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  • Latin name: Pheresolum
  • ATH code: D11AF
  • Active ingredient: Phenol (Phenol), Tricresolum (Tricresolum)
  • Producer: Retinoids (Russia)


Phenol and Tricresolum are a part of drug.

Release form

Pheresolum is issued in the form of solution for external use.

Pharmacological action

Antiseptic and caustic.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Medicine represents the combined means with the cauterizing and bactericidal action. Specifics of action consist in irreversible coagulation of proteins which are included into the vital structures of a microbe that provokes loss of their functions and death. Drug influences many bacteria, mushrooms, viruses and protozoa. The cauterizing properties are caused by destruction of macromolecules of cells of fibers of integuments and mucous. At interaction with body tissues provokes corrosive burns.

Indications to use

Usual, bottom and threadlike warts, sharp-pointed condylomas of skin, dry callosities, keratomas, papillomas.


Pheresolum cannot be applied at hypersensitivity to drug. Besides, among contraindications a nevus, rashes near lips and on mucous, birthmarks are designated.

Solution cannot be applied on integuments more, than on 20 quarter see.

To children till 7 flyings not to use.

To pregnant women and the feeding women it is allowed to apply medicine, only if the advantage of treatment is higher than probable risk for the child. However if there are educations on mammary glands, in the period of a lactation it is not recommended to use Pheresolum. Besides, at this time it is impossible to apply it to removal of educations on brushes.

Side effects

Side effects can be the following:

  • integuments: if the skin site near eyes is processed, retina hypostasis which, as a rule, passes independently is possible;
  • immune system: allergy;
  • general reactions: a burning sensation on site where drug is applied.

Application instruction of Pheresolum (Way and dosage)

It is possible to use solution only on skin. The application instruction reports that it should be applied precisely on a site which needs to be processed with a small wooden stick. It is important to watch that means did not get on healthy skin and mucous. To 2 mm and threadlike warts medicine is applied on papillomas once. Papillomas, larger by the sizes, and warts from 2 to 3 mm are greased 3-4 times between which it is necessary to do a small break in order that solution dried up.

Before deleting by means of wart Pheresolum on brushes with a dense keratosic surface, keratomas, bottom warts and dry callosities, from a surface it is necessary to eliminate horn stratifications. Keratolytic ointment is for this purpose used. It is put at several o'clock, covering the processed skin site with compresseal paper or a polyethylene film, and also bandaging a gauze bandage or sticking with an adhesive plaster. Then it is removed, and skin is steamed out in hot soap solution with addition of soda of 10-15 minutes and delete with cuticle scissors or nippers horn stratifications. Pheresolum is applied on skin several times with breaks for 3-4 minutes for drying:

  • warts on brushes and soles are processed till 7-10 times;
  • keratomas and dry callosities are processed on 3-4 times.

To avoid a burn of healthy integuments, they can be greased with zinc paste which after use of drug is removed a dry gauze.

The instruction on Pheresolum reports that it is better to delete sharp-pointed condylomas in policlinic in an office of the dermatovenerologist or urologist. Medicine is put by 1-2 times with a break 3-4 minutes.

It is possible to use drug once again in 6-8 days after the crust falls down. In total there have to be no more than 4-5 procedures.

If in a bottle crystals dropped out, it needs to be heated on the water bath at a temperature about 30 degrees, slightly shaking up contents. After crystals will be dissolved, medicine can be used.


If Pheresolum gets on the big area of skin, there can be a corrosive burn, and also the general intoxication.

Symptomatic treatment.


Solution cannot be mixed with ointments as in that case it loses the efficiency.

Terms of sale

In Russia this means is released in drugstores without recipe, in Ukraine – according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Medicine needs to be held in original packaging. Temperature has to be 8-15 °C.

It is necessary to store in the place, unavailable to small children.

Period of validity

Five years from the date specified on packaging.

Analogs of Pheresolum

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Analogs of Pheresolum can be found in drugstores the following:

Each of drugs has the nuances of use. Before replacement by analogs of Pheresolum it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

About Pheresolum

Drug is very widespread. Those who used it from warts leave comments on Pheresolum mainly positive. However it is very important to use it according to the instruction.

About Pheresolum report also that means this quite painful. Quite often from it there are burns and hems on skin. That is why many patients after all prefer other methods, for example, freezing or cauterization by the laser. However itself should not appoint them independently. It is necessary to apply this or that means only after consultation with the doctor.


  • Pheresolum 15glubnyfarm (Ukraine, Lubna)


  • Pheresolum of 15 g
Section: Dermatological Antifungal
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