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  • Latin name: Euphyllin
  • ATH code: R03DA05
  • Active ingredient: MNN: Aminophyllinum (Aminophylline)
  • Producer: JSC Borisovsky Plant of Medical Supplies, Republic of Belarus JSC Biosintez, JSC Farmstandart-Leksredstva, JSC Organika, Russia LLC Nicko, LLC Pharmaceutical Company Zdorovye, CIAO "Pharmaceutical firm "Darnitsa", Ukraine


One tablet contains 150 mg of active agent, and also calcium stearate and potato starch.

Aminophyllinum is a part of injection solution concentration of 24 mg/ml. As an auxiliary component water is used for and.

Release form

Tablets 150 mg (packaging No. 10 and No. 30).

Injection solution of 2,40% in ampoules of 5 ml (packaging No. 10, No. 50 and No. 100) and 10 ml (packaging No. 10).

Pharmacological action

Bronkhodilatiruyushchy, tokolitichesky, spasmolytic, diuretic. Treats group of drugs for system use at diseases which are followed by obstruction (a syndrome not of passability) of respiratory tracts.

Kliniko-farmakologichesky group (according to the reference book Vidal): broncholitic means — FDE inhibitor. Farmpodgruppa — xanthines.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The mechanism of action of Aminophyllinum (in Latin — aminophylline) is connected with its ability to block purine (adenosine) receptors of A2 type of smooth muscle cells of bronchial tubes, to increase accumulation in fabrics of cyclic AMF, to suppress FDE, to reduce receipt of ions of Sa via channels of plasmalemmas (cellular membranes), to reduce sokratitelny activity of unstriated muscles.

Effects of drug are shown in a look:

  • relaxations of muscles of bronchial tubes;
  • stimulations of reductions of a diaphragm;
  • increases in mukotsiliarny clearance;
  • improvements of function of intercostal and respiratory muscles;
  • stimulations of a respiratory center and increase of its sensitivity to CO2;
  • improvements of alveolar ventilation.

All this promotes reduction of expressiveness and decrease in frequency of episodes of a stop of respiratory movements (apnoea).

Normalizing breath, provides the best saturation of blood with oxygen and promotes decrease in concentration of CO2. Stimulates activity of a cardiac muscle, increases number and force of its reductions, improves blood circulation on blood vessels of heart and increases need of a myocardium for oxygen.

Reduces tension of vascular walls, promotes expansion of peripheral vessels, reduction of vascular resistance in lungs, to pressure decrease in a small (pulmonary) circle of blood circulation.

Is diuretic of moderate force of action, increases blood-groove volume in kidneys, promotes expansion of bilious channels, suppresses aggregation of thrombocytes, increases resistance of erythrocytes to deformation (improves a hemorheology), normalizes microcirculation and reduces a thrombogenesis.

Reduces excitability and contractility of a myometrium (tokolitichesky effect), in high doses has epileptogenic effect.

Absorption from a gastrointestinal tract at intake fast. The food does not change its size, however reduces speed. Extent of absorption depends also on a dose: the it is higher, the Aminophyllinum is more slowly soaked up.

At the healthy adult about 60% of the accepted dose of Aminophyllinum contact plasma proteins, at the patient with cirrhosis — about 35%, babies in the period of a neonatality have 36%.

Tsmakh for usual tablets — 60-120 minutes.

In a liver the part of the accepted dose of Aminophyllinum biotransformirutsya in caffeine. Caffeine T1/2 at children is up to 3 flyings longer, than at adults. Concentration of substance at the child can reach 30% of concentration of Aminophyllinum.

At patients is more senior than three-year age the phenomenon of cumulation of caffeine is not observed.

The indicator of T1/2 is influenced by associated diseases and age of the patient. At children aged before half a year, and also at adult patients with heart failure, HOBL and a pulmonary heart it makes more than 24 hours, at children is more senior than six-month-old age — 3,7, at the adults who do not have asthma — 8,7, at the people smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day — 4-5 hours. After refusal of smoking on normalization of pharmacokinetics of drug not less than 3 months leave.

It Eliminirutsya by kidneys, in pure form at adults about 10%, and children — about a half of the accepted Aminophyllinum dose are brought.

