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  • Latin name: Essentiale Forte N
  • ATH code: A05BA
  • Active ingredient: MNN: Phospholipids (Phospholipides)
  • Producer: Aventis Pharma International, France A. Nattermann & Cie, Germany


Essentiale Forte N are a part EPL*-substance (300 mg / kaps.), and also solid fat, ethylvanillin, oils (soybeans and the hydrogenated castoric), 96% ethanol, α-tocopherol, 4-metoksiatsetofenon.

Structure of a capsule: the purified water, gelatin, E171 additive (Ti dioxide), dyes (yellow, black and red iron oxides), Na lauryl sulfate.

* EPL are phospholipids of beans of soy which contain 76% (3sn-fosfatidit) - sincaline

Release form

Capsules of 300 mg (No. 1), packaging No. 30 and No. 100.

Capsules are gelatinous, opaque, brown color, are filled with yellowish-brown oily pasty substance.

Pharmacological action


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The Essential Phospholipids (EP), being the main structural components of cellular membranes of hepatocytes and their organellas, take active part in differentiation and cell fission, and also their regeneration.

The substance which is contained in drug is a high cleaning fraction of phosphatidylsincaline in which the defining component is dilinoleoilfosfatidilkholin.

On the chemical structure EF remind endogenous phospholipids, however due to the maintenance of PNZhK in them (in particular linolic acid) exceed them on functional properties.

Functional EPL value is based on their amfifilnost thanks to which they can regulate permeability of membranes.

They improve function of cellular covers and, in particular, process of biological oxidation and reaction of ion exchange; influence process of oxidizing phosphorylation in energy balance (catabolism) of cells and increase activity of the mitochondrions of enzymes connected with membranes.

In physiological conditions phospholipids are synthesized by an organism in the quantities satisfying normal requirements of cells of a liver. However at diseases of body function of fermental systems, and also structure and function of cellular covers are broken.

In particular these processes in mitochondrions are expressed. It is connected with the fact that mitochondrions in which the major exchange processes proceed approximately on a third consist of phospholipids.

Deficit of phospholipids is a lipometabolism cause of infringement that in turn leads to development of a fatty hepatosis of a liver.

Contained in the drug EPL thanks to the pharmacological properties is promoted elimination of the listed disturbances, by reactivations of fermental systems and the membrane device of cells, increase ability of a liver to destroy and neutralize toxic substances and thus improve its function.


Phospholipids are soaked up mainly (about 90% of the accepted dose) in thin department of intestines. Under influence fosfolipazy-A their main part is split to 1-acyl-lizofosfatidilkholina which more than a half immediately (even at absorption in mucous intestines) reatsetilirutsya in polyunsaturated phosphatidylsincaline (PFH).

With current of a lymph of PFH gets to a system blood stream, and from there, generally in the state connected with LPVP, to a liver.

The choline part of EPL when carrying out researches of pharmacokinetics of drug by means of dilinoleylphosphatidylsincaline was noted as 3H, the rest of linolic acid as 14C.

Tsmakh 3H — 6-24 h (19,9% of the appointed dose), T1/2 3H — 66 h.

Tsmakh 14C — 4-12 h (to 27,9% of the appointed dose), T1/2 14C — 32 h.

In fecal masses about 2% 3H are found and about 4,5% 14C, urine contains 6% of the accepted dose 3H, 14S it is found in the minimum concentration.

Indications to use

Indications to use Essentiale Forte N:

  • hepatitis (different forms and an etiology), a fatty hepatosis, cirrhosis and intoxication of a liver, dysfunction of body against other somatopathies;
  • toxicosis/gestosis of pregnant women;
  • psoriasis;
  • radiation syndrome.

Whether it is possible to take for prevention of a pill (capsule) Essentiale?

Use of drug in the preventive purposes is shown at threat of recurrence of cholelithiasis.

Besides, purpose of gepatoprotektor quite often makes sense against treatment by antibiotics.


The main contraindication the known hypersensitivity to phosphatidylsincaline or auxiliary components of capsules.

Side effects

Patients in most cases well transfer drug, however reception of capsules can sometimes cause a chair softening (or diarrhea), and also discomfort in a stomach.

Very seldom (less than in one of 10 thousand cases) side effects are shown in the form of skin allergic reactions: itch, rash, small tortoiseshell, dieback.

Application instruction Essentiale Forte N

Following the instruction on Essentiale Forte N, capsules accept whole, washing down with a large amount of liquid (about 200 ml).

To patients 12 years are more senior (provided that their weight not less than 43 kg) medicine appoint 1,8 g/days in a dose. Tablets (capsule) drink 3 times a day (on 2 on each reception), during food.

Duration of a course of treatment Essentiale Forte is not limited by N.

Quite often patients have a question "How to Accept Essentiale Forte for Prevention?".

