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  • Latin name: Flagyl
  • ATH code: G01AF01
  • Active ingredient: Metronidazole (Metronidazole)
  • Producer: Haupt Pharma Livron (France)


One tablet includes 250 mg of metronidazole. In addition: 17.5 mg of povidone, 82.15 mg of wheat starch, 0.35 mg of magnesium stearate.

One suppository (candle) includes 500 mg of metronidazole. In addition: 1600 mg of solid fat.

Release form

Flagyl is made in the form of peroral tablets No. 20 and in the form of vaginal candles No. 10.

Pharmacological action

Anti-protozoan and antibacterial.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Flagyl (Flagyl), with active ingredient metronidazole, is medical drug from group of nitro-5-imidazoles and possesses the action mechanism directed to biochemical recovery metronidazolny 5 nitrogroups by transport cellular proteins of anaerobic and elementary microorganisms. The recovered metronidazolny 5 nitrogroup, interacting with cellular DNA of a microorganism, synthesis of nucleic acids oppresses, leading to a lysis of the most bacterial cell. The key product of a metabolism of metronidazole – 2 oxymetronidazole is also characterized by antimicrobic and antiprotozoan efficiency.

Antimicrobic and antiprotozoan activity of metronidazole is shown concerning many pathogenic microorganisms, including: dysenteric amoeba, trichomonads, intestinal lyambliya, peptokokk, clostridiums, fuzobakteriya, peptostreptokokk, and also obligate spore-forming and asporous anaerobic strains of bacteroids and some strains of eubakteriya.

Aerobic and optional anaerobic bacterial strains are insensitive to metronidazole.

Orally accepted metronidazole is quickly and almost in full soaked up in a gastrointestinal tract (approximately for 80% in 60 minutes). In parallel the eaten food does not influence absorption of drug. Bioavailability is equal actually 100%. At intake of 500 mg of metronidazole, its plasma concentration observed in an hour is at the level of 10 mkg/ml, and in 3 hours at the level of 13,5 mkg/ml.

T1/2 borrows from 8 to 10 hours. Linkng with serum proteins does not exceed 10-20% of the accepted dose. Metronidazole is characterized by fast penetration into organism fabrics/liquids (including skin, kidneys, lungs, a liver, saliva, bile, a vaginal secret, seed and cerebrospinal fluid), breast milk, and also passes through a placental barrier.

To metabolic transformations, by oxidation, hydroxylations and the glyukuronirovaniya, is exposed to about 30-60% of metronidazole. 2 oxymetronidazole (the main metabolite) also show anti-protozoan and antimicrobic activity.

40-70% of metronidazole are excreted by kidneys (for 35% in not changed form).

At renal pathologies repeated reception of metronidazole can lead to its serumal cumulation.

Vaginalno the administered drug in a dose of 500 mg (Flagyl of 500 mg) is systemically soaked up approximately for 20% therefore its plasma concentration makes about 12%, in comparison with the similar orally accepted single dose. Less than 20% of drug communicate plasma proteins. T1/2 at system use and normal hepatic function is equal to 8-10 hours.

Indications to use

The tablets Flagyl are shown to appointment at:

  • protozoan infections (including a lambliasis; abenteric amebiasis, including amoebic hepatic abscess; mecotic urethritis; intestinal amebiasis; mecotic vaginitis; trichomoniasis; skin leushmaniosis; balanthidiasis);
  • the infections caused by bacteroids (including infections of joints/bones and TsNS (brain abscess, meningitis); pneumonia; bacterial endocarditis; sepsis; abscess and empyema of lungs);
  • the infections caused by strains of peptostreptokokk, clostridiums and peptokokk (including intraperitoneal infections (hepatic abscess, peritonitis), infections of pelvic bodies (an endometritis, infections of the vulval arch, abscess of ovaries and fallopiyevy pipes));
  • the cankers or gastritis of a 12-tiperstny gut associated with a bacterium a helikobakter of a pilora (in complex therapy);
  • the pseudomembranous colitis (provoked by use of antibiotics);
  • to prevention of complications during the post-operational period (in particular in case of appendectomy, operations on a colon, gynecologic operations, interventions in pararectal area).

Candles appoint Flagyl for:

  • local therapy of vaginit (including a nonspecific and mecotic vaginitis);
  • prevention of forming of mephitic gangrenes, possible when carrying out surgeries on bodies of a small pelvis and an abdominal cavity.


Tablets and candles Flagyl are contraindicated to appointment at:

  • defeats of TsNS of an organic etiology;
  • feeding by a breast;
  • blood pathologies (including certificates of a leukopenia in the anamnesis);
  • pregnancies;
  • personal hypersensitivity to imidazoles;
  • liver failure (when using big dosages);
  • reception of tablets till 6 years and use of candles till 18 years.

