Evalar Eliksir

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The description is actual on 14.05.2015

  • Latin name: Evalar
  • ATH code: A13A
  • Active ingredient: Extracts of plants
  • Producer: Evalar (Russia)


Elixir Evalar contains mix from the following medicinal plants in the structure (in the form of aqueous-alcoholic extraction): roots and rhizomes of an eleuterokokk, a grass of the St. John's Wort which is made a hole glycyrrhiza roots, roots and rhizomes of a rapontikum saflorovidny, flowers of an immortelle sandy, a laminaria thallus, roots and rhizomes of a rhodiola pink, camomile flowers, hawthorn fruits, peppermint leaves, mountain ash fruits, fruits of a coriander sowing, plantain leaves, hips, a yarrow grass, cranberry fruits, seeds of a pine cedar Siberian, horse-chestnut fruits.

Also is a part of this means: natural honey, Pantocrinum, sugar. The elixir contains 30-35% of alcohol.

Release form

Is issued in the form of an elixir – the liquid having brown color and specific aroma. In liquid in the course of storage the small deposit can appear.

It is implemented in glass bottles with a capacity of 100, 200, 250 ml. The bottle from brown or colourless glass and the instruction is put in a pack from a cardboard.

Pharmacological action

This combined means as a part of which exclusively natural components contain. Its action is caused by complex influence on an organism of biologically active agents which are as a part of an elixir.

Drug tones up the central nervous system, activates efficiency of the person, both intellectual, and physical.

Elixir Evalar normalizes indicators of arterial pressure, has adaptogenny, fortifying, anti-sclerous effect. Under its influence the blood stream and a metabolism improves. Provides cholagogue effect, stimulates process of digestion of food.

In view of keeping in structure of means of Pantocrinum and a number of plant extracts drug activates natural adaptive functions, stimulates a metabolism.

As effect of drug is soft, it does not provoke differences of the ABP therefore it can be applied by patients with vegeto-vascular dystonia, people of advanced age, etc.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Are caused by the general influence of its components which are as a part of means therefore supervision are not represented possible.

Indications to use

Means is shown to use in such cases:

  • as tonic drug for activation of intellectual and physical activity;
  • as fortifying means (it is applied in complex treatment of pulmonary diseases and bronchial tubes, and also during recovery after such diseases);
  • as tonic drug in complex treatment of an asthenic syndrome (in the presence the patient of the general weakness, strong fatigue, sharp changes has moods, sleep disorders);
  • during the period after surgical interventions;
  • at constant stresses and neurosises;
  • to people who are exposed to continuous influence of harmful factors.


It is not necessary to accept an elixir Evalar at the following states and diseases:

  • at high sensitivity to those components which are a part of an elixir;
  • at acute cardiovascular insufficiency;
  • in case of abnormal liver functions;
  • in case of brain diseases, after receiving a craniocereberal injury;
  • at a lack of invertase/isomaltase, in case of intolerance of fructose, glyukozo-galaktozny malabsorption;
  • in case of alcoholism;
  • aged till 18 flyings.

Carefully means is appointed at disturbances of activity of kidneys.

Side effects

At use of drug allergic reactions can be shown. If similar occurs, it is necessary to stop administration of drug and it is obligatory to address the doctor.

It is important to report to the specialist and about manifestation of any other negative effects which are not mentioned in the instruction.

Application instruction (Way and dosage)

It is necessary to accept an elixir inside. It is necessary to accept liquid undiluted, on 2-3 teaspoons. The different way of reception is also possible: drug in the same dose needs to be dissolved in 100 ml of liquid.

It is necessary to accept an elixir twice a day approximately in 15 minutes prior to the beginning of meal. The maximum dose of medicine in days – 30 ml.

Treatment continues for 2-3 weeks then it is necessary to take a break for 1-2 weeks. It is repeatedly possible to accept an elixir only after preliminary consultation with the doctor.


There are no data on drug overdose.


It was not established cases of clinically expressed interaction with other drugs.

Terms of sale

It is possible to get an elixir without recipe.

Storage conditions

It is important to protect drug from children, it is necessary to store it at a temperature which is not exceeding 25 ºС.

Period of validity

It is possible to store drug Evalar during 3 flyings, after this term it is impossible to apply it.

Special instructions

In the course of use of drug it is necessary to consider that it has the systemic tonic effect on an organism. Therefore, it is not recommended to be applied in the evening or before going to bed.

If at the patient hypersecretion of a gastric juice is noted, then at reception of means the sensation of discomfort or heartburn is on an empty stomach possible. If similar manifestations are noted, then it is recommended to transfer administration of drug for a while after reception of food.

It is not appointed along with those drugs at which use alcohol intake is categorically prohibited.

It is necessary to consider that as a part of drug not less than 30% of ethanol contain. Respectively, the daily dose of medicine contains about 7,11 g of absolute alcohol. During administration of drug it needs to be considered that who drives transport, and also performs other operations which demand fast reaction and concentration.

Before reception the elixir needs to be shaken up.


On sale there are drugs which have similar effect on an organism though their structure is other.

It following drugs: Bittner's balm, Pan-that - forte, Sodekor, Epsorin, Fitovit, etc.

The specialist taking into account all specific features of a condition of the patient has to carry out selection of the most suitable drug surely.


  • Evalar elixir 250MLEVALAR
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