Indications to use of the Euphyllinum

Euphyllinum — from what these tablets?

Indications to use of the Euphyllinum in tablets:

The Euphyllinum is choice drug at OH physical tension, at other forms of a disease it is used in a combination with other HP.

When appoint the Euphyllinum in ampoules?

Indications on the Euphyllinum in ampoules are:

  • bronkhoobstruktivny syndrome at bronchitis, OH, to cardiac asthma (mainly for stopping of attacks) or emphysema of lungs;
  • cerebrovascular insufficiency of a brain (solution is applied in a combination with other HP to cerebral decompression);
  • hypertensia in a pulmonary circle of blood circulation;
  • migraine;
  • the left ventricular failure which is followed by periodic breathing like Cheyn-Stokes and a bronchospasm (in a combination with other HP).

Contraindications on solution and the tablets Euphyllinum

Contraindications to use of tablets:

  • intolerance of Aminophyllinum or any other derivatives of xanthine;
  • the myocardial infarction (MI) in an acute stage;
  • hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with obstruction;
  • tachyarrhythmia;
  • aggravation of symptoms of a yaza of a stomach / 12-типерстной guts;
  • heavy functional disturbances of activity of kidneys/liver;
  • epilepsy;
  • hyperthyroidism.

In pediatrics it is not appointed to children is younger than six-year age, and also in a combination with "fedriny.

Injection administration of drug is contraindicated at:

  • hypersensitivity in Aminophyllinum and other derivatives of xanthine;
  • THEM in an acute stage;
  • stenocardias;
  • OCH;
  • ekstrasistoliya;
  • Bouveret's disease;
  • heavy arterial hypotension / hypertensia;
  • fluid lungs;
  • atherosclerosis of vessels;
  • hemorrhagic stroke;
  • existence of the instruction on any spontaneous bleeding in the anamnesis;
  • hemorrhage in eye retina tissue;
  • peptic ulcer in an aggravation stage;
  • epilepsies;
  • the raised threshold of convulsive readiness;
  • gastroesophageal reflux (GER);
  • uncontrollable hypothyroidism;
  • thyrotoxicosis;
  • hyperthyroidism;
  • porphyrias;
  • sepsis;
  • dysfunctions of kidneys and/or liver.

Because of probability of side effects it is not recommended to apply solution at children aged till 14 years. Till three years it is contraindicated to children to enter the Euphyllinum intravenously, at children is more senior than three-year age medicine can be applied according to vital indications and no more than 14 days.

Side effects

Side effects of use of tablets of the Euphyllinum:

  • sleep disorders, concern, dizziness, spasms, tremor;
  • disturbance of a cordial rhythm, heartbeat;
  • hamaturia, albuminuria;
  • hypoglycemia (seldom).

Against injection therapy are possible:

  • headache, uneasiness, dizziness, excitement, irritability, tremor, sleeplessness;
  • arrhythmias, tachycardia (including at a fruit if the woman accepted drug in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy), heartbeat, a cardialgia, lowerings of arterial pressure, unstable stenocardia;
  • nausea, diarrhea, heartburn, gastralgia, vomiting, aggravation of symptoms of a peptic ulcer, GER, at prolonged use — loss of appetite;
  • itch of skin, enanthesis, fever;
  • tachypnea, stethalgia, hypoglycemia, albuminuria, diuresis strengthening, hamaturia, sweating increase, feeling of heat in a face.

Side effects have dozozavisimy character, that is for their stopping often it is enough to lower a drug dose.

Local reactions to administration of solution are shown in the form of a dermahemia, morbidity and formation of consolidation in the place of an injection.

Application instruction of the Euphyllinum

Tablets Euphyllinum: application instruction

In the reference book Vidal is specified that a pill needs to be taken inside after food with a large amount of liquid. The dosage of medicine is selected individually, taking into account various speed of removal of Aminophyllinum at different patients.

If necessary the dose is increased by each three days before achievement of required effect.

To patients with body weight more than 50 kg (including to teenagers) the Euphyllinum at bronchitis and others, followed by a bronkhoobstruktion, states appoint to accept 450-900 mg/days, if necessary the dose can be increased to 1,2 g at frequency rate of uses of 4 rubles/days with an interval of 6 hours.

