Euphoria is a condition of the person which arises against positive emotions and is shown by rough mood, pleasure, delight. The condition of euphoria reminds the heat of passion.

How euphoria is shown?

Euphoria does not assume a noticeable physical activity. The person, staying in a condition of pleasure and happiness, can move very little, and sometimes he even stays in the "slowed-down" state of which delay of intellectual processes is characteristic. In a condition of euphoria of people shows patholologically complacent and joyful mood. He as if looks at the world and the people surrounding it through pink glasses, showing optimism which nothing can break. The pathological nature of euphoria is characterized also by what even the negative and tragic phenomena in life of people, staying in a condition of euphoria, perceives joyfully. Also reduced criticism to an illness is noted: the patient does not agree that his state is not normal. Aspirations to vigorous activity and acceleration of thinking at the same time is not observed.

Doctors note that euphoria some manifestations reminds the beginning of development of a maniacal state. But if the maniacal state develops constantly and independently, then euphoria reasons always are specific, and its duration and expressiveness depends on them.

At first sight it is possible to assume that euphoria demonstrates that the patient feels very well. But this symptom can testify to serious morbid conditions and diseases (migraine, epilepsy, etc.)

Why euphoria is shown?

Смех - одно из проявлений эйфорииThe specialist after careful inspection can precisely define euphoria reasons. But sudden manifestations of this state has to guard the person and his relatives as sometimes the condition of euphoria is the certificate of very terrible diseases. For example, euphoria sometimes arises at oxygen insufficiency which is caused by a serious intrinsic loss of blood.

But in most cases the reasons of euphoria have mental character. Most often the pronounced condition of euphoria develops at affective frustration, a maniacal syndrome.

The condition of euphoria is characteristic of alcoholic and drug intoxication. Also euphoria is shown after reception of psychogogic substances and drugs. Against reception of drugs the emotional background of the person raises. However at reception of a certain type of drugs individual manifestations of euphoria are observed. Opiates provoke manifestation of feeling of emotional tranquility and somatic pleasure. The person who used stimulators stays in a condition of contagious excitation. Hallucinogens cause disturbances of consciousness and frustration of perception of world around. If the person abuses substances from group of morphines or hypnagogues, then manifestations of euphoria can be uncharacteristic and be followed by difficulty of mental processes and the raised perception threshold.

At patients with oncological illnesses euphoria is sometimes observed in a terminal phase of an illness. This symptom sometimes accompanies some somatic diseases.

How to get rid of euphoria?

Эйфория и ее лечениеIf the person throughout some time stays in a condition of euphoria, he needs to consult with the specialist psychiatrist. Initially the doctor who defines a condition of euphoria at the patient performs inspection and researches to exclude abuse of drugs, alcoholism.

Treatment directly of manifestations of euphoria is inexpedient. The doctor appoints intramuscular injections of benzodiazepines only if at the patient motive excitement or the expressed wrong behavior is observed. Manifestations of euphoria can be stopped only if the specialist completely made sure that they are not a symptom of serious diseases.

If euphoria is a manifestation mental or a somatopathy, then complex therapy of an illness which provoked this symptom is in that case carried out.

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