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  • Latin name: Flucostat
  • ATH code: J02AC01
  • Active ingredient: Flukonazol (Fluconazole)
  • Producer: Pharmstandard-Leksredstva (Russia)

Composition of Flucostat

Structure of 1 ml of solution for parenteral administration:

  • flukonazol – 2 mg;
  • sodium chloride;
  • water for injections.

The capsule of Flucostat has the following compound components:

  • flukonazol – 50 mg (or 150 mg);
  • colloid silicon dioxide (aerosil);
  • corn starch;
  • magnesium stearate;
  • sodium lauryl sulfate;
  • lactose.

The cover of a capsule contains:

  • gelatin;
  • red dye iron oxide (E 172);
  • methylparahydroxybenzoate;
  • propilparagidroksibenzoat;
  • titanium dioxide (E 171);
  • acetic acid.

Release form

  • Coated capsules of light pink or pink-brown color opaque. Inside there is a powder white or close to white colors. About 7 pieces in planimetric cell blisters are packed up. Cardboard packaging contains 1 plate.
  • Tablet on 50 or 150 mg of white color, an oval form which are fixed in the planimetric and cell blister on 1 or 2. The cardboard pack contains only 1 plate with medicine.
  • Solution for intravenous administration in the form of transparent, colourless liquid in bottles on 50 ml. 1 bottle with medicine is put in cardboard packaging.
  • Vaginal candles of an oval form of white color which are packed up in blisters from aluminum foil or PVC.

Pharmacological action

Flucostat – strong antifungal pharmaceutical drug which on chemical structure belongs to a class of triazolny connections. It is active concerning the following families of microorganisms:

  • Candida spp;
  • Cryptococcus neoformans;
  • Microsporum spp;
  • Trichpphuton spp;
  • Blastomyces dermatidis;
  • Coccidioides immits;
  • Histoplasma capsulatum.

The mechanism of therapeutic effect of medicine consists in ability of biologically active component to selektivno inhibit synthesis of sterol in cells of sensitive mushrooms at the expense of what the cell wall of harmful or conditionally pathogenic microorganisms becomes insolvent as styrene is one of its main components.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

After oral administration of tablets or capsules the active operating components well are soaked up in a digestive tract. In 0,5-1,5 hours the maximum plasma concentration is on an empty stomach reached. The making medicine elements well get into all biological liquids of an organism. There are certain properties to cumulation – in half a year after completion of conservative therapy Flukonazol can be found in nails. About 80% of metabolites of pharmaceutical drug eliminirutsya by kidneys.

At intravenous administration of parenteral solution of Flucostat the operating components evenly are distributed on biological liquids (concentration in a pulmonary phlegm and saliva in an oral cavity corresponds to Flukonazol's number in a blood plasma). After several injection introductions on 1 dose a day the level of equilibrium concentration is reached by 4-5 day of conservative treatment, and at initial use of double amount of drug – by 2nd day.

In a circulatory bed about 11-12% of total quantity of Flukonazol contacts proteins of plasma because of what the elimination half-life corresponds to 30 hours. Pharmaceutical drug in the majority of (about 80%) with urine is removed. The clearance of the operating component is directly proportional to clearance of Creatinine.

Indications to use

  • cryptococcosis (including krikptokokkovy meningitis);
  • chromophytosis;
  • the generalized or disseminated candidiasis which is mainly affecting integuments and mucous membranes (for example, oral cavities and a gullet);
  • deep local mycoses (sporotrichosis, histoplasmosis, coccidioidomycosis);
  • urogenital candidiasis at men (a candidosis balanitis) and women (vaginal candidiasis or the milkwoman);
  • prevention of fungal infections at patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome;
  • mycoses of various etiology;
  • defeats by pathogenic fungi during cytostatic, himio-or radiation therapy;
  • onychomycosis.


