of pregnancy after Escapelle use, it can continue to be born (at normal localization of fetal egg) as drug does not exert negative impact on fetation.

Ginepriston or Escapelle — what is better?

In Ginepristona as actively active ingredient anti-hormone mifepristone is used. That is, as well as its analog Zhenale, drug is non-hormonal means of an emergency contraception.

As well as Zhenale, Ginepriston in a dose of 10 mg is capable to brake an ovulation on average till 4 days (sometimes more). Thus, before it will take place, all spermatozoa getting into a genital tract just perish.

Effect of levonorgestrel is similar to effect of progesterone. Therefore if Escapelle is accepted after sexual intercourse which took place in a day or two to an ovulation, it loses up to 68% in efficiency. If the pill is taken in day of an ovulation or after an ovulation, means often does not give the necessary effect at all.

Antigestagenny drugs Zhenale and Ginepriston are equally effective in any phase of a menstrual cycle: to an ovulation mifepristone suppresses it, after — interferes with adhesion of an ovum in mucous a uterus.

Therefore antigestagena are considered as more efficient in comparison with levonorgestrel in case of their reception in fertile days.

Ginepriston and Zhenale's one more important difference from Escapelle is that their efficiency does not depend on the woman's weight: specialists declare that drugs as a part of which there is a levonorgestrel render less expressed effect if the woman has an excess weight (in particular if she suffers from obesity).


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