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  • Latin name: Ferretab
  • ATH code: B03AD02
  • Active ingredient: Gland fumarates + Folic acid * (Ferrous fumarate + Folic acid *) Contents
  • Producer: Lannakher Haylmittel Gmbh, Austria


1 capsule includes 1 minitablet of 0,54 mg of folic acid (respectively 0,5 mg of dry matter) and 3 minitablets of 163,56 mg of iron of a fumarat (respectively 50 mg of iron) – active ingredients.

Auxiliary ingredients:

  • 34,47 mg — monohydrate of lactose;
  • 2,3 mg — silicon dioxide colloid;
  • 2,3 mg — magnesium stearate;
  • 13,98 mg — polyacrylate;
  • 24,25 mg – microcrystallic cellulose.


  • dyes azoruby and quinoline yellow;
  • titanium dioxide;
  • gelatin.

Release form

The capsules possessing the prolonged action.

One packaging includes 30 capsules.

Pharmacological action

Hemopoietic (at deficit of iron in an organism).

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Ferretab a computer (Ferretab) is the medicine used for prevention and therapy of the states connected with deficit of iron (iron deficiency). Ferretab's action is expressed by effects of the active agents which are his part.

Gland fumarating represents iron salt which is necessary for an organism for safe synthesis of hemoglobin. Internal reception of salts of iron leads to fast compensation of its shortage in an organism that leads further to gradual decrease in laboratory and clinical displays of anemia (weakness, dizziness, fatigue, tachycardia, dryness and morbidity of integuments).

Folic acid is required to an organism for normal forming of megaloblasts and normoblasts. Participates in activation of an erythrogenesis, and replication of amino acids, pyrimidines, purines and nucleic acids, and also in a sincaline exchange. During pregnancy protects an organism from teratogenic effects.

Ferretab recovers and maintains the corresponding concentration of iron in blood and prevents development of an abortion, anemia, premature births. Also promotes normal intellectual development of children which, among a set of factors, depends also on contents in an organism of folic acid and iron. The share of assimilable iron varies from 5% to 35%.

Iron in serum actively contacts transferrin and takes part in production of hemoglobin, cytochrome oxydase, a myoglobin, peroxidase, a catalase, and also is laid in fabrics in the form of ferritin.

It is allocated on means of intestines and kidneys, and also removed then.

Mostly absorption of folic acid happens in upper sites of a 12-perstny gut. Contacts proteins for 64%. The metabolism passes in a liver, and allocation generally kidneys and partially intestines.

Indications to use

Carrying out prevention and therapy of iron deficiency states (including long bleeding, disturbance in iron absorption, pregnancy, defective and/or unbalanced food).


  • hypersensitivity to the ingredients making drug or a capsule;
  • the painful states which are followed by increase in content of iron in an organism (a thalassemia, hemolitic and aplastic anemias, hemochromatosis, a hemosiderosis);
  • the anemia which developed not because of a lack of folic acid or iron;
  • disorder of assimilation by an iron organism (insufficiency of B12 vitamin, pernicious, lead and sideroakhrestichesky anemias).

Side effects

As a rule, Ferretab is had well. In rare instances Ferretab's reception led to negative manifestations from a gastrointestinal tract, a temporality: heavy feeling and fillings in a stomach, a lock, nausea, desires to vomiting, allergic reactions.

Application instruction Ferretab

The instruction on Ferretab a computer recommends to accept capsules orally (inside) on an empty stomach, about use of a large amount of water. Reception of 1 capsule in days is generally shown.

At considerable shortage of iron or folic acid, the dose is doubled, and in certain cases and three times.

After achievement of usual level of a hemoglobin content, treatment is continued before normalization of ferritin which is criterion of reserves of iron in an organism. The minimum term of a maintenance therapy has to be not less than 4 weeks.


In case of Ferretab's overdose observed strengthening of its side effects.

Carrying out researches of content of ferritin for the purpose of clarification of level of iron is shown. In a case when this level considerably exceeds norm, appoint iron helator, for example Desferal, in a dose corresponding to recommendations about its use.


At the combined use with ascorbic acid absorption of iron improves, and at reception with antacids worsens.

It is necessary to avoid simultaneous use with antibiotics of a number of tetracyclines as at this combination iron absorption process is broken.

Phenytoinum, holestiramin, Phenobarbital, Sulfasalazinum, Carbamazepine, hormonal contraceptives, Trimethoprimum, antagonists of folic acid, Triamterenum, crude cereals, bread, eggs, dairy products, tea and firm food lower iron absorption.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Temperature of storage of Ferretab should not exceed 25 °C.

Period of validity

36 months.

Special instructions

Before purpose of therapy using Ferretab a computer, it is necessary to conduct researches for the purpose of determination of concentration of ferritin and iron in blood serum.

Emergence a calla painted in dark color, not having clinical value is possible.

The benzidine test, against Ferretab's reception, can yield false positive result.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

If for this time there is no opportunity to get Ferretab a computer, to you can offer its analogs: chewable tablets Maltofer and Biofer, tablets Tardiferon and Gino-Tardiferon or capsules Aktiferrin and Ferri-Fol.


  • Ferretab a computer No. 30 of a capsule prolonged a deystviyalannakher Haylmittel Gmbh (AUSTRIA)

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