Doctors and druggists answer it as follows: drug is more intended for treatment of the existing diseases, but not for their prevention, in the same cases when Essentiale is appointed for prevention of repeated formation of gallstones, the scheme of treatment standard 2 capsules 3 times a day.


Essentiale is not present messages on overdose cases.


Medicinal and other forms of interactions are not described.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

Capsules have to be stored at a temperature below 21 °C.

Period of validity

Three years.

What it is possible to replace Essentiale Forte with N?

As substitute Essentiale its structural analogs, and also drugs which have the similar mechanism of action can be used. Replacement of capsules with other medicine is possible from approval of the doctor.

Structural analogs Essentiale Forte N: Antraliv, Livolayf, Essentiale of N, Esslial forte, Essliver, Liventsiale.

The price of analogs Essentiale from 345 rub. The most available is the Russian analog of drug Fosfontsiale (CJSC Kanonfarm production).

Other cheap analogs of drug Karsil, Ovesol Evalar dietary supplement,Holiver, Rezalyut about, Essliver Forte.

Essentiale Forte and Essentiale Forte N in what a difference?

Essentiale Forte and Essentiale Forte of N is a name of the same dosage form of drug.

The producer lets out:

Sometimes capsules mistakenly call "tablets Essentiale".

Other popular beliefs are that introduction Essentiale Forte is allowed in/in (the dosage form in which name there is a word "Forte", is intended only for intake); there is a kind of drug which is let out under the name Essentiale Forte M.

What it is better Rezalyut or Essentiale Forte?

About is a part of capsules of Rezalyut lipoid PPL 600 which contains phospholipids of beans of soy (300 mg / kaps.), a glitserola mono / dialkonat, α-tocopherol, the purified soy oil, triglycerides of an average chain.

Extract of phospholipids of soy for 76% consists phosphoglycerides and phosphatidylsincaline, at this PNZhK are provided mainly by linolic acid.

Considering that the structure of capsules Essentiale and Rezalyut about is almost identical, these drugs can be used as interchangeable.

What it is better Essentiale Forte or Essliver Forte?

Essentiale Forte and Essliver Forte is drugs of one group, that is there is no essential difference between indications to their use.

The main differences of drug Essliver Forte from analog are lower concentration of phosphatidylsincaline in it and existence as a part of capsules of a complex of vitamins of group B (at the same time the last contain in medicine in rather high doses).

Thus, at the same indications frequency rate and duration of use of these medicines will be different. The fact that prolonged treatment by capsules Essliver Forte can become the hypervitaminosis reason In, reactions of hypersensitivity and development of a fatty hepatosis is important.

In capsules Essentiale a phosphatidylsincaline dose significantly higher, however other active components which are potentially capable to provoke side effects, no. Undoubted advantage of drug is as well the fact that duration of its use is not limited.

What it is better Essentiale Forte or Phosphogliv?

The drug Phosphogliv is issued in the form of capsules and lyophilisate for preparation of injection solution. Actively operating substance in it is provided by two components: glycyrrhizic acid and phospholipids, basic of which phosphatidylsincaline (its keeping in phospholipid fraction from 73 to 79%) is.

Capsules of 2 types: with low and high concentration of active agents. In the first phospholipids 65 mg, and glycyrrhizic acid  35 mg contain. Secondly, respectively, 300 and 65 mg. For solution preparation phospholipids are a part of powder concentration of 500 mg / fl., and glitsirat in concentration of 200 mg / fl.

On the one hand, presence at the same time of 2 components promotes strengthening of effect of drug, with another creates additional risks and restrictions in use.

So, treatment by glycyrrhizic acid drugs in high doses or is capable to become more than 6 weeks in a row the reason of intoxication of an organism and development of serious side effects.

For children

Due to the lack of sufficient evidential base in pediatrics drug is recommended to be used at patients 12 years are more senior.

it is also proved during a number of researches in capsules Essentiale products of a peroksidation contain in much smaller quantities, than in drugs of other producers (for example, in capsules Essliver Forte or Phosphogliv).

How much is Essentiale Forte N?

The price of the tablets Essentiale Forte N varies depending on quantity of capsules in packaging. So, the cost of 100 capsules in the Russian drugstores 1785-1980 rub, and packaging with 30 capsules it is possible to buy for 620-710 rub. Ampoules with solution Essentiale of N are cost an average by 1045 rub (packaging No. 5).

The lowest prices traditionally in Ozerki's drugstore. Besides, in this network actions are frequent. So, for example, there can sometimes be offers to get 3 packagings of drug at the price of the 2nd.

The price Essentiale Forte N in Ukraine from 145 UAH for packaging No. 30. In Belarus tablets for a liver can be bought from 145.8 thousand rubles.


  • Essentiale forte N No. 30 kapsulya.nattermann and Cie. GmbH
  • Essentiale forte N No. 100 kapsulya.nattermann and Cie. GmbH
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  • Essentiale forte nnattermann (Germany)
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