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  • Latin name: Fenules
  • ATH code: B03AE03
  • Active ingredient: Polyvitamins (Multivitamins) + Minerals (Multimineral)
  • Producer: Ltd. Ranbaks laboratoriz, India

Fenyuls's structure

As a part of drug set of vitamins and microelements. Contains in one capsule of medicine: 45 mg of iron, 50 mg of Riboflavinum, 2 mg of monohydrate of thiamin, 1 mg of a hydrochloride of a pyridoxine, 50 mg of ascorbic acid, 15 mg of a nikotinamid, 2,5 mg of pantothenic acid and additional (auxiliary) components: ethyl cellulose, karmoizin supra, Non Pareil granules.

Release form

Green capsules of the small size, since one end transparent, with white, red and orange granules inside, in blisters on 10 capsules. In cardboard packagings on 10 or 30 pieces in everyone.

Pharmacological action

Vitamin complex. Use for elimination of deficit of iron.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Iron preparation, contains also polyvitamins. The therapeutic effect of means is caused successful by selection and a combination of its components.

The role of the bivalent iron which is taking part in a set of the processes proceeding in a human body is very important. The component is a part of the hemoglobin which is directly influencing quality and amount of blood, supporting processes of tissue respiration and level of a hydrogen indicator of biological liquid. Also iron takes active part in the redoxreactions proceeding in an organism, process of formation of erythrocytes in marrow (together with B6 and B2 vitamins).

The iron combination to ascorbic acid and Riboflavinum (other vitamins of this group) reduces negative impact of iron on mucous a stomach. Drug is better acquired.

B1 vitamin favorably influences structure and functional activity of a myocardium, actively participates in exchange processes. Other vitamins of group B are improved by sight, feeds cells of a cornea and a retina, stirs up activity of a gastrointestinal tract.

Thanks to a form of release of medicine, release of nutrients happens gradually, within 12 hours. In an hour or two after intake, the maximum concentration of medicine is reached.

Indications to use

Any kinds of deficit of iron and vitamins of group B:

  • feeding by a breast and pregnancy, pregnancy planning;
  • the periods of active growth, the strengthened intellectual and exercise stress;
  • complex treatment of patients with heavy infections and parasites;
  • preparation for operations;
  • bleedings during periods.


  • hemochromatosis;
  • allergy to some or all components of drug;
  • hemosiderosis;
  • small children.

Side effects

Manifestations of side effects occurs seldom. Are most widespread

Application instruction of Fenyuls (Way and dosage)

According to the instruction to Fenyuls, tablets it is better to swallow entirely, without damaging and without cracking a granule. Wash down with water.

How to accept capsules as prevention?

As a rule, appoint on one tablet a day. Before plentiful and long periods begin reception of means in 2 days and drink 2 more days on the termination.


By the present moment there are no data on overdose emergence cases. Strengthening of side effects is possible.


It is better not to combine iron preparation with the drugs enveloping a stomach, such as Almagelum and maaloks, owing to decrease in absorption of iron. You should not trample down two and more vitamin complexes at the same time.

Terms of sale

To get means in a drugstore the recipe is not required.

Storage conditions

The dry, dark place, temperature is not higher than 30 degrees.

Period of validity

3 years.

Fenyuls's analogs

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

The most widespread taxes of means are: feroplekt, gemoferon, ranferon, totem, feroplekt, aktiferin, gemsineral-td, sorbifer durules, feron-forte.

Fenyuls at pregnancy and a lactation

Medicine is often appointed during the breastfeeding, pregnancy. During pregnancy reception can be begun from 14th week. Drink two weeks, then do a break for 7 days and again accept 14 days. Drug has positive responses.


  • Fenyuls capsule No. 10
  • Fenyuls capsule No. 30

Drugstore of IFC

  • Fenyuls kaps No. 30, Ranbaxyindiya
  • Fenyuls kaps No. 10, Ranbaxyindiya
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