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  • Latin name: Feloran
  • ATH code: M02AA15
  • Active ingredient: Diclofenac
  • Producer: Balkanfarma-Troyan ABP (Bulgaria)


The gel tube in 60 g contains 0,6 g of active ingredient of diclofenac of sodium.

Release form

Feloran is issued in the tableted dosage form, in the form of gel, ointment, capsules, a dragee, suppositories, solution.

Pharmacological action

Nonsteroid, anti-inflammatory drug.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Diclofenac acts as active component. The main substance is derivative phenylacetic acid.

The medicine has analgeziruyushchy, antiinflammatory and febrifugal effects. The medicine influence mechanism Feloran is based on disturbance of a course of metabolic processes of arachidonic acid, not selective oppression of cyclooxygenases-1,2, decrease in concentration of prostaglandins in the inflammatory center.

The greatest efficiency of medicine is observed at pain syndromes of inflammatory genesis.

The medicine possesses antiagregantny action.

Indications to use

Feloran gel is appointed at diseases of a musculoskeletal system of inflammatory genesis: gouty arthritis, the pseudorheumatism ankylosing a spondylarthritis, chronic juvenile arthritis, psoriasis arthritis, rheumatic damages of soft tissues.

Medicine is effective at traumatic injuries of joints, muscular tissue, the copular device, sinews (bruises, stretchings, excessive loading).

Drug is appointed at a pain syndrome: bursitis, lumbago, rheumatic defeats of soft tissues, tendovaginitis, mialgiya, sciatica, lumbago, neuralgia. Diclofenac is shown at osteochondrosis, the deforming osteoarthrosis and other degenerative diseases of a musculoskeletal system.

Medicine is applied at infectious, inflammatory defeats of the ENT organs accompanied with a pain syndrome of the expressed character at otitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, at the feverish syndrome accompanied infectious diseases, cold.

Diclofenac is appointed at an adnexitis, inflammatory processes in a small basin, algodismenory.


Feloran do not appoint at a "aspirinovy" triad: intolerance of drugs of a pirazolinovy row, acetylsalicylic acid, recuring nose polyposes, bronchial asthma.

Medicine is not used at intolerance of drugs of NPVS group, various disturbances of coagulability of blood, tendency to bleedings, lengthening of a bleeding time, hemophilia, disturbances of a hemopoiesis in the form of anemia, a leukopenia, at bleedings and a digestive tract, at erosive cankers of bodies of a gastrointestinal tract, to children before achievement of six-year age, at pregnancy incubation, feeding by a breast.

Suppositories are not appointed at traumatic damages, a rectum inflammation, hemorrhoids, rectal bleedings.

At an arterial hypertension, a dekompensirovanny form of chronic heart failure, bronchial asthma, anemia, a diverticulitis, alcoholism, pathology of a liver and kidneys, to elderly people, at the accompanying diabetes mellitus, an edematous syndrome, the acute induced hepatic Porphyrias, in the postoperative period, at diseases of a digestive tract out of an aggravation Feloran appoint with care.

Side effects

Digestive tract: a meteorism, locks, an abdominal pain syndrome, abdominal distention, nausea, dispepsichesky frustration, round ulcers, increase of level of liver enzymes, aphthous stomatitis, damage of a gullet, gastrointestinal bleedings, perforation, dryness in a mouth, colitis, pancreatitis, hepatitis, cirrhosis, gepatonekroz, appetite changes, a gepatorenalny syndrome.

Nervous system: spasms, aseptic meningitis, uneasiness, diplopia, depression, weakness, drowsiness, sleep disorders.

Sense bodys: decrease and disturbances of acoustical, visual and flavoring perception, scotoma, sonitus.

Integuments: epidermal toxic necrolysis, toxic dermatitis, alopecia, eczema, alopecia, photosensitization, itch, rashes.

Urinary path: oliguria, proteinuria, nephrotic syndrome, azotemia, acute renal failure, papillary necrosis, intersticial nephrite.

Bodies of a hemopoiesis: seldom aplastic and hemolitic anemia, Werlhof's disease, agranulocytosis, eosinophilia, leukopenia.

Respiratory system: throat hypostasis, cough, bronchospasms.

Cardiovascular system: heart failure of congestive character, increase of level of a blood pressure.