Strict contraindications include the following states:

  • the increased individual sensitivity to the operating component or excipients;
  • syndrome of glyukozo-galaktozny malabsorption;
  • lactose intolerance (including with insufficiency of lactase);
  • the hereditary or acquired intolerance of components of pharmaceutical drug;
  • children's age till 3 flyings;
  • galactosemia;
  • the combined use of Flucostat with medicines which extend QT interval on the electrocardiogram (in particular astemizol or terfenadin).

Also it is necessary to outline the list of nonabsolute contraindications when medicine needs to be used with care (passing of conservative therapy under supervision of the qualified medical personnel is recommended):

  • renal or liver failure;
  • alcoholism;
  • treatment by potentially dangerous pharmaceutical drugs with high percent of a hepatotoxic;
  • proaritmogenny states (especially in the presence the patient of multiple factors of risk has developments of arrhythmia).

Side effects

At peroral use of capsules or tablets:

Intravenous use of pharmaceutical drug can show the following side effects:

  • From a digestive tract: nausea and the vomiting following it, a meteorism, abdominal pain, a functional liver failure (increase of level alkaline phosphotazy, serumal aminotransferases or bilirubin).
  • Nervous system: headache, convulsive attacks.
  • From cardiovascular system: increase in duration of an interval of QT, blinking or even trembling of ventricles.
  • Allergic reactions: skin rash, Stephens-Jonas's syndrome, toxic epidermal necrosis or Lyell's disease (extreme manifestation of a toksikodermiya), anaphylactic reactions.
  • Metabolic processes: hypercholesterolemia, hypopotassemia, gipertriglitseridemiya.
  • From other systems: alopecia, renal failure.

Flucostat, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Tablets Flucostat, application instruction

Capsules, coated and tablets it is used enterally, that is inside. It is necessary to swallow of them entirely, without breaking integrity, it can be reflected in a therapeutic effectiveness of treatment. How to accept — to or after food — does not matter as absorption of the operating components of Flucostat does not depend on filling of a gleam of a digestive tube. Duration of treatment is selected individually, as a rule, conservative therapy is carried out to a full negativation of results of microbiological researches of the pathological center.

The dosage of pharmaceutical drug and the scheme of treatment depends on the clinical diagnosis:

  • atrophic oral candidiasis and similar infections of mucous membranes – 50-100 mg/days within 14-30 days;
  • cryptococcal infections, the disseminated candidiasis and hit of fungi in blood – the 1st day of 400 mg, and then on 200-400 mg of 1 times a day during the long period;
  • vaginal candidiasis and balanitis – 150 mg once, and further for prevention of recurrence of 150 mg once a month within 4-12 months;
  • skin mycoses – 150 mg once a week or 50 mg of 1 times a day for 2-6 weeks depending on sensitivity of the activator to therapy;
  • chromophytosis – 50 mg of 1 times a day 2-4 weeks;
  • deep local mycoses – 200-400 mg a day (duration depends on a pathogenic fungus which caused a disease);
  • onychomycosis – 150 mg once a week before full resuming of not struck nail plate (on hands nails grow in 3-6 months, and standing – in 6-12 months).

To increase efficiency of conservative treatment, often add antibiotics to the scheme of therapy. Especially in this way Solyutab – beta laktamny penicillin which is used for the purpose of prevention of development of generalized infectious diseases at local or general decrease immunitytoxinsin of pathogenic fungal colonies was widely used. How to drink antibiotics, it is necessary to learn from the attending physician, their wrong use can lead to such adverse effects as dysbacteriosis or development of resistance of microflora to penicillinic group of medicines.