Side effects

For tablets and suppositories

In addition for suppositories

  • feeling of irritation or burning of a penis at the sexual partner;
  • the speeded-up urination;
  • burning sensation in a vagina;
  • vulvitis;
  • vagina candidiasis (it is observed after therapy cancellation).

Application instruction of Flagyl (Way and dosage)

Tablets Flagyl, application instruction

Flagyl in the form of tablets is intended for oral administration.

Treatment of an amebiasis at adults is carried out for 7 days in the daily dose of 1500 mg divided into 3 receptions.

Therapy of a lambliasis takes 5 days adults and children, with reception of a daily dose of 750-1000 mg for adults; 375 mg for children of 6-10 years; 500 mg for children of 10-15 years.

Trichomoniasis at women (a vaginitis, an urethritis) and at men (urethritis) will respond to treatment in a single dosage of 2000 mg or course therapy for 10 days in the daily dose of 500 mg divided into 2 receptions.

Nonspecific vaginita treat for 7 days in the daily dose of 500 mg divided into 2 receptions.

Therapy of mephitic gangrenes assumes daily reception of 1000-1500 mg of drug.

The expressed disturbances of renal function (at KK less than 10 ml/min.) demand double decrease in daily dosages.

Candles Flagyl, application instruction

Flagyl in the form of candles is intended for vaginal use only by adult women. For the correct use of suppository it is necessary to release by means of scissors it from planimetric packaging and to enter into a vagina as it is possible more deeply.

Treatment of a mecotic vaginitis is carried out for 10 days in a daily dose of 500 mg (1 candle), with in parallel the taken pill Flagyl.

Therapy of a nonspecific vaginitis takes 7 days in a daily dose of 1000 mg (on the 1st candle twice a day), if necessary in parallel accept Flagyl in tablets.

Similar therapy of the sexual partner, irrespective of existence of visible symptoms of a disease is obligatory.

Not the thicket can apply Flagyl at most for 10 days with treatment repetition 2-3rd time in 12 months.


Overdose by metronidazole can cause an ataxy, nausea/vomiting, and also to lead to peripheral neuropathy and spasms which need carrying out a symptomatic treatment.


Parallel use with etanolsoderzhashchy means causes their intolerance.

At the combined use of metronidazole with Disulfiramum emergence of various neurologic manifestations is possible that demands 14 day intervals in purpose of these medical drugs.

Combined use of indirect anticoagulants leads to strengthening from effects and, as a result, to increase in a prothrombin time.

At the same time carried out therapy by Cyclosporine or drugs of lithium can become the reason of increase in their plasma contents.

Cimetidinum is capable to suppress metabolic transformations of metronidazole that can cause increase of its serumal concentration, than increase probability of emergence of side effects.

Parallel purpose of the remedies which are stimulators of microsomal liver enzymes (Phenytoinum, Phenobarbital) can increase metronidazole excretion that will lower its plasma concentration.

Metronidazole is capable to reduce clearance of a 5-ftoruratsil and to increase the serumal level of a busulfan that leads to increase of toxicity of these drugs.

Do not recommend to combine reception of metronidazole and not depolarizing muscle relaxants (a vekuroniya bromide).

Terms of sale

The remedy Flagyl is prescription.

Storage conditions

The maximum temperature of storage of tablets and candles Flagyl makes 25 °C.

Period of validity

Tablets of Flagyl keep the properties for 5 years; suppositories within 4 years.

Special instructions

At long therapy by Flagyl it is desirable to conduct researches of a blood count. In case of forming of a leukopenia it is necessary to consider a question of a possibility of further use of drug, relying on probable risk of emergence of infectious process.

At identification of an ataxy, hallucinations, dizzinesses or deteriorations in a neurologic condition of the patient should be interrupted the carried-out treatment.

In case of preservation of symptomatology of a lambliasis after the carried-out treatment, after 3-4 weeks it is necessary with an interval in several days to carry out three sequential analyses a calla (some successfully recovered patients with the lactose intolerance caused by an invasion, can observe for several weeks or even months at themselves symptoms similar to manifestations of a lambliasis).

At therapy of a female mecotic vaginitis and man's mecotic urethritis it is better to abstain from sexual contacts. Similar therapy of sexual partners, irrespective of existence at them visible symptoms of a disease is obligatory. During periods treatment should not be stopped. After carrying out therapy of trichomoniasis purpose of control tests throughout 3 subsequent cycles taken before and after periods is reasonable.

It is necessary to take ability of metronidazole to immobilize treponemas that can become the reason of a false positive test result of Nelson into account.



  • Flagyl 250 of mg No. 20 of a tablet
  • Flagyl 500 of mg No. 10 of a candle vaginal

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  • Flagyl soup. vaginas. 500 mg No. 10, Yuniter Likvid Manufekchuringfrantion
  • Flagyl tbl p / about 250 mg No. 20, Aventis Lab./Haupt Pharma Livronfrantion
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