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  • Latin name: Essentiale N
  • ATH code: A05BA50
  • Active ingredient: Phospholipids (Phospholipides)
  • Producer: Sanofi, France; Hey. Nattermann and Sayah Gmbh, Germany


Structure Essentiale of N: EPL substance — essential phospholipids of beans of soy (93% (3sn-fosfatidit) sincaline) in concentration of 50 mg/ml, benzyl alcohol, desoxycholeic acid, sodium hydroxide, sodium chloride, a food additive of E101 (Riboflavinums), water for and.

Release form

Injection solution of 50 mg/ml, ampoules of 5 ml, packaging No. 5. Solution transparent, yellow color, visible suspenzirovanny particles are absent.

Pharmacological action

Promotes increase of resistance of a liver to pathological influences and increases its detoksitsiruyushchy properties.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


Membranes and organellas of cells of a liver are always surprised at pathologies of body that can lead to change of activity of the enzymes connected with membranes and receptor systems, to disturbance of metabolic function of hepatocytes and decrease in intensity of regeneration of body.

Contained in the drug Essentiale of N EPL Substance on the chemical structure reminds endogenous phospholipids, however much more exceeds the last at the expense of the high content of PNZhK.

Being built in mainly structures of cellular membranes, these high-energy molecules promote recovery of the damaged liver tissues.

Cis-double bonds of PNZhK do not allow hydrocarbon chains to be located in phospholipids of covers of cells in parallel owing to what the phospholipidic structure of covers of hepatocytes becomes more friable. It causes increase of their elasticity and flowability, and also increase of speed of intake of substances in a cell and their removal from it.

Membrane-bound enzymes form functional blocks which can increase their activity and provide the physiological course of the main metabolic processes.

Phospholipids by regulation of an exchange of lipoproteins exert impact on the broken metabolism of lipids, promoting biotransformation of cholesterol and neutral fats in forms, suitable for transportation, and to their transfer to places of oxidation. It is implemented first of all due to increase of ability of LPVP to contact cholesterol.

At elimination of phospholipids in zhelchevyvodyashchy ways decrease in an index of a litogennost and stabilization of bile is noted.


At oral administration about 90% of a dose are soaked up in thin department of intestines. The main part of EPL substance under influence fosfolipazy-A is split to 1-acyl-lizofosfatidilkholina which half reatsilirutsya at once in polyunsaturated phosphatidylsincaline (PFH) even at absorption in a small bowel.

PFH comes to a blood stream on lymphatic ways further, generally with LP of high density, is transported in a liver.

In order that concentration of phosphatidylsincaline in blood (on average 20%) reached a maximum, it is required from 6 to 24 hours. The semi-elimination period for saturated ZhK — 32, for a choline component — 66 hours.

During researches of features of pharmacokinetics of drug it was established that less than 5% of each of the entered isotopes 14C and 3H are excreted with intestines contents.

Indications to use

Indications to use Essentiale (MNN — Mono):

  • steatogepatit (alcoholic or not alcoholic);
  • hepatitis (any form of a clinical current and etiology);
  • cirrhosis;
  • radiation syndrome;
  • to - and postoperative treatment at surgical interventions in the field of a gepatobiliarny zone;
  • psoriasis;
  • toxicoses of pregnant women.


Contraindication to purpose of drug is hypersensitivity to any of its components.

It is strictly forbidden to enter solution to newborn and premature children (the contraindication is caused by the fact that Essentiale of N is a part benzyl alcohol).

Side effects

Use of high doses Essentiale of N can be followed by disturbances from a digestive tract (in particular, a diarrhea).

At certain patients hypersensitivity reactions, urticaria, an itch, rash and reactions in a solution injection site were observed.

Ampoules Essentiale: application instruction

According to the application instruction Essentiale of N, a standard dose of medicine for patients is more senior than 12 years — 5-10, in hard cases — to 20 ml/days (10 ml of solution can be entered once).

For cultivation of drug it is recommended to use the patient's blood in the ratio 1:1. Intravenously pour in drug till 10 days.

Parenteral therapy is tried to be added as soon as possible (to support) by purpose of capsules Essentiale.

The course of treatment usually lasts of 3 months before half a year.

How to accept drug at psoriasis?

At psoriasis treatment begin with use of the drug Essentiale Forte N in a dose 1,8 g/days (6 capsules). Treatment lasts 2 weeks then to the patient appoint PUVA therapy and pricks Essentiale of N (10 doses on 5 ml intravenously).

