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  • Latin name: Fareston
  • ATH code: L02BA02
  • Active ingredient: Toremifen (Toremifene)
  • Producer: Orion Corporation (Finland)


1 tablet, as active ingredient, includes 20 mg or 60 mg of a toremifen.

As additional ingredients are a part of a tablet: corn starch, povidone, lactose, starch glikolit sodium (type A), microcrystallic cellulose, anhydrous silicon colloid, magnesium stearate.

Release form

Drug Fareston is issued in the form of tablets on 20 mg No. 30 or No. 100 and on 60 mg No. 60.

Pharmacological action

Antineoplastic, anti-oestrogenic.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Fareston is anti-oestrogenic nonsteroid drug with active ingredient toremifeny to a-phenyl stilbene derivatives.

Toremifen, competing with oestradiol, creates specific bonds with oestrogenic receptors, that oppressing the replication of cells and synthesis of DNA caused by estrogen. In high dosages the antineoplastic action of a toremifen which is not connected with estrogenozavisimy effects is shown.

At a breast cancer the main antineoplastic action of Fareston is connected with anti-oestrogenic effects of drug. Also do not exclude also other possible mechanisms of effect of medicine from which distinguish: induction of apoptosis, regulation of allocation of a growth factor and expression of an oncogene, impact on kinetics of a mitotic cycle.

At oral administration toremifen it is soaked up completely, reaching the maximum concentration in blood throughout the 2nd — 5 hours. Meal does not influence drug absorption, but can increase time of achievement of the highest concentration for 1,5-2 hours that however, clinically not significantly.

The fast phase of distribution of drug in an organism, with T1/2 on average about 4 hours (from 2nd to 12 hours), is replaced by a phase of slow removal, with T1/2 on average about 5 days (from 2nd to 10 days). Communication with plasma proteins happens for 99,5% (generally to albumine). At daily reception of 60 mg of Fareston, its equilibrium concentration in a blood plasma is observed in 3-4 weeks.

The metabolism passes in a liver by demethylation and a hydroxylation with participation of SYRZA4 cytochrome and allocation of N-demetiltoremifena — an active metabolite.

T1/2 of a toremifen averages 5 days, and T1/2 of its active metabolite of 11 days (from 4th to 20 days). The general clearance about 5 l/h Krom of N-demetiltoremifena 3 more metabolites in blood serum were revealed: 4-gidroksitoremifen; deaminogidroksitoremifen; N, N-didemetiltoremifen.

For 7 days about 10% of drug other quantity, in the form of metabolites is output by kidneys, output by intestines with a stake.

Indications to use

Drug Fareston is used for therapy of the women who are in the postmenopause period for treatment of an estrogenozavisimy breast cancer.


  • liver failure of difficult character, including in the anamnesis;
  • the endometria hyperplasia diagnosed for this time or observed earlier;
  • thromboembolism, both in present time, and in the past;
  • hypersensitivity to a toremifen or auxiliary ingredients;
  • periods of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

With care:

  • hypercalcemia (including at detection a metastasis in a bone tissue);
  • thrombocytopenia;
  • leukopenia.

Side effects

At therapy with Fareston's use most often observed the subtle side effects connected with his anti-oestrogenic action:

With a smaller frequency of manifestation also other negative reactions were noted:

In certain cases at the beginning of therapy by Fareston, at patients with metastasises in a bone tissue, observed development of a hypercalcemia.

Also, during treatment the risk of development of changes of an endometria increases (new growths, polyposes, a hyperplasia). These changes connect with oestrogenic stimulation inherent in Fareston.

Application instruction

The instruction on Fareston recommends reception of tablets of drug peroral (inside) with the individual mode of dosing and duration of a course of therapy.

As the first line of hormonal therapy most often use Fareston 60 mg as a standard dose. Reception of this dose is carried out daily throughout a long time.

As the second line of hormonal therapy the instruction on Fareston allows increase in the daily dosage up to 240 mg broken into two receptions.

In case of progressing of symptoms of a basic disease therapy by Fareston is cancelled.

Fareston in bodybuilding

Drug Fareston is used in bodybuilding for decrease in complications and side effects (for example, gynecomastias) after a rate of the anabolic steroids and androgens used for achievement of fast and more notable effect of trainings, in other words, of a dope.

Also Fareston is shown to athletes as means of postcourse therapy for recovery of normal reproduction of own testosterone.


At reception of tablets of Fareston in a daily dose of 680 mg such negative manifestations as were revealed: the nausea passing into vomiting, headaches, dizzinesses.

Theoretically symptoms of overdose can depend on oestrogenic effects of drug and be shown by strengthening of vaginal bleedings, and also from anti-oestrogenic effects of medicine and be shown by strengthening of inflow.

In case of detection carry out by a sign of overdose symptomatic therapy.


Medicines which lower calcium removal by kidneys (including thiazide diuretics) increase risk of development of a hypercalcemia.

Phenobarbital, Carbamazepine, Phenytoinum and other inductors of microsomal enzymes can accelerate metabolic transformations of a toremifen, thereby lowering its content in serum. At their combined reception Fareston's dose should be doubled.

The combined reception of Warfarin and other means of this group increases risk of possible bleedings, and also their duration.

Delay of a metabolism of a toremifen at combined use of means of inhibitors of an isoenzyme of CYP3A4 is possible (Erythromycin, Ketokonazol, Oleandomycinum and so forth).

Terms of sale

From pharmaceutical institutions of Russia medicine Fareston is released according to the recipe of the doctor.

Storage conditions

Fareston it is necessary to keep drug at a temperature from 15 ° to 25 °C.

Period of validity

Tablets on 20 mg and 60 mg can be stored for 5 years.

Special instructions

Before purpose of therapy by Fareston the patient is obliged to pass gynecologic inspection in which the doctor has to pay special attention to a state mucous an endometria. In the subsequent inspections at the gynecologist have to repeat with a frequency not less than 1 time in 12 months.

Patients with heavy stenocardia and dekompensirovanny heart failure also need continuous monitoring of a state.

In case of diagnosing at the patient of high level of an index of body weight (> 30), a diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension, and also when passing replacement hormonal therapy in the anamnesis, the risk of development of cancer of an endometria in this connection, this group of patients need continuous and careful monitoring is increased.

Do not recommend Fareston's reception to patients with hard cases of a clotting disease in the anamnesis.

At the beginning of therapy by Fareston the risk of development of a hypercalcemia in patients with metastasises in a bone tissue increases that requires special attention from the attending physician.

Fareston's analogs

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

In case of any contraindications to reception Farestona Vam can advise its such analogs:


  • Fareston of 60 mg No. 60 tabletkiorion Corporation
  • Fareston of 20 mg No. 30 tabletkiorion Corporation
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  • Farestonorion (Finland, Espoo)
  • Farestonorion (Finland, Espoo)


  • Fareston of the tab. of 20 mg No. 30 Orion
  • Fareston of the tab. of 20 mg No. 30 Orion


  • Fareston of 20 mg No. 30 of the tab. Orion Corporation (Finland)
  • Fareston of 60 mg No. 30 of the tab. Orion Corporation (Finland)
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