Antifungal medicine for children

The tableted form of Flucostat can be used also in pediatric practice as fungal infections at children develop and occur even more often than at adults. The dosage is selected individually for each child, proceeding from his anthropometrical indicators (in particular weight) and the clinical diagnosis which should be confirmed with microscopic examination. There are following schemes of treatment for pediatricians:

  • candidiasis of mucous membranes – 6 mg on 1 kg of weight of the patient in 1 day, and further on 3 mg on kg to a negativation of results of microbiological researches;
  • cryptococcosis and system candidiases – 6-12 mg/kg depending on disease severity;
  • in the preventive purposes against reduced immune abilities of an organism – 3-12 mg on 1 kg of weight a day (the exact amount of pharmaceutical drug should be calculated proceeding from leukopenia level in blood test).

How to drink medicine from the milkwoman

How to accept Flucostat from the milkwoman, each patient can independently solve or find out on consultation from the qualified specialist as there are different schemes of treatment of a fungal infection of urogenital area at women. The quantity and frequency rate of use depends on manifestations of pathological process, a form of a disease and the accompanying complications:

  • The uncomplicated form of candidiasis which arose for the first time with easy or moderate symptomatology – 1 capsule (150 mg of Flucostat) once.
  • The complicated milkwoman's form with the expressed symptomatology or against the accompanying chronic diseases – on 150 mg of medicine in the 1 and 4 day of conservative therapy.
  • Recurrent form of candidiasis at women which is shown, at least, 4 times within a year – on 150 mg in three steps, for the 1, 4 and 7 day of sanitation. It is also necessary to treat the sexual partner – 150 mg once. This form of fungal pathology demands a maintenance therapy for prevention of repeated episodes of a disease. Tablets on 150 mg once a week within 6 months are for this purpose used.

Through how many pharmaceutical drug helps

Whether medicine for the milkwoman helps and how long to wait for therapeutic effect, it is possible to learn in two weeks at a severe form of a disease or in a week if nosological unit is shown by easy symptomatology without adverse effects, so much the course of conservative treatment after which the following symptoms completely vanish, as a rule, lasts:

  • annoying itch and burning in external genitals and in a vagina;
  • plentiful curdled allocations;
  • pain at sexual intercourse or an urination.

Candles Flucostat

It should be noted that the application instruction of Flucostat at the milkwoman can also include candles as local means of fight against harmful fungi that from the point of view of medical community much more favorably for a number of reasons:

  • use of vaginal candles is not followed by unpleasant feelings or inconvenience;
  • the course of conservative therapy can be begun with the moment of detection of characteristic symptomatology of this nosological unit at once, even without waiting for the termination of a menstrual cycle;
  • side effects from treatment by pharmaceutical means develop less often;
  • the therapeutic effectiveness of candles does not depend on meal, time of day and does not influence the usual schedule of things at all.

To make sure how to accept Flucostat at the milkwoman in the form of candles, exact dosages of this pharmaceutical form of drug, therapy course duration, it is worth addressing to clinic for women or in gynecology department, however, as a rule, the scheme of treatment does not differ from that when using an enteralnyy form of antifungal medicine.

The instruction on Flucostat for men

The milkwoman – a disease which affects mainly female half of the population, however a popular belief that candidiasis of generative organs their exclusive destiny. is wrong. Of course, drozhzhepodobny fungi of the sort Candida badly get accustomed in an urethra at strong part of our planet as they are regularly washed away by urine, but at local weakening of immune mechanisms is created favorable conditions for development of urogenital candidiasis in this connection the question even more often meets whether men can accept Flucostat for elimination of the milkwoman.

Pharmaceutical drug of antifungal action is soaked up in the main circulatory bed and evenly distributed in biological liquids and environments of a man's organism just as and at women. But biologically active components have no influence on a hormonal background and are not capable to change somehow it therefore whether men can drink Flucostat to get rid of unpleasant pathology – of course and. Such medical measures will be regarded as the etiological therapy directed to an eradikation of the activator of the milkwoman.


Symptoms which are observed at overdose by medicine:

  • hallucinations;
  • the maximum manifestation of side effects (see the list above);
  • paranoid behavior.