Patients with body weight is less than 50 have some and to teenagers whose weight is in limits of 45-55 kg the Euphyllinum in tablets is appointed to accept 450-600 mg/days.

Children are 6-17 years old at bronchitis and other bronkhoobstruktivny conditions of a tablet give at the rate of 13 mg/kg, usually on 1 tablet of 3 rubles/days.

At HOBL in an acute phase treatment begin with a dose 5-6 mg/kg (for the adult) at its further increase. Serumal concentration should not exceed 0,02 mg/ml. Increase in a dose by each 0,5 mg/kg leads to increase of concentration of drug in blood on 0,001 mg/ml.

Out of an aggravation an initial dose of the Euphyllinum for the adult at HOBL — 6-8 mg/kg/days, the highest (at the initial stages of treatment) — 400 mg/days. It is recommended to divide it into 3-4 receptions.

In case of use at pregnancy the dosage (as well as a way of introduction) is established by the doctor. It is necessary to consider that for mother overdose is connected with risk of emergence of disturbances of cardiac performance (and sometimes and its stops), and high doses of the Euphyllinum are dangerous to a fruit because of probability of development of a hypoxia and antenatal death.

Euphyllinum ampoules: application instruction

At states which demand acute management use of infusion with a shock dose of drug is shown to adult patients: An Euphyllinum in/in enter within half an hour in a dose 5,6 mg/kg. For preparation of a dropper of 10-20 ml of solution connect to the similar volume of 0,9% aqueous solution of NaCl and then part medicine in 0,25-0,5 l of normal saline solution.

When carrying out a maintenance therapy pour in the Euphyllinum to the patient intravenously during 1-3,5 in a dose of 0,9 mg/kg.

If the patient accepted theophylline before, the dose of Aminophyllinum has to be lowered at least twice.

At the asthmatic status in a blood stream in the drop way pour in from 720 to 750 mg of Aminophyllinum.

Admissible upper limit of a daily dose for the adult — 0,4-0,5 ml/kg.

To children till 3 months intravenously enter from 30 to 60 mg of Aminophyllinum a day, for more senior children and teenagers the dose varies ranging from 60 to 500 mg/days.

Intravenous injections of the Euphyllinum at medical emergencies carry out within not less than five minutes. A single dose for the adult — 6 mg/kg. Before giving an injection drug part in 10-20 ml of 0,9% aqueous solution of NaCl.

Daily dose for introduction in oil — from 0,1 to 0,5 mg.

To children at HOBL the Euphyllinum enter 5-6 mg/kg (an initial dose) in a dose, when carrying out a maintenance therapy to children aged before half a year drug is used by each 8 hours in the dose calculated on a formula: age of the child in nedelyakh*0,07 + 1,7.

For children aged from half a year about one year the maintenance dose is calculated on a formula: age of the child in nedelyakh*0,05 + 1,25. An interval to a vezhd introductions — 6 hours.

To children from a year to 9 flyings enter 5 mg/kg, children are 9-12 years old — on 4 mg/kg, children of 12-16 years — on 3 mg/kg every 6 hours.

Out of an aggravation an initial dose for the child — 16 mg/kg/days, the highest — 400 mg/days. It is necessary to divide it into 3-4 introductions.

If necessary and good tolerance of the Euphyllinum a dose everyone raise couple of days for 25% to the highest daily which for children about one year is calculated on a formula "age in nedelyakh*0,3 +8", for children till 9 flyings makes — 22, for children till 12 flyings — 20, for teenagers till 16 flyings — 18, for patients 16 years — 13 mg/kg are more senior.

Intramusculary the Euphyllinum to children enter 15 mg/kg/days in a dose. The maximum duration of parenteral use for children — 14 days.

At an apnoea at children of the first year of life (followed by bradycardia and cyanosis of a state at which the child the periods — within 15 seconds — has no breath) a starting dose — 5 mg/kg (medicine is entered through a nazogastralny probe). When carrying out a maintenance therapy use of 2 mg/kg in two steps is shown to the child.

Treatment can last about several months (more often — within several weeks).

