Fast Relif

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The description is actual on 12.02.2015

  • Latin name: Fast Relief
  • ATH code: M02AX
  • Active ingredient: Menthol (Menthol), Camphor (Camphor), Methyl salicylate (Methyl salicylate), Methyl-isopropyl phenol (Thymol), Eucalyptus oil (Eucalyptus oil), Turpentine oil (Turpentine oil), Clove oil (Clove oil)
  • Producer: Emami Ltd (India)


As a part of ointment Fast Relif the following active medicinal connections contain: menthol (10 g), methyl salicylate (20 g), camphor (3 g), methyl-isopropyl phenol (0,2 g), turpentine oil (1 g), eucalyptus oil (3,5 g), and also clove oil (0,3 g).

Besides, at drug there are such auxiliary components as: SI red dye 26100, mineral oil, ozokerite, microcrystallic wax, and also paraffin.

Release form

Fast Relif let out a noticeable characteristic smell in the form of ointment which has a homogeneous consistence, and differs in a light pink shade. Drug is packaged in tubas on 3, 12, 25, and also 50 g, and then placed in cardboard packagings, on one piece in everyone.

Pharmacological action

Ointment Fast Relif belongs to drugs of topical administration which use in therapeutic treatment of pains in muscles and joints.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The connections which are a part Fast Relif quickly enough get into integuments and promote blood circulation stimulation, the struck fabrics oxygenate, and also defuse muscular tensions.

Oil wintergreen is effective at neuralgic diseases, for example, at neuritis, a sciatica, and also at acute joint pains.

Camphoric oil perfectly copes with a pain syndrome at a tendovaginitis, arthritises and miozita. At rheumatism the eucalyptus oil which is a part of medicine which possesses the warming properties helps. Oil terpentinovy also perfectly warms and copes with painful manifestations at neurologic diseases, at arthritis and a miositis.

Such component Fast Relif as methyl-isopropyl phenol favorably influences an organism at the joint pains caused by both the general reasons, and injuries. Menthol possesses the cooling properties. When drawing on integuments connection makes the local anesthetizing impact.

Carnation oil also promotes anesthesia, but also, possesses antiinflammatory properties. Medicinal substance reduces muscular intensity and strengthens microblood circulation.

Indications to use

Fast Relif is shown to use in the presence of diseases lumbar krestovogo department, and also at symptomatic therapy of an inflammation of muscles and joints, for example, of a miositis, arthralgias, mialgiya, a tendinitis, arthritis, a tendovaginitis, a sciatica, a humeroscapular syndrome, a lumbago and others.


Drug is not recommended to be used at individual intolerance of separate components of ointment, and also in the presence at patients of skin diseases, for example, of dermatitis or eczema in the field of putting medicine, at tendency to spasms, at bronchial asthma, and also at whooping cough.

Side effects

In the course of a symptomatic treatment drug patients can have following side effects: allergic reactions, erythema, dermatitis and urticaria. When using ointment during a long span such symptoms of methyl salicylate as can be shown: nausea, headaches, vision disorders, diarrhea, a ring in ears, and also the pains arising in epigastric area.

It should be noted that at long use Fast Relif efficiency of drug gradually decreases and increases the frequency of bronchial spasms.

Besides, there can be symptoms of neurologic diseases (a hyperexcitability, headaches, spasms and dizzinesses) caused by frequent use of the medicine containing in the composition of camphor.

Ointment Fast Relif, instruction (Way and dosage)

In the application instruction of drug it is told that Fast Relif is intended only for external use. Ointment is applied on skin in the dosage depending on the size of a site of defeat and force of pain. Medicine should be applied with a thin layer, and then to rub in skin the easy movements of a hand.

As a rule, ointment is applied by no more than 4 times a day. The course of treatment drug should not exceed 10 days.


The overdoses given about cases drug are absent now.


There are no data.

Terms of sale

Fast Relif it is possible to get in drugstores without medical recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store ointment far from children at a temperature no more than 30 Pages.

Period of validity

3 years. It is strictly forbidden to use drug after the termination of its period of validity.

Special instructions

At Fast Relif's hit in an organism such symptoms as appear: an ataxy, drowsiness, nausea, difficulty of breath, a rush of blood to the person, an abdominal pain, dizziness, oppression of TsNS. In such cases it is necessary to see immediately a doctor for the help which will consist in symptomatic therapy and a gastric lavage.


Ben-gay, Baume-Bengue, ointment Green elephant, Kamfart, Nikofleks.

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