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  • Latin name: Phepranonum
  • Active ingredient: Amphepramonum
  • Producer: Russia


1 tablet (dragee) of the drug Phepranonum includes 25 mg of Amphepramonum.

Release form

Phepranonum is issued in the form of tablets (dragee) on 50 pieces in secondary packaging (pack).

Pharmacological action


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Active ingredient of this medical drug – Amphepramonum – represents the anorexigenic means having psychogogic effects. Amphepramonum excitingly influences the center of saturation and suppresses the center of hunger. Also drug is a stimulator of bark (gray matter) of big parencephalons, at the same time actually without showing adrenostimuliruyushchy peripheral activity. Under the influence of Amphepramonum the metabolism somewhat amplifies, and at the patients having obesity weight reduction is observed. Farmakodinamichesky efficiency of drug forms within 30-60 minutes and proceeds for 8 hours.

Amphepramonum possesses high absorption with T1/2 to approximately equal 8 hours. Full excretion of drug is carried out by kidneys, both in not changed form, and in the form of metilirovanny products of its metabolism. Characteristic of Amphepramonum is high extent of its penetration through a placental barrier and GEB.

Indications to use

Use of Phepranonum first of all is shown for therapy of the alimentary obesity (arising because of excessive meal).

Purpose of this drug in parallel with hormonal therapy at treatment of an adiposagenital syndrome (the disease which is shown the obesity interfaced to frustration of a metabolism) is possible.

Also this remedy is applied in a combination with Thyreoidinum to therapy of a hypothyroidism (morbid condition of a thyroid gland).

Any purpose of Phepranonum is recommended to combine with the low-calorie diet in case of need interrupted by fasting days.


Purpose of Phepranonum is categorically contraindicated at:

Side effects

Negative side effects of drug can be shown:

At long therapy can be observed:

Phepranonum, application instruction

Tablets (dragee) of the drug Phepranonum are intended for peroral (in) reception. Most often the scheme of therapy consists in 2-3-times daily reception of one tablet (25 mg of Amphepramonum) in 30-60 minutes prior to food.

Treatment should be combined with a low-calorie diet. In case of insufficient efficiency and good tolerance of Amphepramonum it is possible to increase a daily dosage to 100 mg (in four receptions in 24 hours).

It is better to limit duration of treatment for 6-10 weeks, with a possibility of carrying out a repeated therapeutic course after 3 months.

The dosing mode applied to therapy of children after 12 years, as a rule, is equal to an adult vague dose, with preservation of daily frequency of reception.


The negative symptomatology of overdose can be shown: a tremor, a tachypnea, a hyperreflexia, confusion of consciousness, a collapse, hallucinations, spasms (at patients with epilepsy).

Therapy of these states first of all has to consist in rendering, the provided in such cases, first aid, including: vomiting call, cleaning of a gastrointestinal tract, artificial diuresis. At tachycardia use of beta adrenoblockers is shown. In case of forming of the expressed disturbances of mentality appoint psychoactive drugs. At manifestation of disturbances of respiratory function practice IVL.


The medical drugs from group of MAO inhibitors appointed for 14 days after reception of Phepranonum increase risk of developing of hypertensive crisis.

Amphepramonum is capable to weaken hypoglycemic effect of insulin and hypotensive efficiency of a guanetidin.

Terms of sale

It is possible to buy Phepranonum only after presentation of the recipe.

Storage conditions

Amphepramonum belongs to the remedies entered in "List A". Tablets (dragee) can remain at the room temperature, but with observance of safety rules (the place unavailable to children, the closed packaging).

Period of validity

24 months from the moment of production.



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