Electrophoresis with the Euphyllinum

Euphyllinum for an electrophoresis at adults it is used for treatment of arthroses and osteochondrosis. For an electrophoresis to children it is appointed at a dysplasia and also when it is necessary to remove a hyper tone of muscles or to reduce intracranial pressure.

At insufficiency of cerebral circulation or intracranial hypertensia it will be out on cervical vertebrae, at a hyper tone of legs at the child — on lumbar area.

The electrophoresis with the Euphyllinum is the procedure allowing to create the necessary concentration of active agent directly in the struck fabrics. Working pointwise, medicine does not cause system side effects thanks to what it is allowed to be applied at babies is more senior than month.

The doctor imposes the gauze napkin moistened in Euphyllinum solution on a sore point and fixes electrodes. Influence time — 15 minutes. It is enough that drug got into depth of fabrics. The course of treatment is expected ten sessions.

For recovery of function of bodies after birth trauma at newborn children, blood circulation of a brain at pathologies of cervical department of a backbone, and also at cerebral spastic infantile paralysis carrying out an electrophoresis according to Ratner is recommended.

The essence of this method is that to the patient impose two laying impregnated with different HP: the first (with solution of the Euphyllinum of 0,5%) — on cervical vertebrae, the second (with solution of a papaverine of 1%) — on edges, to the right of a breast. Influence time — 15 minutes. Current — 1-2 ma.

It should be noted, as children, and adults equally well transfer procedure therefore in the absence of contraindications it can be seen off without any fears.

The electrophoresis is contraindicated at any skin diseases, arterial hypertension, arrhythmia, heart failure, existence at the patient of new growths (any localization).

Inhalations with the Euphyllinum to children — it is effective or inexpedient?

Appointment to children at cough and obstruction of bronchial tubes of the Euphyllinum allows to expand bronchial tubes, to remove a spasm and to facilitate otkhozhdeny phlegms. However means renders these effects only at hit in a system blood stream.

Use of the Euphyllinum for inhalations belongs to the category "off-label" prescribing. Despite the absence of instructions in the instruction of the producer concerning a possibility of use of drug in the similar way, many people often appoint to themselves it to treatment and, it is more than that, treat thus and the children.

Most of doctors unanimously consider: efficiency of inhalations with the Euphyllinum is extremely low as at steam inhalation drug accumulates on mucous and, therefore, does not get to a system blood stream in therapeutic effective concentration.

Positive influence on bronchial tubes (their relaxation and improvement of an otkhozhdeniye of a phlegm) is caused by the fact that during inhalation water vapors get into them. It means that efficiency of drug at inhalation use is comparable with efficiency of usual water.

Euphyllinum from cellulitis

One of properties of Aminophyllinum is ability to expand peripheral vessels and to recover work of the blood circulatory system that in turn cannot And cellulitis, as we know, arises blood circulation is broken, and cells begin to suffer from a lack of oxygen. Use of the Euphyllinum allows to tighten upper layers of skin, to remove excess of liquid and to reduce hypostases.

For weight loss and disposal of an orange-peel means is used in the form of creams, masks and wrappings. The good effect gives also massage with the Euphyllinum.

For preparation of structure medicine should be mixed with any massage cream, and then to add to it a small amount of Dimexidum which will carry out in this case a role of the transporter (thanks to it Aminophyllinum will be able to get very deeply into fabrics).

For wrappings it is possible to use mix from usual children's cream, Dimexidum, the Euphyllinum and essential oil of tangerine or a lemon (6-8 drops). The structure is applied on the skin cleared by a srub and covered with food wrap. Until it "works" (influence time usually about 30 minutes), for strengthening of effect it is recommended to move intensively.

To prepare anti-cellulite cream on the basis of the Euphyllinum, use the following recipe:

  • vaseline;
  • the moisturizing cream;
  • 1 tablet pounded in powder or contents of 1 ampoule (5 ml) of the Euphyllinum (such dose of drug is suitable for women weighing less than 75 kg);
  • Dimexidum (on one five-millilitre ampoule of solution it is necessary to take 2 ml of a concentrate of Dimexidum).

It is also possible to add drug to ready pharmaceutical anti-cellulite means. An optimum proportion of ingredients — 1:5.

