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  • Latin name: Fortrans
  • ATH code: A06AD65
  • Active ingredient: Macrogoal (Macrogol)
  • Producer: Beaufour Ipsen Industrie (France)


Active ingredient a macrogoal 4000 is a part of means, also in structure there are additional components: potassium chloride, sodium chloride, sodium sulfate anhydrous, Natrii hydrocarbonas, sodium saccharinate.

Release form

Laxative is made in the form of powder from which prepare solution for intake. Powder white, it is easily dissolved in water. Contains in paper bags, in a cardboard pack – 4 bags.

Pharmacological action

Drug is the purgative possessing osmotic properties. Use of medicine is carried out for lavage of intestines.

Active agent a macrogoal 4000 is a linear polymer, it at the expense of hydrogen bindings can hold water molecules. As a result, osmotic pressure increases, intestines contents volume increases.

In view of the content of electrolytes as a part of drug there is no disturbance of water and electrolytic balance of an organism.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Getting to an organism, the macrogoal 4000 is not soaked up from system of digestion, does not get to a blood stream and is not exposed to a metabolism. It is allocated from intestines with a stake completely. Through how many Fortrans begins to work, depends on what time it is accepted by the patient. After oral administration of means is carried out, it begins to work in 1-1.5 hours and proceeds for from 2 to 5 hours. If repeated drug intake is carried out, intestines are emptied in 20-30 minutes after reception.

Indications to use

There are such indications for administration of drug:

  • process of preparation for research of a large intestine — clarification of a large intestine before endoscopy or a X-ray;
  • preparation of intestines for operations at which total absence of contents in intestines is necessary;
  • preparation for an irrigoskopiya.



There are certain contraindications for administration of drug:

  • serious illnesses and states – heart failure in a severe form, dehydration, etc.;
  • malignant tumor or other illness of a large intestine at which extensive defeat mucous intestines is noted;
  • intestinal impassability full or partial;
  • age of the patient till 15 flyings (there is no information on a clinical use);
  • high level of sensitivity to polyethyleneglycol as there are data on rare manifestations of allergic reactions to drugs in which there is a polyethyleneglycol.

Side effects

If intestines are purged by means of drug Fortrans, certain side effects can be shown:

  • system of digestion: in the beginning reception vomiting and nausea can develop, at reception continuation these manifestations stopped, abdominal distention was also noted;
  • allergic manifestations: seldom or never hypostasis, rash on skin, are known isolated cases of development of an acute anaphylaxis.

Application instruction of Fortrans (Way and dosage)

The application instruction of Fortrans provides use of medicine only to people after 15 flyings. Before applying medicine, powder from one package needs to be dissolved completely in 1 l of water. It is also necessary to consider how to accept Fortrans it is correct and to calculate a medicine dose. The dosage is calculated so: 1 liter of ready solution on 15-20 kg of weight. That is the person has to accept 3-4 l of ready solution on average.

Instruction on purgation

After powder for purgation was divorced in water, the necessary dose should be accepted in the evening before carrying out operation or research. How to drink correctly drug, depends on when procedure is appointed. It is important to consider through how many medicine works. It is also possible to divide a dose, having accepted 2 l in the evening and 2 l in the morning. But it is necessary to complete reception of solution in 3-4 hours prior to procedure.

How to accept before a X-ray or how to accept Fortrans before a kolonoskopiya it is correct, it is necessary to ask in more detail at the specialist who appoints research.


There is no information on overdose by Fortrans.


Before drinking before a kolonoskopiya or before other researches Fortrans, it is important to consider that diarrhea which arises afterwards can break absorption of other drugs which the patient applies during this period.

Terms of sale

In a drugstore it is possible to buy according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to protect powder from children and to store it at t not above 30 °C.

Period of validity

The storage period – 5 years.

Special instructions

Before applying medicine to people at advanced age, it is necessary to consult with the doctor and to accept means under its control. It is especially important to take medicine in house conditions if the elderly patient has accompanying diseases.

Analogs of Fortrans

There are analogs of Fortrans from other producers, and, the price of analogs is often much lower. These are drugs Lavakol, Osmogol, Tranzipeg, Realaksan who contain the similar operating component.

Fortrans or Lavakol — what is better?

Lavakol is an analog of production of Russia which active component — a macrogoal. The price of this drug is much lower. According to reviews, Lavakol has more pleasant taste, than Fortrans. However many doctors say that Fortrans clears intestines with higher quality.

That it is better: Fortrans or Flit?

Active component of laxative drug of Flit is hydrophosphate sodium dodecahydrate. However this medicine similarly works. Responses demonstrate that this medicine has not really pleasant taste, however works effectively. It should be noted that Flit is not cheaper medicine, its price also rather high.

Endofalk or Fortrans — what is better?

Endofalk has similar structure, it contains a macrogoal 3350. Action of this medicine also similar. Therefore it is the best of all that drug was selected by the specialist.


  • Fortrans powder for solution 64 of No. 4 paketikibeaufour Ipsen

Drugstore of IFC

  • Fortrans of a time for solution oraln. 64 g No. 4, Beaufour Ipsen Industryfrantion
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  • Fortransbeaufour Ipsen Industrie (France)


  • Fortrans of a time. 64 g No. 4


  • Fortrans of 64 g No. 4 por.d / solution for reception vnutrbeaufour Ipsen International (France)
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