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  • Latin name: Estriol
  • ATH code: G03CA04
  • Active ingredient: Estriol (Estriol)
  • Producer: Jenapharm, Germany


Contains in vaginal suppositories: active component – estriol and additional components, for example, a dimethyl sulfoxide.

Release form

Estriol in a look suppository vaginal on 0,5mg, on 30 pieces in packaging is issued.

Pharmacological action

Oestrogenic action is characteristic of this drug.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Vaginal suppositories contain exogenous estriol. Therefore to women in before - or the post-menopausal period this medicine is appointed for completion of a lack of endogenous estriol. Efficiency of drug is shown at treatment of various urogenital disturbances caused by deficit of estrogen. Use of candles helps to recover an epithelial layer, microflora and rn in the environment of a vagina if there are atrophic changes of his mucous membrane.

Use of candles at deficit of endogenous estrogen is capable to increase local immunity and to reduce the frequency of recurrence of persistent infections in the field of urinogenital system.

It is known that candles Estriol are oestrogenic hormone of short action. Single use of candles does not lead to development of proliferative processes in the area an endometria therefore it is not necessary to carry out progestagenny therapy in addition.

The maximum plasma concentration of substance is noted in 1-2 hours. Nearly 90% of drug take up with proteins of plasma. Estriol is more removed from an organism through kidneys, part – by means of intestines.

Indications to use

It is known that candles Estriol are intended for treatment of female patients who are disturbed by atrophic changes of mucous membranes of a vagina and the lower urinary tract caused by deficit of endogenous estrogen.

Therefore drug is appointed at:

  • itch, dispareuniya and excessive dryness of a mucous membrane of a vagina;
  • carrying out prevention of recurrent infections of a vagina and lower urinary tract;
  • treatment of disturbances of an urination, moderate incontience of urine;
  • to preparation for gynecologic operations;
  • other atrophic changes of an epithelium.

Contraindications to use

Drug is not recommended to patients at:

  • individual intolerance of its components;
  • fibrinferments, for example, deep veins, embolism of a pulmonary artery;
  • hormonedependent malignant new growths;
  • uterine bleedings of the obscure genesis;
  • severe forms of diseases of a liver, porphyria, cholestatic jaundice;
  • endometria hyperplasia;
  • recently postponed myocardial infarctions, an otosclerosis;
  • Also do not appoint Estriol at pregnancy and a lactation.

In any other states, use of drug is possible only after full inspection and consultation of the specialist.

Side effects

When using suppository side effects arise only in rare instances. They can be shown by disturbances in work of a gastrointestinal tract and gepatobiliarny system in the form of jaundice with a cholestasia, cholelithiasis, nausea. Also problems with action of the heart and vessels, reproductive system, mammary glands and development of allergic reactions are not excluded.

Estriol, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Candles Estriol are intended for use intravaginalno. Previously the full gynecologic survey, inspection of mammary glands and other diagnostic procedures allowing to reveal possible contraindications is carried out.

It is recommended to enter suppositories before going to bed. Duration of use and a dosage of Estriol are determined by the attending physician as treatment of any disturbance demands an individual approach.

Treatment of disturbances of an urination, atrophic changes of mucous membranes and infections of urinary tract demands appointment on one suppository a day for a month. In a month enter on one candle 2 times a week.

When preparation for planned operations with vulval access to the postmenopause period is carried out, use of one candle in days for 2 weeks as before, and after carrying out operation is appointed.

During cytologic research of a smear of a neck of uterus if there are atrophic changes of an epithelium and doubtful results of the previous research are received, use on one suppository within a week every 48 hours before the following receiving a smear is appointed.

If use of the next suppository was missed, but it is necessary to make it as soon as possible, but it is not necessary to double a dose. It is better to enter a candle into usual time. The women who before are continuously using the combined drugs as replacement hormonal therapy can begin use of candles at any time. At cycling use – introduction of candles of Estriol is begun every other day after the next cycle ends. During treatment carrying out regular gynecologic surveys and mammography that the norm of hormones was supported is necessary, and possible undesirable changes were revealed at once.


During use of candles cases of overdose arise rather seldom. If candles accidentally accept inside, then there is severe nausea, vomiting, pressure increases and vulval bleeding develops. Treatment is carried out depending on the shown symptomatology.


The drug Estriol is capable to strengthen pharmacological action of glucocorticosteroids that demands correction of their dosing.

The combination to beta adrenoblockers, peroral anticoagulants, Theophylline, Troleandomitsin and Suktsinilkholin can change efficiency of these drugs.

Can lower the Estriol elimination half-life at the same time accepted: Rifampicin, Butadionum and barbiturates. In addition, the combination to Phenytoinum, Phenobarbital, rifabutiny, carbamazepine and not Virapinum has the strengthening effect on a metabolism. Extra care is required at simultaneous use with monoaminoxidase inhibitors, Nelfinavir and Ritonavir.

Terms of sale

Candles in drugstores release without recipe.

Storage conditions

The place for storage of candles has to be dark and cool.

Period of validity

3 years.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Main analogs: Estrokad and Ovestin.

Also similar action is characteristic of drugs: Utrozhestan, Duphaston and Norcolutum.

About Estriol

It is necessary to notice that About Estriol in a network meet rather seldom. Usually users discuss own free estriol as hormone in a female organism. The matter is that the level of this substance in blood of pregnant women is of special importance for a normality of a placenta and fetation. Therefore changes in the content of this hormone often disturbs future mothers, but timely inspections of a course of pregnancy and appointment of the specialist will help to solve this problem.

As for use of candles Estriol, many women note considerable improvement in a condition of urinogenital system.

At the same time it is necessary to remember that any hormonal drugs are not recommended to be accepted without appointment of the doctor as it can do considerable harm to a female organism. Thanks to carrying out careful diagnosis and consultation of specialists many female problems are quickly and effectively solved.


  • Estriol of 0,5 mg No. 15 supp.vag.farmaprim SRL (Moldova)
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