There is no specific pharmaceutical antidote for overdose stopping by Flucostat. It is necessary to carry out a gastric lavage and symptomatic therapy of individual manifestations. The artificial diuresis as the main way of removal of metabolites of the operating component – with urine is also shown. Well the hemodialysis as within three hours of manipulation plasma concentration of Flukonazol decreases half proves.

Terms of sale

The summary to pharmaceutical drug says that Flucostat in pharmaceutical booths can be bought without presentation of the recipe as capsules and solution for parenteral administration are not registered among strong or narcotic medicines.

Storage conditions

Medicine should be stored in the place unavailable to children of a younger age category at a temperature from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Period of validity

2 years

Special instructions

Flucostat has property a little to lower local immunity, influencing in unusual way microflora of urogenital area. Owing to such collateral influence additional gate for an invasion of infectious activators of not fungal character open, and conditions for development of unpleasant diseases of urinogenital system are respectively created. To liquidate possible adverse effects of conservative therapy, antibiotics can be used.

Qualified specialists agree in opinion that it is necessary to use not ordinary pharmaceutical drug not to develop resistance to the main chemical components of the medicines influencing harmful microflora. In this way Solyutab 30, a reserve antibiotic is often used from what the risk of the above-stated complications of treatment of fungal pathology is nullified.

Analogs of Flucostat

Contraindications to use of Flucostat are widespread disturbances of an exchange therefore there is the whole group of foreign pharmaceutical drugs which under certain conditions can be used as analog of Flucostat from the milkwoman or other nosological unit of a fungal origin. The Mikosist, Mikomaks, Mikroflyukan gained wide recognition among patients, but the greatest trust causes Diflucan as qualitative substitute of antifungal medicine.

Diflucan and Flucostat: a difference between antifungal means

  • Diflucan – import drug which is made in such advanced countries as the United States of America and France, unlike domestic Flucostat;
  • Flucostat is an original medicine, appeared in the pharmaceutical market at the end of the last century;
  • Flucostat contains some chemical components which are not in Diflucan.

Proceeding from differences of these pharmaceutical drugs it is unambiguous to answer that it is better — Flucostat or Diflucan — it is difficult. Credibility, of course, is more developed at import means, especially production in such large countries allows to be sure of high quality of medicinal products. On the other hand the Flucostat price in 10, and at times more, time is less than the cost of Diflucan that at our mentality is also highly appreciated very much therefore the choice: what to use — Flucostat or Diflucan, it is necessary to do independently.

Domestic analogs

As the price of the analogs made abroad is much higher, than and even more often cheap Russian analogs of Flucostat aim to find the cost of domestic drugs therefore patients try to avoid their acquisition. But this group of pharmaceutical means is presented on pharmaceutical shelves extremely poorly, moreover, one may say, that the analog of Flucostat which is not conceding in a therapeutic effectiveness, but is cheaper — only one – Flukonazol in whose capsules identical active ingredient in the same dosages (50 and 150 mg), as in Flucostat is applied, however the price of cardboard packagings is sometimes 10 times lower that, undoubtedly, stops the choice on domestic analog.

To children

In pediatric practice antifungal medicine can be used on achievement of 3 years.


  • Flucostat 50 of mg No. 7 of a kapsulyfarmstandart-Leksredstvo of joint stock company
  • Flucostat 150 of mg No. 1 of a kapsulafarmstandart-Leksredstvo of joint stock company
  • Flucostat solution for infusions 2mg/ml 50 ml No. 1 of a flakonfarmstandart-Leksredstvo of joint stock company
  • Flucostat 150 of mg No. 2 of a kapsulyfarmstandart-Leksredstvo of joint stock company

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  • Flucostat kaps 150 mg No. 2, Pharmstandard-Leksredstva of joint stock company (Kursk) Russia
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  • Flucostat kaps 150 mg No. 1, Pharmstandard-Leksredstva of joint stock company (Kursk) Russia
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