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  • Latin name: Flucinar
  • ATH code: D07AC04
  • Active ingredient: Fluotsinolona acetonide (Fluocinolone acetonide)
  • Producer: Jelfa S.A., Poland VALEANT of Ltd company, Russia


The main substance is a part of drug: fluotsinolona acetonide.

Additional components: propylene glycol, lanolin, citric acid, vaseline, ethanol, Trilonum of B, methylhydroxybenzoate, karbopol 940, propilgidroksibenzoat, trietanolamine, the purified water.

Release form

Flucinarum in the form of ointment or the gel packaged in tubas on 15 g is issued.

Pharmacological action

Drug shows anti-exudative, antipruritic, antiallergic and antiinflammatory effect.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Ointment Flucinarum, as well as gel, possesses anti-exudative, antipruritic, antiallergic and antiinflammatory action.

Its effect is provided by oppression of a phospholipase of A2, decrease in synthesis of PG and allocation of a macrophagic chemotactic factor.

At the same time migration of macrophages and lymphocytes to the area of an inflammation is provided, there is a stabilization of a membrane of lysosomes, the prevention of release of lizosomalny enzymes, blocking of release of biologically active components from sensitized mast cells, histamine basophiles and so on.

It is established that activity of this drug above a hydrocortisone by 40 times.

Indications to use

Gel and ointment use Flucinarum at outside defeats. Therefore the main indications to use of ointment and gel is a treatment of a serious inflammatory and allergic illness of integuments and mucous membranes:


Drug is not appointed at:

  • hypersensitivity;
  • children's age till 2 years;
  • acne rash;
  • pregnancies;
  • bacterial, fungus, viral and tumoral diseases of skin.

Side effects

Applying ointment or gel Flucinarum, it is possible to expect development of such side effects as an atrophy of integuments and a hypodermic fatty tissue, red flat depriving easy forms of a volchanochnopodobny syndrome, emergence or an aggravation of manifestations. Also process of epithelization can be broken, be slowed down healing of wounds and ulcers, to appear petechias, striya, baldness at women and so on.

Application instruction of Flucinarum (Way and dosage)

Flucinarum the application instruction advises ointment to put outwardly. At the same time a scope of ointment will be defined by extent of defeat.

Flucinarum the application instruction also recommends to apply gel on an affected area, carefully rubbing, up to 2 times a day, it is no more than 2 g.

At psoriasis often use ointment Flucinarum of N which can be put under an occlusive bandage. Treatment duration drug of face skin should not exceed 1 weeks, on other places – about 2 weeks.

Treatment of children for 2 years needs to be carried out with extra care, is not more often than once a day, on insignificant sites of integuments.


Putting drug can lead long time for big sites of skin to development of arterial hypertension, emergence of puffiness, a hyperglycemia, decrease in immunity. At manifestation of any of symptoms of overdose it is necessary to refuse use of this drug.


External use of this drug does not lead to interaction with other drugs. However during treatment it is recommended to refrain from any kinds of vaccination as the immunological answer can be inadequate. It is established that Flucinarum weakens action of some immunomodulators and immunostimulators, but increases efficiency of immunosuppressive drugs.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

The place to 25 C, unavailable to children is suitable for storage of drug.

Period of validity

3 years.


Main analogs of ointment: Akriderm, Methypredum, Dermoveyt and Lokoid.

About Flucinarum

In a network often meet About ointment Flucinarum, but the opinion on its efficiency is very ambiguous. Quite often patients report that drug well helps at the initial stage of treatment, but further action can be unexpected.

If to some people this means helps to get rid quickly of psoriasis symptoms – from what ointment Flucinarum is used most often, then others note considerable weakening of effect or its total disappearance.

Besides, it is possible to meet messages that drug well helps to eliminate undesirable symptoms, but after the termination of its use they make a sharp come-back. When do not use ointment some time, the itch, a peeling and reddening starts over again being shown.

Sometimes the patients having psoriasis use Flucinarum of N for processing of new plaques. They tell that putting ointment under bandages allows to get rid of spots and other displays of an illness. At the same time other users specify, – ointment Flucinarum hormonal or not and as often it can be applied.

Unfortunately, quite often users, even without knowing precisely what ointment Flucinarum is intended for, apply it on skin at the most different skin defeats: itch, reddening, peeling and irritation.

Use of this drug without appointment of the doctor at serious violations does not help to solve a problem, and, on the contrary, complicates the course of a disease. Moreover, this ointment is not absolutely safe means, and its uncontrolled use is capable to cause numerous side effects. The timely address to the specialist and obligatory observance of all its appointments will allow to avoid it.


  • Flucinarum gel 15 of
  • Flucinarum ointment 15 of
  • Flucinarum of N ointment 15 of

Drugstore of IFC

  • Flucinarum gel of 0.025% 15 g, Jelfapolsha
  • Flucinarum ointment of 0.025% 15 g, Jelfapolsha
  • Flucinarum of N ointment 15 of, Jelfapolsha
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  • Flutsinarjelfa (Poland)
  • Flucinarum NJelfa (Poland)
  • Flutsinarjelfa (Poland)


  • Ointment Flucinarum of 0.025% 15gelfa
  • Ointment Flucinarum of 0.025% 15gelfa


  • Flucinarum of 0,025% 15 g ointment in a tuba
  • Flucinarum of N 15 g ointment in a tuba
  • Flucinarum of 0,025% 15 g gel in a tuba
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