Allergic reactions: prompt acute anaphylaxis, puffiness of language, lips and throat, anaphylactoid reactions.

Application instruction of Feloran (Way and dosage)


Feloran accept inside. Adult appoint 2-3 times a day 25-50 mg. After achievement of necessary therapeutic effect the amount of medicine is reduced gradually with the subsequent transition to a dose 50mg/days. Drug in the tableted dosage form is accepted on an empty stomach, without chewing, entirely, washing down with enough water. The prolonged forms of a medicine are taken in a dose of 100 mg once a day.


Feloran also enter intravenously kapelno. Before intravenous injection contents of one ampoule are parted in solution of a dextrose, sodium chloride. Intravenous administration is carried out within 30-180 minutes depending on degree of manifestation of a pain syndrome.

In the postoperative period for stopping of an acute pain syndrome carry out introduction of a "shock" dose in number of 25-50 mg of diclofenac within 15-60 minutes. Further infusion is carried out with a speed of 5 mg an hour.

Feloran it is possible to enter intramusculary for stopping of exacerbations of chronic diseases. The drug is administered once, further passed to reception of peroral forms.


Rektalno Feloran enter twice a day 50 mg, or on 100 mg once a day. At migraine attacks suppositories enter in a dose 100 mg once. Repeated introduction is carried out in need of the same dose.


Ointment Feloran is applied a thin layer in number of 2-4 grams, the easy movements rubbed in skin over area of inflammatory process 2-3 times a day. Duration of therapy makes 1-2 weeks.

Gel Feloran, application instruction

Gel is applied by 3-4 times a day in number of 2-4 grams.

After putting medicine Feloran it is necessary to wash up hands.


It is shown by nausea, opacification of consciousness, hyperventilation of lungs, a headache, dizzinesses, disturbances in work of renal and hepatic systems, vomiting, pains in epigastriums, bleeding.

The gastric lavage, timely purpose of enterosorbents, carrying out the posindromny therapy directed to elimination of respiratory depression, irritation of a digestive tract, spasms, disturbances in work of kidneys and a liver, increase of level of arterial pressure is required.

The hemodialysis, artificial diuresis did not prove the efficiency and are not applied.


Feloran is capable to increase the level of drugs of lithium, a methotrexate, digoxin, cyclosporine in a blood plasma.

Medicine makes negative impact on efficiency of diuretic drugs.

The probability of development of bleedings increases at a concomitant use of thrombolytic drugs (an urokinase, an alteplaza, Streptokinasa), antiagregantny and anticoagulating means.

Diclofenac reduces efficiency of somnolent and hypotensive drugs, increases risk of manifestation of side reactions of glucocorticosteroids and other drugs of NPVS group.

The medicine increases nephrotoxicity of cyclosporine, toxicity of a methotrexate.

Acetylsalicylic acid reduces concentration of a feloran in blood.

Expressiveness of nephrotoxic influence increases at a concomitant use of paracetamol.

Plikamitsin, valproic acid, tsefotetan, tsefoperazon, tsefamandol increase probability of development of a prothrombinopenia.

Medicine reduces efficiency of hypoglycemic drugs.

Corticotropin, colchicine, ethanol and drugs of a St. John's Wort increase probability of gastrointestinal bleedings.

Terms of sale

The recipe is not required.

Storage conditions

In dry, unavailable to children at a temperature of 15-25 degrees Celsius.

Period of validity

No more than two years.

Special instructions

For faster achievement of desirable effect Feloran is recommended to take for half of hour to food. In other cases medicine needs to be accepted without chewing to, in time or after meal, washing down with enough liquid.

Special attention should be paid on patients with pathology of cordial and renal systems because of an important role of prostaglandins in the course of maintenance of a renal blood-groove.

During treatment by Feloran reduction in the rate of motor, mental reactions is noted that can be reflected in performance of potentially dangerous types of works, driving of motor transport.

It is possible to apply gel and ointment only on the unimpaired integuments. There is no need to apply an occlusive bandage.

Prolonged treatment by high doses causes forming of system side reactions.

Gel and ointment are applied only outwardly, hit on mucous membranes, in eyes is inadmissible.

Feloran's analogs

Analogs are Veral, Voltarenum, Diklak, Diklobene, Diclofenac, Klodifen, Olfen.

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