Fibrent plus iodine

Фибрент плюс йод Drug photo

The description is actual on 17.02.2016

  • Latin name: Fibrent plus iodine
  • Active ingredient: Natural components (Natural ingredients)
  • Producer: State of emergency "Yours zdorovye-K", Ukraine


As a part of this means natural components contain: flax seeds, laminaria, wheat bran, thistle, beet juice and kaolin.

Release form

Fibrent plus iodine in the form of the coarse-grained granulopodobny powder having light brown color and a slight specific smell is issued.

Pharmacological action

This means possesses strengthening, clearing and recovering full work of an organism as action. Dietary supplement is actively applied to weight loss.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Action of Fibrent plus iodine is caused by the components which are its part.

So, seeds of flax render the enveloping effect on stomach walls that improves its work. Prevention of thrombosis and decrease in level of cholesterol is also noted.

The laminaria contains a large amount of the iodine necessary for full activity of a thyroid gland.

The thistle includes in the structure siliramin, participating in regeneration of a cell of a liver. In addition, the thistle is saturated with the various minerals and vitamins necessary at treatment of cirrhosis, alcoholic poisonings, jaundices, obesity, inflammations of a thyroid gland or bilious ways. This component promotes fast weight reduction, without causing side effects.

Wheat bran is enriched with the cellulose helping to regulate work of a gastrointestinal tract. In a stomach bran inflates, providing feeling of "satiety".

Contains in beet juice betadin, improving removal of salts from joints and providing beneficial effect for work of kidneys and zhelchevyvodyashchy ways.

The kaolin or white clay interacts with each of components, promoting removal of toxins and harmful chemicals from an organism.

Thus, Fibrent plus iodine for weight loss is the natural bioadditive containing the absorbing elements, various vitamins micro both macrocells and food fibers.

At its use not only work of intestines, but also other bodies considerably improves, for example: kidneys, liver and pancreas. Drug elements often use for weight loss, removal in the natural way of slags, toxins, to clarification of blood and improvement of exchange processes.

Indications to use

Use of this means is recommended for:

  • improvements of bile secretion and vermicular movement of intestines;
  • loss of appetite;
  • binding and removal of unnecessary products from an organism;
  • supports of normal microflora;
  • simplification of bowel emptying.


Use of drug is not recommended at:

  • aggravations in the period of an illness;
  • acute ulcers or erosion of a gastrointestinal tract;
  • diarrhea syndrome;
  • adhesive desease of abdominal organs.

Side effects

Usually this drug is transferred rather well, but development of reactions of intolerance and an allergy is not excluded.

The instruction to Fibrent plus iodine (A way and a dosage)

Use of drug of Fibrent + iodine perhaps for clarification of an organism from slags and disposal of excess kg. At the same time drug is accepted for 2 months. For this purpose 6 packagings will be required – every day it is necessary to accept one tablespoon of powder on 3 times.

For the purpose of prevention means is accepted for 1 month. The preventive course of Fibrent + iodine makes 2 packagings. It is necessary to accept powder within 10 days on one spoon 3 times, then carry out a 10-day break and treatment, again repeat.

It is recommended to begin drug use gradually, that is in the first day – 1 spoon, on the second – 2, and with the third – on 3 tablespoons. Powder is washed down with a glass of pure table water, and during the day it is necessary to drink as much as possible liquid.


Cases of overdose it is not established.


Undesirable medicinal interaction with this drug is noted. Nevertheless, at reception of other drugs, it is necessary to discuss with the attending physician a possibility of their simultaneous use with Fibrent plus iodine.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

The place for storage of the granulated powder has to be to rather dark, dry, cool and unavailable children.

Period of validity

1 year.

Analogs of Fibrent plus iodine

It is possible to refer to the main analogs: Qi-klim, Festal-Neo, Festsetam and L-L factor.

About Fibrent plus iodine

It is known that improvement of an organism is the difficult and multifactorial process depending on individual characteristics of the person. Therefore people try to satisfy the recreational requirements and use measures for weight loss and cleaning, improvement of exchange processes and simplification of some painful states.

Of course, it is important that it did not lead to undesirable effects, and for this purpose it is necessary to choose only the checked effective remedies. Therefore About Fibrent plus iodine for weight loss confirm that after use of this drug no side effects are shown, and excess weight does not return again.

In general for effective weight loss by means of this drug 1-2 weeks can be required. At first the basis of recreational process representing primary and physical clarification is provided. Then the deep cleaning including removal of toxins, excess of exchange processes, improvement of work of all organism is carried out.

Many users note safety of Fibrent plus iodine which is applied as to treatment, and prevention. Its components have no undesirable effect on nervous and other systems of an organism, do not cause dependence and other negative reactions.

Nevertheless, independently it is not recommended to accept similar drugs. It is known that existence of serious violations in an organism and their not timely treatment can lead to complication. As for a set of excess weight, and often deviations in work of an organism are the reasons of its emergence.

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