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  • Latin name: Flixonase
  • ATH code: R01AD08
  • Active ingredient: Flutikazon (Fluticasone)
  • Producer: Glaxo Wellcome (Spain); GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals (Poland)


The main component is a part of drug: flutikazona propionate.

Additional components: a dextrose, carboxymethylcellulose and cellulose microcrystallic, phenylethyl alcohol, solution a chloride benzalkoniya, Acidum hydrochloricum, polysorbate 80 and the purified water.

Release form

Is issued to Fliksonaza in the form of spray nasal, packaged in bottles on 60 and 120 doses, in cardboard packaging.

Pharmacological action

Spray has antiallergic, antiedematous and antiinflammatory effect.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

This drug shows antiinflammatory action thanks to interaction with GKS receptors. At the same time suppression of proliferation of mast cells, lymphocytes, eosinophils, macrophages and neutrophils is noted. Thanking a flutikazon to propionate there is a reduction of development of mediators of an inflammation and other biologically active components, for example: a histamine, cytokines and leukotrienes, at early and later stage of allergic reactions. Reaction of the patient to bronchodilators is as a result recovered, allowing to reduce the frequency of their use. Sneezing frequency, an itch in a nose decreases, cold and a congestion of a nose, discomfort in adnexal bosoms and feeling of pressure upon a nose and eyes is eliminated. In addition, the eye symptoms concerning allergic rhinitis are facilitated.

Use of spray renders fast antiinflammatory effect on mucous a nose 2-4 hours later from the moment of the first injection.

Decrease in expressiveness of symptoms, mainly, of a nose congestion, can remain not less days after introduction of a single dose.

Use of drug with observance of the recommended dosages does not cause expressiveness of its system activity and does not promote oppression gipotalamo - pituitary and adrenal system.

Intranasal administration of spray does not lead to detection of drug as a part of a blood plasma. Low absorption as its main part is swallowed is characteristic of this means. Absorption of their gastrointestinal tract in blood makes only about 1% of the accepted dose. Nevertheless, the flutikazona propionate is exposed to fast distribution and considerable ability of linkng with proteins of plasma. Removal of drug from an organism happens quickly enough, mainly in the form of metabolites as a part of bile.

Indications to use

It is recommended to apply spray to Fliksonaza at:

  • treatment of seasonal and year-round allergic rhinitis;
  • to prevention of allergic rhinitises.


Do not appoint drug at:

  • hypersensitivity to it;
  • children's age till 4 flyings.

Side effects

At treatment to Fliksonaza side effects in the form of considerable dryness and irritation of a nasopharynx, headaches, distortions of a smell or taste, nasal bleedings can develop.

Also manifestation of reactions of hypersensitivity is not excluded, for example: skin rash, puffiness of the person and language, bronchospasm.

Local reactions are in rare instances possible: nose congestion, burning, discomfort.

Spray to Fliksonaza application instruction (Way and dosage)

The detailed application instruction Fliksonaz recommends to enter him intranazalno. For patients of 12 flyings drug is appointed as prevention and treatment of various forms of allergic rhinitis. At the same time it is necessary to inject medicine on 2 times into each nasal pass on 1-2 times a day. After control over symptoms will be reached, the dosage is reduced to one introduction on once a day.

At the same time the most admissible daily dosage of Flixonase makes up to 4 injections.

Patients of children's age of 4-12 years during preventive actions and treatment of rhinitis can inject drug one time in day into each nasal course.

Achievement of full therapeutic effect is promoted by regular use of drug. It is established that these drops in a nose do not show immediate therapeutic effect, usually it occurs 3-4 days later since the beginning of use.


Information on overdose by this drug is absent. However producers do not exclude that disturbances in activity gipotalamo - pituitary and adrenal system, oppression of functions of adrenal glands can develop if to apply spray a long time in the raised dosages.

As a rule, it does not demand special treatment – enough correction of a dosage and control of level of cortisol as a part of plasma.


It is established that at use to Fliksonaza low concentration of his active agent of a flutikazon of propionate as a part of a blood plasma are formed. Therefore emergence of significant interactions is improbable.

Nevertheless, the combination to Ritonavir and other inhibitors of an isoenzyme CYP3A4 of fermental system of P450 cytochrome can increase concentration of this drug.

Special instructions

This drug can be used only intranazalno, lasting treatment up to 6 months. If treatment continues longer than this term, then control of activity of bark of adrenal glands is required.

The full-fledged effect of spray is shown only in several days of use therefore it is necessary to adhere to the regular therapeutic scheme.

Usually for most of patients of this drug happens enough to eliminate symptoms of seasonal allergic rhinitis, but additional treatment, for example, for stopping of ophthalmologic manifestations can sometimes be required.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Storage of spray is possible in usual conditions at a temperature up to 30 °C, in the place unavailable to children.

Period of validity

3 years.

Use to Fliksonaza at pregnancy

It should be noted that at pregnancy this drug can be used only on doctor's orders when the expected advantage is much higher than possible harm.

Main analogs Fliksonaza: Nazarel, Nazoneks and Flutikazon.

About Fliksonaz

The set of reviews of this drug meet at various forums which scope is devoted to treatment of allergic rhinitis. Also users actively discuss ways of prevention of this disturbance and efficiency of other drugs with similar action.

Quite often patients leave About Fliksonaz as about the effective drug bringing a great relief at displays of allergic rhinitis. Nevertheless, some users report that treatment did not bring an absolute recovery. For example, even use of spray within a month did not help to eliminate puffiness and to completely recover sense of smell.

Besides, descriptions of cases of intolerance of drug which were shown by the strongest puffiness, plentiful watery allocations and a bigger congestion of a nose meet.

Also users actively discuss a subject of possible interchangeability of drugs what of medicines from allergic rhinitis the most effective as far as they are safe, comfortable in use and so on.

As for Fliksonaz, responses of doctors only confirm his high performance. At the same time they note once again that it is possible to apply it according to indications, with finally specified diagnosis. It is important to observe a dosage, the scheme and other features of reception. Only in this case it is possible to expect the good result of treatment, without complications and side effects.

The price to Fliksonaza where to buy

The spray price to Fliksonaza varies within 730-780 rubles.


  • To Fliksonaza of 50 mkg of 120 doses of naz.spry

Drugstore of IFC

  • To Fliksonaza aer. naz. 50mkg/dose 120 doses, Glaxosmithklinepolsha
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