About the Euphyllinum from cellulitis it is possible to meet the most different — someone is not happy with result at all, someone assures that the received result exceeded all expectations. Making a start from it, it is possible to draw the following conclusion — if means and works, then, unambiguously, not from the first procedure.


In the summary it is specified that symptoms of overdose develop when plasma concentration of Aminophyllinum exceeds an indicator of 0,02 mg/ml. Are characteristic:

  • diarrhea;
  • long vomiting;
  • hyperemia of the person;
  • excitement;
  • arrhythmia;
  • tremor;
  • photophobia;
  • spasms.

When concentration in blood exceeds 0,04 mg/ml, the patient fells into a coma.

Measures of the help include the introduction termination to the patient Eufillina and strengthening of a natural detoxication due to stimulation of work of kidneys (artificial diuresis).

If the level of Aminophyllinum exceeds 0,05 mg/ml, the plasma exchange, hemosorption, a peritoneal dialysis or a hemodialysis, respiratory support (IVL and supply of oxygen), control of indicators of a hemodynamics are shown.

For stopping of a convulsive syndrome to the patient enter diazepam (intramusculary). Use of barbiturates is contraindicated!


Strengthening of action of Aminophyllinum is promoted by use in a combination with furosemide, ephedrine, caffeine, β-adrenostimulyator.

At simultaneous use with Phenytoinum, phenobarbital, an isoniazid, rifampicin, Sulfinpyrazonum, carbamazepine acceleration of a metabolism of Aminophyllinum is observed that is followed by decrease in its therapeutic effectiveness and can demand increase in the applied dose.

Acceleration of a metabolism of Aminophyllinum is noted also at heavy smokers (not less than 20 cigarettes a day).

Use in combination with drugs of group of macroleads, allopuriny, izoprenaliny, the COOK, Cimetidinum, lincomycin, viloksaziny, fluvoksaminy, Disulfiramum, β-adrenoblockers, antiinfluenza vaccines leads to delay of elimination of Aminophyllinum, increase in its plasma concentration and, therefore, reduction of the applied Euphyllinum dose.

In case of purpose of drug in a combination with drugs of ftorkhinolonovy group the dose of the Euphyllinum is reduced to 25% of usually recommended.

Aminophyllinum weakens therapeutic effect of the drugs Li and β-adrenoblockers.......... β-adrenoblockers in turn weaken bronkhodilatiruyushchy effect of Aminophyllinum.

At reception of the Euphyllinum together with GKS (for example, with dexamethasone), diuretics and β-adrenomimetika the risk of development of a hypoglycemia increases.

Aminophyllinum can provoke emergence of side effects of the fluorinated derivative means for the general anesthesia (ventricular arrhythmias), the minerakortikosteroid (hypernatremia) exciting TsNS of drugs (neurotoxicity).

Can strengthen effect of anticoagulants.

Solution is incompatible with solutions of acids, fructose, glucose and levuloza. By preparation for carrying out intravenous injection of infusion solution it is necessary to consider pH of the used solutions.

With care it has to be applied in a combination with purine derivatives, theophylline derivatives, anticoagulants. During treatment it is forbidden to accept substances which contain xanthines (including tea and coffee).

In one syringe solution of the Euphyllinum can be mixed only with isotonic NaCl solution.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

The recipe on Latin (parenteral administration to the ten-year-old child):

Rp: Sol. Euphyllini of 2,4% — 10,0

D.t.d. N 3 in amp.

S. 5-10 ml in/in kapelno or struyno slowly, on physical. solution (0,15 mg/kg or 1,0 ml/year of life).

Storage conditions

List B. To store in the sacred and moisture-proof place at the room temperature.

Period of validity

Two years.

Special instructions

The Bronkhodilatiruyushchy effect of drug is shown when concentration of active agent reaches 0,01-0,02 mg/ml. The concentration exceeding 0,02 mg/ml is toxic.

Exciting action on a respiratory center is implemented when the maintenance of Aminophyllinum is in blood ranging from 0,005 to 0,01 mg/ml.

To newborn babies and people medicine is more senior than 55 years apply with care because of insufficient activity of the enzymatic systems of a liver participating in biotransformation of Aminophyllinum.