Use Essentiale in ampoules for hair

Essentiale is applied to hair in cases when it is required to strengthen their weakened root bags.

Basis of drug are fat-soluble substances therefore the mask for hair about Essentiale should be prepared on sour cream, kefir or egg yolks.

For short hair there is usually enough third of volume of 1 ampoule of solution, for long — half. Medicine is gathered by means of the syringe and mixed with 1 yolk of egg also 1-2 h sour cream/kefir spoons.

It is necessary to apply mix on clean wet hair. Influence duration — 60 minutes. After this time the structure is washed away warm water. It is recommended to dry hair without hair dryer. The first 5 masks do weekly, further for maintenance of effect they are enough to be repeated once a month.

For strengthening of effect it is possible to enter Dimexidum into structure of a mask.


There is no information on cases of overdose.


Solutions of electrolytes (for example, Ringer's solution or normal saline solution of NaCl) cannot be used for drug cultivation.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

The recipe on Latin (sample):
Rp.: Sol. "Essentiale N"
D. t.d. N.5 in amp.
S. On 250 mg of 1-2 rubles/@.

Storage conditions

Ampoules have to be stored at a temperature of 2-8 °C. List B.

Period of validity

Three years.

Special instructions

If pour in Essentiale of N by means of a dropper, in cases when the patient's blood for any reason cannot be used, solutions, free from electrolytes, have to be applied, namely: 5% solution of xylitol, 5 or 10% solution of glucose in the ratio 1:1.

Only transparent solution is considered suitable for use.

It is impossible to mix drug in one syringe with other HP.

Essentiale in/in should be entered very slowly. Solution is intended only for intravenous injection, pricks in a muscle can provoke local irritation.

Solution contains 0,6% of alcohol (on volume).

Analogs Essentiale of N

Analogs of medicine are drugs of Antraliv, Livolayf Forte, Fosfontsiale, Essentiale Forte of N, Esslial, Liventsiale, Essliver, Rezalyut of Missile defense.

Analogs are cheaper Essentiale: Rezalt about, Fosfontsiale, Essliver. The price of analogs Essentiale — from 345 rub (the most inexpensive substitute — Fosfontsiale's capsules).

In what difference Essentiale of N from Essentiale Forte N?

Essentiale of N and Essentiale Forte of N are different forms of the same medicine. Essentiale Forte of N is issued in the form of capsules, contains in each of which on 300 mg of EPL substance.

It is unambiguous to answer a question that it is better — Essentiale or Essentiale Forte — it is impossible. The choice for this or that dosage form is made taking into account indications to use (for example, at toxicosis of pregnant women preference to accept capsules as solution contains alcohol).

At the same time capsules are quite often applied as addition to parenteral therapy.

Ovesol or Essentiale — what is better?

Ovesol's basis are extracts of mint, oats, an immortelle, a turmeric. Its main difference from Essentiale is that it is not medicine, but dietary supplement.

The active agents which are contained in tablets are very useful to a liver as they promote clarification of a liver from toxic substances and slags, to elimination of stagnation of bile and formation of concrements.

Ovesol is contraindicated to patients more young than 18 years, Essentiale can be applied at teenagers 12 years are more senior.

Treatment by Ovesol is carried out by three times a year by courses lasting 3 weeks. Continuous reception of capsules Essentiale is possible within 3-6 months.

What it is better — Essentiale or Phosphogliv?

Active agents of the drug Phosphogliv (is issued in the form of capsules and lyophilisate for preparation of solution for and) are phospholipids and glycyrrhizic acid (glitsirat). Contents them in capsules, respectively, 65 and 35 mg, in lyophilisate — 500 and 200 mg.

Glitsirat treats the steroid saponites received from extract of roots of a licorice (glycyrrhiza). Its molecule contains a fragment which structure is similar to a structure of the hormones produced by bark of adrenal glands.

In this regard long (more than 6 weeks in a row) use of a glitsirat, and also use of drug in the dose exceeding therapeutic provokes development of serious side reactions.

At prolonged use of glycyrrhizic acid patients have intoxication symptoms: supertension, headache, hypostases, hypopotassemia, lethargy, cardiac standstill.

Side effects are similar to the caused corticosteroid drugs and are caused by what glitsirat interferes with disintegration of endogenous adrenal hormones.

