Fibrillation of auricles

Fibrillation of auricles is one of possible disturbances of a heart rhythm, and fibrillation is, perhaps, the most widespread disturbance. As a rule, those changes in normal cardiac performance about which the speech will go happen as complications of an ischemic heart disease (coronary heart disease).

However an ischemic heart disease it though the main, but not the only reason leading to fibrillation of auricles. It is possible to refer also increased function of a thyroid gland which, in turn, also arises against characteristic diseases to their number.

In medicine fibrillation of auricles differs in two forms: a constant (also call chronic) and temporary (also call paroxysmal).

Speaking in brief about symptoms of fibrillation of auricles, it is possible to note their similarity with arrhythmias. The patient also feels periodic interruptions in a cordial rhythm, there can periodically come the preunconscious or unconscious state which is followed by blackout. In this regard a synonym of fibrillation is the ciliary arrhythmia.

Though the disease in itself is complication of an ischemic heart disease, it can also have negative effects for an organism and cause other illnesses. The strokes arising owing to thrombosis of vessels become the most frequent effects.

Developing of blood clots in arteries just is also promoted by changes of a cordial rhythm. As a result in blood there can be clots – blood clots which appear in an auricle at once. In the same place, having stuck to an internal wall, they develop.

All this says that the disease cannot be started at all, and also it is necessary to implement recommendations of the doctor strictly. It is proved that if diagnosis of fibrillation of auricles is carried out timely, and the patient observes an order of reception of the corresponding drugs, risk of thrombosis, as well as other complications, significantly decreases.

Manifestation of a ciliary arrhythmia

As we already noted, fibrillation of auricles – one of kinds of disturbance of a heart rhythm. In a normality this principal organ of a human body, works as the high-precision mechanism which each parts are coordinated among themselves. In case of the described disease of reduction of auricles can significantly become frequent, up to six hundred reductions a minute.

If the same frequency was transferred to ventricles, then the illness would be even more serious, than it is. However, despite the lack of coordination of auricles and ventricles, to them only a frequency in limits can reach the 200th impulses/minute. It is connected with the fact that the atrioventricular node cannot make the bigger number of reductions and, in fact, acts as the filter of excessive frequency. It is natural that at the same time the sinus node does not perform the function "tuning" of a rhythm any more.

We said that the ciliary arrhythmia exists in two forms. If the temporary form makes several hours, then the risk of developing of blood clots is rather small. What you will not tell about cases when duration of fibrillation makes several days. In this case the risk of a stroke increases many times. Over time the paroxysmal form can pass into a constant, then probable development of heart failure is added to risk of a stroke.

Symptoms of fibrillation of auricles

Фибрилляция предсердийAll main symptoms of fibrillation of auricles are connected with increase of a cordial rhythm. It is natural that such frequency cannot remain unnoticed for the person who suddenly clearly feels heartbeat, feels low. Disturbance in beat results in shortage of oxygen therefore the patient most often feels an asthma. Stethalgias can be also added to the described signs.

Symptoms of a ciliary arrhythmia can be different in duration. As a rule, they appear and disappear along with attacks. That is can take couple of seconds till several o'clock, up to days (throughout this time extent of manifestation can change).

On the first couples symptoms of a ciliary arrhythmia disappear for a short time even without use of any medicines. But it is necessary to understand that similar attacks never come one. For the first, an attack following will come short. Therefore at emergence of the first signs it is necessary to address for treatment the specialist.

Risk group of fibrillation of auricles

Scientists could reveal several major factors which significantly increase risk of emergence of a ciliary arrhythmia. The age, heart troubles, some chronic diseases, an alcohol abuse is among those. Further we will explain influence of each of factors separately.

It is known that changes in some human organs with a growing it is only some manifestations of an old age. Similar changes affect also auricles, as places elderly people in risk group.

Heart diseases and other organic diseases of this body also increase probability of disturbance of a rhythm of its work. And it belongs also to already postponed diseases which were cured thanks to an operative measure.

Right at the beginning we mentioned that problems with a thyroid gland, it is an essential factor which noticeably increases probability of emergence of an illness. This list of the promoting factors also includes an arterial hypertension.

And, at last, fibrillation of auricles arises much more often at the persons abusing alcohol. During alcoholic intoxication kind of work of an organism in general, and its separate bodies, significantly differs from normal. Therefore frequent receptions of alcohol – a direct way to risk group.

Diagnosis of fibrillation of auricles

Фибрилляция предсердийThere are two main methods of detection of a disease: ECG and Holterovsky monitoring. On the description of the electrocardiogram we will not stop as it is well-known diagnostic procedure, and about Holterovsky monitoring briefly we will tell in this article.

This term is understood as continuous registration of a heart rhythm for one or several days. As a result the doctor in hands turns out a full picture of a condition of heart of the patient what helps to make timely and precisely the correct diagnosis.

One of kinds of Holterovsky monitoring is record of paroxysms in online the mode. It is carried out by means of the special device which for all the time of research is connected to the patient. As soon as the cordial rhythm of the patient is broken (the attack begins), the device transmits ECG signals through phone line. The similar method of research allows the patient not to be distracted from commonplaces therefore such diagnosis of fibrillation of auricles becomes more popular every day.

Treatment of fibrillation of auricles

The method of treatment of a disease directly depends on its form. At a temporary form stopping of attacks is made, at a constant form – regular reception of medicines.

Stopping is a treatment of fibrillation of auricles which consists in the termination of an attack under the influence of effective drugs. Treat their number novokainamid and quinidine. Please note that their reception cannot be begun independently at all. Moreover, there will be not enough one recipe of the doctor, the specialist has to be during introduction of a novokainamid or reception of quinidine nearby, and for control of heart continuous is conducted I will eat cardiograms.

Kordaron or Propanorm can become alternative to the mentioned medicines. Can facilitate symptoms of fibrillation of auricles anaprilin, digoxin and/or verapamil. Though for treatment they are insufficiently effective, but facilitate a condition of the patient significantly.

Except medicines there is also special procedure of stopping which is called electric cardioversion. According to supervision, efficiency of this method can reach 90%. Universal use of electric cardioversion is prevented by need of the general anesthesia of the patient therefore so far it is applied only in especially difficult cases when there is a threat of life of the patient, or other methods sputtered out.

We pay your attention that stopping is effective only at first after an attack. In two days at an incessant attack the risk of thrombosis and, as a result, a stroke increases. If symptoms of a ciliary arrhythmia remain a long time, without fail it is necessary to begin administration of drugs, reducing coagulability of blood. As a rule, doctors appoint warfarin which renders a fast positive effect. If stopping took place successfully, then administration of drug continues up to 1 month.

Unfortunately, if during this time it was not succeeded to get rid of an illness, then this medicine or its analogs, will become your satellite on for the rest of the life. If stopping was successful, then it is replaced by the drugs interfering repeated developing of arrhythmia. It can be Allapinin, kordaron and others.

If the disease passed from temporary into a constant form, then further treatment of fibrillation of auricles has to pursue two aims. First, it is necessary to ensure cardiac performance in a usual rhythm. And secondly, it is required to do everything possible to prevent emergence of blood clots.

Both today successfully decides reception of medicines. For example, it can be digoxin and warfarin respectively. In the course of treatment cardiac performance and a condition of blood of the patient is constantly controlled.

To be fair we will note that there is also radical treatment of fibrillation of auricles which can forever relieve the patient of this illness. Radio-frequency isolation of pulmonary veins acts as such method. Its high cost, not feasible for the average patient, and efficiency at which at every second or third patient the ciliary arrhythmia is shown through some time again is the reason of small distribution of operation.

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