In a geriartriya the Euphyllinum has to be applied in the minimum doses in the conditions of monitoring of plasma concentration of Aminophyllinum.

During treatment it is not necessary to eat products which contain xanthine derivatives: mat, chocolate, coffee, cocoa, strong tea.

Solution before introduction is heated to body temperature.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Analogs of the Euphyllinum: Aminofillin Esk, Eufillin-farm, Eufillin-Darnitsa.

Drugs with the similar mechanism of action: Diprofillin, Neo-Teofedrin, Neoteopek And, Teobiolong, Theobromine, Teotard, Teofedrin-N, Theophylline.

With alcohol

Alcohol increases completeness and speed of absorption.

Euphyllinum at pregnancy

The producer in the instruction on the Euphyllinum warns that use of solutions/tablets at pregnancy can become the reason of creation of the concentration of Aminophyllinum and caffeine which are potentially menacing to health of the fruit/newborn.

Children, whose mothers during pregnancy (in particular in its third trimester) received drug, in the period of a neonatality have to be under medical supervision for control of possible symptoms of intoxication methyl derivative xanthines.

Purpose of the Euphyllinum at pregnancy and a lactation is possible only according to extreme vital indications and demands an assessment of possible risks for the fruit/child.

For what at pregnancy the Euphyllinum can be appointed?

Gynecologists recommend use of the Euphyllinum at hypostases at pregnancy, at placental insufficiency, in complex therapy of gestoses, and also at other states demanding urgent use of this medicine because of threat of life of mother.

The accurate scheme of treatment by the Euphyllinum during pregnancy does not exist as in the instruction of the producer pregnancy is noted as one of contraindications to use. The doctor does all appointments depending on a condition of the specific patient.

At pregnancy allow to draw a conclusion on the Euphyllinum that medicine is not harmless (some women say that they after a dropper felt strong heartbeat, weakness and dizziness), however much it helps to return to normal.


  • Euphyllinum solution for injections 24mg/ml 5 ml No. 10 ampulynovosibkhimfarm joint stock company
  • Euphyllinum solution for injections 24mg/ml 10 ml No. 10 ampoule/Mikrogen/Mikrogen of NPO Federal State Unitary Enterprise
  • Euphyllinum of 150 mg No. 30 of a tabletkifarmstandart-Leksredstvo of joint stock company
  • Euphyllinum solution for injections 24mg/ml 5 ml No. 10 ampoule/Armavir / the Armavir biological factory of federal state unitary enterprise
  • Euphyllinum solution for injections 24mg/ml 10 ml No. 10 of joint stock company ampoule/Dalkhifarm/Dalkhimfarm

Drugstore of IFC

  • Euphyllinum tbl 150 mg No. 30, Borisovsky ZMP (Borisov) Belarus
  • Euphyllinum solution for in 24% 1 ml No. 10 **, Dalkhimfarm (Khabarovsk) Russia
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  • Eufillin10
  • Euphyllinum solution for injections of 2% of an ampoule of 5 ml No. 10 Health (Ukraine, Kharkiv)
  • Eufillin10
  • Eufillin-farm capsules 0.4g No. 30farmakom (Ukraine, Kharkiv)
  • Eufillinfarmak (Ukraine, Kiev)


  • Euphyllinum 200th solution for infection. 2% of amp. 5 ml No. 10 of Nicko
  • Euphyllinum 200th solution for infection. 2% of amp. 5 ml No. 10 of Nicko
  • Euphyllinum 200th solution for infection. 2% of amp. 5 ml No. 10 of Nicko
  • Euphyllinum 200th solution for infection. 2% of amp. 5 ml No. 10 of Nicko


  • Euphyllinum of 2,4%/5 ml No. 5 solution for in.amp. Himfarm (Kazakhstan)
  • Euphyllinum of 150 mg No. 30 of the tab. Irbitsky himfarmzavod (Russia)
  • Euphyllinum of 2,4%/5 ml No. 10 solution for in.amp. Borisovsky ZMP (Belarus)
  • Euphyllinum of 150 mg No. 30 of table. Biosynthesis (Russia)
  • Euphyllinum of 150 mg No. 30 of the tab. Borisovsky ZMP (Belarus)
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