Essentiale of N it is possible to refer higher concentration of phospholipids to advantages in it, and also the fact that as actively operating substance drug includes only one substance because of what treatment by drug extremely seldom is followed by undesirable reactions.

What it is better — Essentiale or Fosfontsiale?

Fosfontsiale's capsules contain in the structure 200 mg of a lipoid of C100 (that is equivalent to 188 mg of phosphatidylsincaline) and 70 mg of a silimar (a dry esktrakt of a thistle).

According to many doctors, drugs are interchangeable as higher concentration of phospholipids in Essentiale is compensated by the fact that in Fosfontsiale's drug their action amplifies activity of flavonoids of a thistle.

For the consumer Fosfontsiale's advantage quite often is also its lower cost. Essentiale is advantage existence of an injection form.

What it is better — Essentiale or Gepabene?

Gepatoprotektorny effect of drug of Gepabene is caused by properties of extracts of fruits of a thistle and a grass of a fumitory medicinal.

The thistle contains a bioflavonoid Silymarinum which possesses gepatoprotektorny action at toxic damages of a liver, and also shows membranostabiliziruyushchy properties and promotes recovery of hepatocytes.

The alkaloid which is contained in a fumitory grass fumarin stimulates biliary secretion and reduces a tone of a sphincter of Oddi.

Thus, Gepabene's use is reasonable at chronic diseases of a liver, in particular, if they are followed by stagnation of bile.

Essentiale or Essliver — what is better?

Essliver and Essliver Forte are a solution and capsules which as actively active ingredient (as well as in Essentiale) contain phospholipids. At the same time also vitamins are a part of capsules Essliver Forte for strengthening of action of the last: nikotinamid, Riboflavinum, thiamin monohydrate, a-tocopherol acetate, cyanocobalamine, pyridoxine hydrochloride.

Concentration of phospholipids in one capsule — 300 mg (at the same time only 29%, whereas in Essentiale of N its concentration — 93% are the share of phosphatidylsincaline). Content of phospholipids in solution Essliver — 50 mg/ml.

The analysis of accumulation of products of free radical oxidation (peroksidation) showed that Essliver Forte (if to compare them to a similar dosage form Essentiale) them contains in capsules much more (that testifies to more poor quality of drug).

Cumulation in an organism of products of a peroksidation (in particular, low-new dial) leads to formation of intermolecular stitchings with proteins.

As a result of it load of a liver (that in turn can affect not in the best way therapy of a fatty hepatosis) and probability of development of reactions of hypersensitivity raise, and also the speed and ways of a metabolism of essential phospholipids in an organism are broken.

Contents enough high doses of vitamins at prolonged use of drug can also become the reason of development of reactions of hypersensitivity. Considering all above-mentioned, pharmacologists do not recommend to apply Essliver Forte more than 2 weeks in a row.


  • Essentiale of N solution for injections 250mg/5ml No. 5 ampulysanofi-Aventis
  • Essentiale forte N No. 30 kapsulya.nattermann and Cie. GmbH
  • Essentiale forte N No. 100 kapsulya.nattermann and Cie. GmbH

Drugstore of IFC

  • Essentiale Forte H kaps 300 mg No. 100, Aventis/Nattermann A. and Cie. Gmbhgermaniya
  • Essentiale of N solution for in 250 mg 5 ml No. 5, Aventis/Nattermann A. and Cie. Gmbhgermaniya
  • Essentiale Forte H kaps 300 mg No. 30, Aventis/Nattermann A. and Cie. Gmbhgermaniya
  • Essentiale of N solution for in 250 mg 5 ml No. 5, Sanofi/Aventisispaniya
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  • Essentiale ngalichfarm (Ukraine, Lviv)
  • Essentiale forte nnattermann (Germany)


  • Essentiale of N solution for infection. amp. 5 ml No. 5aventis of Farm
  • Essentiale of N solution for infection. amp. 5 ml No. 5aventis of Farm


  • Essentiale No. 30 kaps.fortea. Nattermann & Cie (Germany)
  • Essentiale of 250 mg / 5 ml No. 5 solution for in.amp. Sanof Aventis S. A. upak. JSC Himfarm (Kazakhstan) (Spain)
  • Essentiale No. 30 to a kaps.forta (Stock 3+1) A. Nattermann & Cie (Germany)
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