Фитолизин Drug photo

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  • Latin name: Phytolysin
  • ATH code: G04BX
  • Active ingredient: Mix of medicinal herbs
  • Producer: LLC Gerbapol Varshava, Poland


Structure in Russian: 100 gr pastes of Phytolysinum 0,672 extracts of herbs (a golden rod, birch leaves, a horsetail field, the mountaineer bird's, wheat grass rhizomes, trigonella seeds, a parsley root, a root a lyubistka) + contain essential oils (orange, a sage, peppery it is washed, a pine) + excipients (an agar-agar, vanillin, glycerin, wheat starch).

Release form

In hundred-gram tubas green-brown paste from which prepare suspension. Paste soft, has a specific grass smell.

Pharmacological action

Paste for kidneys has diuretic, spasmolytic iprotivovospalitelny effect. Promotes removal of uric concrements and prevents formation of stones in kidneys.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The combined drug improves processes of filtering in renal balls, without breaking electrolytic balance. Promotes removal of ions of sodium and chlorine from urine. Interferes with increase in already available concrements.

Also medicine has antiinflammatory effect thanks to flavonoids which create microflora, pernicious for gram-positive bacteria. The saponins which are a part of drug destroy staphylococcus. Algyukona act as spasmolysants. Silicates promote removal of urea and do not allow to be formed to concrements.

Indications to use

Drug is appointed:


  • age till 18 flyings;
  • nephrosis;
  • heart failure;
  • phosphatic urolithiasis and nephrolithiasis;
  • glomerular nephrite;
  • allergy to the components which are a part of medicine (an allergy to wheat).

Side effects

Medicine for kidneys can cause photoallergic and phototoxic reactions on skin, nausea and an allergy.

Application instruction of Phytolysinum (Way and dosage)

According to the instruction on Phytolysinum: medicine is taken by 3-4 times a day, on a teaspoon after meal. Paste is dissolved in 100 ml of water, with sugar addition. Treatment is carried out by from 14 to 45 days, depending on appointments of the doctor.


There are no data.


Effect of MAO inhibitors, nonsteroid antiinflammatory, the means influencing a hypoglycemic index or containing salts of lithium, anticoagulants amplifies.

Time of influence of phenobarbital, aminoprin and paracetamol increases.

Thanks to diuretic action, Phytolysinum accelerates removal of medicine from an organism.

Terms of sale

Existence of the recipe is not required.

Storage conditions

In the cool place (from 15 to 25 degrees), in original packaging.

Period of validity

3 years.

Special instructions

Sick diabetes mellitus, during drug intake it is necessary to control the hypoglycemic index.

For simplification of work of kidneys, it is necessary to drink more liquid, during passing of a rate of drug.

Analogs of Phytolysinum

Analogs of drug are: Blemarenum, a ninety-knot grass, uralit-at, uronefron, Kanefron, Fitolit, Phytolysinum plus, cistone, tsitat, tsitrokas.

That it is better: Phytolysinum or Kanefron?

Drug Kanefron is more nice to the taste, has not such pungent smell. However its efficiency is slightly lower, than at Phytolysinum.


  • Phytolysinum of 100 g paste

Drugstore of IFC

  • Phytolysinum paste of a tube of 100 g, Herbapolpolsha
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  • Fitolizinherbapol (Poland, Warsaw)


  • Phytolysinum paste 100 of


  • Phytolysinum of 100 g paste for reception vnutrherbapol, Warszawskie Zaklady Zielarskie (Poland)
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